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Featuring: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey & Dominique McElligott

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (43 reviews)"

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  clint mansell

| | See all D44S407's reviews (15)

Moon, well lets see this movie definatly should of been awarded with best movie of the year because i think this film is very underated, i foun this movie through clint mansell the musician of this movie and i am a big fan of his music and his music clearly runned this movie

  Fantastic Sci-Fi

| | See all Azwald7's reviews (1)

This film belongs to Sam Rockwell, a truly great performance, for which he should have got an oscar nom. And also as a directorial debut from Duncan Jones a wonderful effort. It really gripped me from the start. It's reminisent of the great 70's sci-fi, this small budget film is a gem.

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  Do not be put off by it being a one man show

| | See all colourblinded's reviews (7)

On finishing watching this wonderful movie I was left a little lost for words. Not many movies have done that to me ('Leon' being another) but this film excelled in all it sets out to do. It asks you to think, feel, question and enjoy what is essentially a story about one 'man' and his moon. As others have said the 'twist' is revealed quite early on in the movie but that only adds to the odd empathy you feel for Rockwell's character(s). The only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is that at some points in the film it has scenes which feel 'inserted' and make you wonder where they were going with it. Overall though this is a brainy and enjoyable film with enough heart to keep us film lovers dedicated until it's end (allbeit an ending which could have had more work put into it)

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  A Special Film

| | See all Butchaz's reviews (4)

I was desperate to see this film when it was released. As is the way with money grabbing cinema chains, I had to wait a long time before it came to my local cinema as its not a massive blockbuster with a huge budget and unlimited distribution funds. The hype grew in my mind as I tried not to look into the film too much so as not to ruin the story as I heard it had a great twist.
Building it up in my head was not a great idea, and it never is for any film. Sadly the plot isn't all I thought it would be having pondered so much over the trailers BUT it is still very good. Sam Rockwell is incredible in this film. If you don't feel something for his character at the end you must have a heart made of stone.
I highly recommend it. The reason I gave it 4 stars is merely from a personal point of view, having expected maybe the unachievable. None the less, this is a highly enjoyable film.

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  Amazing character film set against a sci-fi backdrop.

| | See all smallbags's reviews (5)

A one man movie never sounds that appealing on the face of it but Sam Rockwell's performance(s) really pull you in from the word go and you find yourself invested in the character in no time. If you aren't totally feeling him by the time he wants to "go home", you mustn't have a heart at all. Clint Mansell's soundtrack sets the tone perfectly and shifts through eerie, sinister, intense, melancholic and uplifting using a few simple motifs. Cinematography and Art Direction are ACE. Excellent debut from Duncan Jones- worthy of the attention it's attracting and the awards he's been racking up and I'm very keen to see what he does next.

It's not completely without it's flaws but you can tell it was such a labour of love, that any faults almost make it even more special. Moon is as essential for fans of good character based dramas as it is for fans of sci-fi.

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  Poignant self-reflection

| | See all Spartan20's reviews (24)

A decidedly literal exploration of our sense of identity, and inability to see the forest for the trees, Moon envisages how we would react if confronted with what we were, as opposed to what we've become, and of how we find meaning again in a personal sphere of reality that is not quite how it appears (I won't spoil the 'twist', so I'm keeping it vague). The film is a tour-de-force for Sam Rockwell, who again displays the remarkable acting talent that has been marginalised by Hollywood (thank God for Indie cinema!). The central conceit or twist of the film, revealed surprisingly early on, is largely the foundation of a rumination on the id and ego, and the science fiction is far more subtle and almost bereft of any illuminating exposition, giving the viewer a sense that he/she too, is on a journey, along with Sam. The film gets four stars and not five simply because, in terms of narrative, it's strictly functional; a framework for exploring the Self, and it ultimately amounts to less than what you may expect (it's also surprisingly brief for a film of this type, clocking in at just over 90 mins) It's still a remarkable film, however, and certainly deserves your time, but the films to which it's been compared, Blade Runner and 2001: A Space Odyssey, are exponentially better. This film is certainly a modern classic in the sci-fi field, but not one that will stand with the all-time greats.

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  Unsung Hero

| | See all Addieo's reviews (144)

2009 was the year of Transformers 2 and other overly budgetted films, in the background lingers a hero to show us that the industry still understands some our needs for quality film making.

Moon although a major plot twist is revealed fairly quick it does very well to work with this and make you understand why it did it. I could right a lot more about this and it's storyline but I suggest if you like physcological sci-fi films you should give Moon a chance.

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| | See all Gamebargains99's reviews (59)

I had read many of the reviews praising this movie, but I kept thinking surely it can't be THAT good. But it is THAT good! An instant classic. Incredible story, acting, set design, music, direction. The list goes on. You MUST watch it to the very end to appreciate all the twists and turns in the story that unfolds. This is not just the best sci fi in years, but one of the greatest films in a generation. Duncan Jones debut feature is a revelation, and introduces to the world a potent film-making talent. So what if he is the son of David Bowie. This guy can stand on his own two feet, judging by this superb film. Amazing script as well. Do yourselves a favour and please see this film. It will leave a lasting impression that will stay with you for years, I reckon.

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  Makes you think

| | See all DanielGarratt's reviews (7)

An excellent, tightly directed, intriguing movie, with an outstanding performance by Sam Rockwell.
This is Sci-Fi at its best, throwing up questions of our existence, ethics of cloning and AI, what makes us human, and suffering for the greater good - without becoming preachy, hitting us over the heads with its message, or being boring! Treats the audience as intelligent for a change!
One of the best movies I have seen in a long while - a sleeper hit, which will be viewed and discussed for many many years to come.

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| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

A well-made addition into the sci-fi scene, Duncan Jones' debut film combines his love of classic 1970s sci-fi pieces (notably 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris) and crafts an emotive, involving and satisfying piece of cinema.

Helpfully anchored by leading man Sam Rockwell's absorbing performance as lunar worker Sam Bell. Nearing the end of a solo 3 year stint mining and with only the central computer GERTY (Kevin Spacey) he is almost home. However, with only 3 weeks left an unexpected discovery will suddenly challenge his reality and perception of himself.

Exploring solid sci-fi concepts such as humanity, identity, technology the overall film satisfies thanks to it's minimalist approach, concentrating on Sam and his journey and letting the ideas mill around in the background for the viewer to take in on their own. Overall, while the 'truth' may not be quite as twisty or unexpected for seasoned sci-fi fans as perhaps some publicity would have you believe it's nontheless effective.

For a low budget film the effects are very well done - clearly models, but models of the highest quality and carefully shot, and lack of CGI is refreshing. And it's the ideas that matter more anyway.

Recommended for both the avid sci-fi fan and those who like something different once in a while.