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Sick Nurses (aka: Suay Laak Sai)

Featuring: Dollaros Dachapratumwan, Wichan Jarujinda & Kanya Rattapetch

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  In need of treatment

| | See all Barry2Bazza's reviews (27)

I have seen many a good foreign horror story. Low budget and sharp and sometimes witty. Then Hollywood rips it off half as good and twenty times the budget. This film has all the right ingrediants. Disused hospital, a doctor and nurses harvesting organs from innocents for profit and a murder of one of the group due to differences. As in most Asain films the deceased does not lie dead for long. In this case I do hope that some european film maker takes on this project to create what it should have been. You do not get to like/hate any characther. There are no sceens of harvesting and if the person was dead, why so many sexy nurses The vegence could have had more gore and reason to it, so that the subject could be better expressed and the hospital in its shady darkness could add to the fear factor. I ask for any well heeled Hollywood director to take this on. Ramp up the titilation, add more gore, give more false frights and pad out the characthers. This could be a two hour movie and the story is sound enugh to rake in the cash and also deliver a better product. We have to understand that in Asia, certain things about the deceased are more important than we see them so I feel this was excellent for their market. The price was right and for the time it played I was distracted from my normal life. It is a shame that the excellent camera work and the acting could not get this film out of second gear. I cannot see how this managed to be classified as 18

  Laugh or Scream?!!

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

A low budget Thai horror is just what we need....
Sick Nurses is basically a story of the luckiest man in the world, in a nutshell he's been with all of the nurses but the others are yet to find out. An evil spirit is lurking around the ward torturing the beautiful nurses who are working, by why is she doing it? All will be revealed in this one.
Sick Nurses is a low budget movie and you can tell, there are some scenes which look poor in their quality and it's best not to mention the attempt at CGI.
There are some scenes which'll give you a good scare, there's a few moments where I was cringing as the director shows things which has never been seen before on film. Some of the "scary" moments are laughable though, so instead of hiding behind the sofa you might be jumping up and down on it in fits of laughter.
Also, this movie has one of the best twists I've ever seen.... the ending is so unpredictable when the end credits start rolling you'll still be sitting their with your mouth wide open!

Overall: Sick Nurses is a movie which entertains, it's not at full feature length so the story is quite direct and keeps you interested from start to finish. The directing isn't bad for a shoe-string budget, the acting is of a decent standard and there are some general scares to be had.
For this movie just turn off your brain and sit back, whether it be horror or comedy you see you'll enjoy it either way.
It's a Future Cult Classic!!

  Don't Bother!!!

| | See all DemonSun's reviews (9)

Among the horror genius that has come from Asia over the last decade or so, I've always found Thailand to produce the least remarkable movies in the genre. For this reason I stopped watching any Thai horror coz it's all so predictable and boring. However, being a red blooded male and a fan of horror 'spoitation I was fascinated by the prospect of 'Sick Nurses'. Unfortunately this movie once again falls short of the mark on all accounts. All the horror is 'Ju - On by numbers' and the gore factor is very tame. Seriously you'll yawn through the horror. But most importantly (let's be honest here!) it's the nurse angle which is the most disappointing. Some of the nurses are hot but really there are sexier scenes in a 'Carry on...' movie.
I implore any guy that is thinking of ignoring the warnings in these reviews, this movie is not worth buying. It doesn't have what you're looking for so just save your money!

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  Robert McRobbie

| | See all robertorerro's reviews (1)

This is the worst film i have ever seen. Hardly any horror at all .If you like horror films, Iwouldn't recommend it

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  Dont expect horror

| | See all LilBoo's reviews (7)

I bought this with high expectations, i read the back looked at the image stills watched it and took it back the next day, it was naff. Though if your are tempted to buy this film, dont take it seriously and dont expect too much. Its like they tired to make it funny and scary but got it dead in the middle so it wasnt either lol

  Ring meets carry on

| | See all nelmes316's reviews (75)

Wow! I never thought I would be writing about how much I enjoyed a Thai horror film. This nasty little flick is just so entertaining. It's scary, gory, bizarre and surprisingly sexy. I would probably best describe it as Ring meets carry on. Yes the plot is unintelligent. The nurses are giggling buffoons. Sexy yes, but don't expect to see any gratuitous nudity though. These girls even shower with all their clothes on?!? We have the obligatory Samara like Asian hair ghost dishing out revenge. Each kill is based on each of the nurses' vices. Some of these death scenes are quite creative. Add to this the camp humour and some surprising plot twists. The whole thing is a blast to watch.

  Asian Horror with a difference

| | See all Jimbo69's reviews (7)

Not a Japanese film like the other reviewer states, but a Thai one. But don't let that put you off. Actually, it's probably a good thing because, rather than the typical cliched slow-bore Asian scares, we get an absolutely demented ghost killing off a group of hot nurses (in full uniform and all looking more like glamour models than anything else) in some very creative ways. Now, this ghost has long hair and does look like the usual J-Horror spook, but that's where the comparison ends. Actually, it's more of a prank on your expectations, since J-Horror rarely ever features a drop of blood, most people dying of fear rather than being physically torn to shreds in some manner. If there's a victim to all the relentless chaos on display, it's the plot. There is one, but it's threadbare. Same goes for characterisation. Sick nurses is certainly more Evil Dead (it's tongue firmly in its cheek) than it is Ring or Grudge, and as long as you approach it with this in mind, a good time is sure to be had.

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| | See all JordanCee's reviews (1)

this is the worst horror a have seen in ages. the whole thing is all messed up. if u like watchin great horror's don't pick this one. plus it is all in thai language with english subs. wate of time and money if ya ask me.

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  "..Unique Horror gem.."

| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

its about time this had a uk release, Yet another awesome japanese film, this film is so messed up i dont know where to begin.. the story is mega weird and freaky and totally messed up, it has quite a hint of the grudge going on but in some ways better, quite a scary and visualy cool movie, lots of mindless gore and blood and hot japanese nurses obviously. if you love asian horror and weird messed up stuff then this is well worth checking out.

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