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Featuring: Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey & Dominique McElligott

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (44 reviews)"

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| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

A well-made addition into the sci-fi scene, Duncan Jones' debut film combines his love of classic 1970s sci-fi pieces (notably 2001: A Space Odyssey and Solaris) and crafts an emotive, involving and satisfying piece of cinema.

Helpfully anchored by leading man Sam Rockwell's absorbing performance as lunar worker Sam Bell. Nearing the end of a solo 3 year stint mining and with only the central computer GERTY (Kevin Spacey) he is almost home. However, with only 3 weeks left an unexpected discovery will suddenly challenge his reality and perception of himself.

Exploring solid sci-fi concepts such as humanity, identity, technology the overall film satisfies thanks to it's minimalist approach, concentrating on Sam and his journey and letting the ideas mill around in the background for the viewer to take in on their own. Overall, while the 'truth' may not be quite as twisty or unexpected for seasoned sci-fi fans as perhaps some publicity would have you believe it's nontheless effective.

For a low budget film the effects are very well done - clearly models, but models of the highest quality and carefully shot, and lack of CGI is refreshing. And it's the ideas that matter more anyway.

Recommended for both the avid sci-fi fan and those who like something different once in a while.

  Sci-fi isn't dead!

| | See all cIRca2009's reviews (11)

Despite the misleading edit of the trailer, this film is a very special addition to the genre. Sam Rockwell gives the best performance of his career and really carries the weight of the film and takes it to another level. Would highly recommend.

  A change of pace

| | See all owensouthwood's reviews (77)

This movie is sci-fi without the laser guns and explosions and action. It's sci-fi tuned down to its lowest and most relaxing level. Like the moon itself, this movie is quiet, peaceful, desolate and mysterious. What we have here is a clever one-man story about coping with one's "self" in isolation. Sounds boring but it's compelling stuff, very gripping, and you can't take your eyes off the screen. The lunar surface is superbly depicted, and it felt very realistic to me (not that I've been to the moon). Also worth pointing out, is the soundtrack, with a haunting and soft theme tune. In addition, some ironic & amusing use of Chesney Hawkes' "I am the One And Only" shows the writers place as much importance on sound as they do on vision.

Moon is a mature film, that is to say, a film which is aimed at adults with an attention span and a bit of appreciation of story. If you are a kid who wants fights and lasers and explosions, forget it.

Moon is a psychological thriller, and a very good one too. It's almost tempting to say, it's not sci-fi at all. But for me, it brings a much needed intelligence and maturity to that genre.

Moon is unique - in a good way.

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  fantastic movie.

| | See all warpedpig's reviews (7)

Have just watched this and thought what a fantastic movie this is. The acting, sfx, story are all first rate. Why this was ignored at the cinema is anyones guess. Watch and enjoy.


| | See all dest23's reviews (79)

Having heard it was creating ripples on the indie scene, this film was given 95 minutes of my time and I'm very glad I gave it my full attention.

A simple concept with a very simple story, Duncan Jones and Sam Rockwell demand your attention from the start. A very claustrophobic sci fi film rivalling the latter stages of Alien but a stand alone in it's own right as there next to no special effects, just raw emotion to keep you well and truely gripped.

Sony has recently announced it won't be pushing Jones or Rockwell into the awards season, which for me is daylight robbery. Great film, arguably one of the best in 2009.

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| | See all skylark3rd's reviews (4)

Great Acting !

This movie flew by and had some interesting ideas and concepts

the look and feel was perfect..sci-fi..it was really eerie

Sam rockwell was great ..

  Best scifi this year..

| | See all Zipcode's reviews (1)

Great movie, best shifi this year! Very good acting, and story is great with enough to keep you entertaind. This is a realistic film, no lasers or fancy equipment or gadets. just a very good story and film!

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  Perfect old school scifi

| | See all Jonno74's reviews (5)

One of the best films ever made! And no mean feat on it's small independent budget!
For a first time feature film, Duncan Jones hits the mark. The balance of Science and personal drama is spot on. Sam Rockwell shows just how good he is with a brilliant portrayal of a man who's world is collapsing around him.
The visuals hark back to old school Scifi movies like Star Trek the Motion Picture and more so, Kubrick's 2001. It's all been achieved on a shoestring budget by making use of models over full CGI. The models are 'enhanced' by CGI, but the bare bones of all shots begins with the classic Model shot. And it works. Gives it a sense of reality a CGI model still can't quite capture.

I'm sad I missed this gem at the Cinema. I'd love to see it on the big screen, but on DVD it's still a great watch.

Bravo. It's a brave film to make in a time where people want flash, fast, slick Sci fi movies most of the time.

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  a true gem

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

this film is a true gem in every sense,sci-fi as its meant to be.I love the retro-esque feel and look of film,the base and vehicles scream 70s but its also fresh and sam rockwell is outstanding,kevin spacey as computers voice was was an excellent choice, great effort allround.yes there is room for big budget sci-fi with space battles and aliens but films like this sit at the top.

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  For the most enthusiastic sci-fi fan

| | See all voyageroutthere's reviews (7)

After reading the reviews from others who had watched this film I decided to purchase it.
It did NOT live up to the reviews, it was slow and looked as if it had been made by a couple of 5th grade students.
Very dissapointing film.
Very slow.
A brilliant film for insomniacs.....

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