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Shrek 3: Shrek The Third

Featuring: Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy & Cameron Diaz

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (138 reviews)"

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  shrek the turd

| | See all jwizzle94's reviews (3)

I love shrek 1 and 2, but absoloutly hated the third! This film is practically the 2nd one with a few extra scenes. Everything becomes predictable, whether is what donkey is gonna say, or what prince charming would do next. The film could of been summed up within 30min, but instead went on for a painful 92mins! This film makes kids bored as well as myself, so not happy with this one.

  Really an average movie compared to the others

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

The jokes in this one are much more childish than the first two. Shrek is much more mellow than the first two. His crazy streak was one of the best parts of the first and second. In this one the king of far far away dies and shrek has to find an heir. On his way prince charming, merlin and all the usuals show up. It is only a decent movie


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

This film got panned by everyone which shows a great fall from grace for this franchise but the film is actually quite fun from start to finish. After the king of far, far away dies Shrek and Fiona take over the thrown so they must search for the rightful heir to the thrown so that they can enjoy married life peacefully. Once again Prince Charming becomes a problem which leads to some more funny sequences. The problem with this film is that it tries too hard to be funny and the gags fall far short at times. Its a perfect film to see with the kids as they will lap every second up whilst you can too sit down and have great fun too. Enjoy

  Waste of time and money!

| | See all Bazza94's reviews (6)

I am a great fan of shrek and can watch it over and over.
Part two was quite good but I couldn't watch it over and over.
Shrek 3?
I turned it off just under half way through.
If there was ever a film that should not have been made into a trilogy, I think this is it!
The film is boring, the dialogue void of humour and it seems to be nothing more than trying to show how good at animation the film makers are.

The film itself and the story are long drawn out and totally naff

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  Shrek 3 isnt the charm!!.

| | See all DagenhamAndy's reviews (8)

I so wanted to love this film, as the previous 2 are watched a lot in my house, but much is missing from this 3rd outing for the big green one.

1) Am I the only one who thinks that the music in this film is poor compared to the previous films?. Both incidental, and "single" pieces dont seem to fit, nor seem in the least amusing.

2) The comedy is lacking compared to the first 2, and the "body swap" near the end seemed a desperate reaction to the lack of funny scenes.

I should really give this film a 1 star, or 0 stars, but dont have the heart to do it.

  holy..whats with the bad reviews

| | See all corky2k7's reviews (102)

its not bad at all its really good just not as good as the previous 2 i dont know whats with the really bad reviews its still brilliant and funny and wortha watch

  Very poor

| | See all Midget14's reviews (178)

Loved Shrek, liked Shrek 2, hated Shrek 3. The rule of the declininf sequels is proved again.
I saw this film on a plane and I'm delighted that I didn't pay to see it so at least I don't feel ripped off. Ideas seem to be wearing thin in this series and the third entry is lacking the wit or creativity of the first two.
If you've not seen it yet then give it a miss.

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| | See all dobedo's reviews (31)

The first two were brilliant, for kids and adults alike, however this one is lacking. The kids will probably love it no matter what, but the adults will get bored half way through.

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  medioka (i don't know if I spelt that right)

| | See all MrJamesBond007's reviews (45)

It's not up to the standard that we have come to expect from the first two. They were modern classics, for everybody to enjoy, whereas this is appalling, and i doubt many adults would laugh very much. The only good bit, for me, was where shreks babies were playing with donkey's babies, but even that was on the advert. If you've seen the advert, you've seen the funny bits. And why is Justin Timberlake in it? answers on a postcard please.