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Featuring: Ryan Reynolds, Anna Faris & Justin Long

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  An Absolute Gem

| | See all cutegamesforgirls's reviews (124)

What a funny film!! I'm not sure where to start tbh, it barely puts a foot wrong. The acting is superb, the characters brilliant, the dialogue superb and the simple premise-waiting on customers in a normal restaurant day-is so unique it's a stroke of genius. It's also very refreshing not to have some shonky love story running through it and makes the film so much more realistic. Indeed, the beauty of this film is reality suspended in disbelief. Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as a cocksure waiter, Justin Long believable as a young man unsure if he has fulfilled his potential already and Anna Farris great as a jilted yet ice cool modern chick. And this is without even mentioning the fantastic characters of the two cockasian busboys convinced they are gangsters. Some of the comedy is a little crude but the incredible performances from all involved paper over this spectacularly. That's not to say you won't be wetting yourself laughing-you will. Although perhaps not for older viewers, it's always good when a film like this comes out of the blue and completely grips and enthralls you. Riveting, Racy, Raucous. See it.

  Cult film

| | See all Acid71's reviews (4)

For those who like craziness and notice those small details that reveal themself maybe on the fifth viewing, this is it. the film is made cheesy and cheap on purpose, I think. There is a level of humour that not all appreciate, my wife being amongst them. I loved it.

  If you work in the service industry you HAVE to see it!!!!!

| | See all GHound's reviews (1)

This is one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, this is one in my collection that I can watch over and over again. It is however not for everyone. Most of the things are funny if you work in the service industry, but I watched it with my mate who's never done that kinda work and he didn't find it funny at all and we have the same taste in movies and humour.

Still it's Awesome!

  Somewhat amusing, disappointing ending!

| | See all muntyflumple's reviews (12)

Bought this for £1.99 last winter and as a student it was about all I could afford. Didn't register at the time but I had already seen it...yes, that's how memorable it was!
For me, it just wasn't consistently funny enough, and it was really carried only by the performances of the hilarious Anna Faris and not so hilarious Ryan Reynolds.

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  The odd laugh.

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

With the cast that are in the movie you would think it was going to be well funny but its not, it has the odd laugh now and again but other wise its atad boring.
And they didnt even give Anna Faris a desent role in the movie.

  for all you waiters out there

| | See all iceman6789's reviews (1)

for anyone who works in the catering industry this is the film for you! it may be a little far feched for one day - but these sorts of things happen all the time!!!

  Don't mess with those who prepare your food!!!

| | See all MeMyselfandIagain's reviews (68)

Personally i loved this film it is stupid humour which i really like, definately a younger persons film, with a little game called the naked game which i ended up playing with mates on a golf course by pulling a drive by goat on a golf buggy, which you will understand if you watch it. It isn't for everyone, but if you want a film where you don't have to think much and want to lie back and be entertained then this is definately for you.

  Waiting being the word!!

| | See all Tyrrellcurtis's reviews (7)

There are 2 types of people in the world those who will love this film and those who will stare at the screen blank 'waiting' for 'it' to happen, well rest assured it doesn't happen. It's not a complex film so you get its point but it is in no way funny, I think I laughed once at some pathetic attempt to be humourous but its not memorable at all. Just what you'd expect the staff to be like in a cheap, second rate restaurant with the horrible display of hygenie. Avoid this if you want to eat out again, Ryan Reynolds why did you accept this role?? Who knows??

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  Theres a hair on my plate waitress.

| | See all bodhi085's reviews (74)

After watching this,never will you complain in a restaurant again.. ryan reynolds in what i think one of his best roles to date.. this film is gross and sick beyond belief. reynolds is asked to guide the new boy in the restaurant and show him the ropes.. however his ropes are different to what the management have in mind.. as the new guy is toured around you get to meet the rest of the employees who have there own personalitys and in jokes.. some of the things they do will make you wretch.. while some films never cross that line this one steps right over it.

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