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Rocky VI: Rocky Balboa

Featuring: Sylvester Stallone, Burt Young & Milo Ventimiglia

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (129 reviews)"

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  Perfect end to the Rocky saga!

| | See all Toflive's reviews (13)

A perfect end to the Rocky saga. People may snigger but Sly is a talented writer, director and actor who deserve more respect. Hopefully he can come up with some new films beside the Expendables and the Rambos.

  Saved the best till last

| | See all GREATWHITE1's reviews (21)

This is a wonderful end to the Rocky saga with Stallones acting performance being is his best to date, if you have been a fan of the series you wont be dissapointed it has plenty of flashbacks while it ties up all the loose ends from the earlier movies, I guarantee satisfaction.
Stallone has also put in a great acting performance in the final Rambo he has certainly saved his best till last.


| | See all KurtisMovieLover's reviews (125)

If you hear the Rocky theme and think 118 118 you might wonder what all the fuss is about. For the rest of us, this is a reminder of why we fell in love with the character in the first place.

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  The Ending We've Been Waiting For...

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

As much as us Rocky fans don't like to admit it, Rocky V(5) was quite a disappointing ending to the saga, thankfully after 16 years Sylvester Stallone decided to come out and finally give us the ending We've All Been Waiting For!
Rocky VI has it all, it has flashbacks to the past which'll bring back fond memories for all of us, it lets us know whats happened in the years past and sets up nicely for the events which are about to take place.
It's brilliantly written and it might possibly show some of Syl's greatest ever acting, the truly emotional scenes which you'd expect in a Rocky movie will touch more hearts than ever before. Truly touching moments which would even make Mike Tyson tear up.

Overall: Rocky VI is a brilliant movie! The movie is emotional and heart touching but still captures all the same magic from the original 5.
If you haven't seen the original Rocky's I don't think it'll be too hard for you to get into this story but to really get the full affect you probably need to have seen them.
Rocky VI is probably the most realistic and believable of all the Rocky films and could possibly be the best.
It's an absolute Knockout!

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  Rocky's baaaacckk!

| | See all AddictedToMovies's reviews (37)

The film brings back some old faces and ties the story up. This is an extremely poignant ending to the Rocky saga. Loved it!

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  place this where 5 is!!!.

| | See all pompey4life's reviews (48)

the film 5 should have been!, and was made alot more realistic than any of the other rockys in terms of boxing, has a good story too!, the best i would say since the first one, stallone puts most peoples grandads to shame, hes in phenominal shape for his age, but this is a great end to the rocky franchise, and at 1.99 is an absoulute bargain, well done play!!!.

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  surprisingly good!

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

i rented this, just to see the hype. thought it couldnt be as bad as rocky 5, but probably on par. like most, i thought its improbable, someone of his age etc... but stallone has not only wrote a very good script, he has directed and starred in an excellent movie.its actually what should have been a sequel to rocky 1, and certainly should have been rocky 5, instead of the bildge that evetually was rocky 5. ill definetly be buying this one, especially at such a good price!

  Should not have been this good

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

When stallone announced that he was making this everybody including myself groaned and expected another rocky 5 but instead stallone made the 2nd best film of the saga(after rocky 1). Stallone is actually good and believeable as a man who can only do one thing. . . Box. He goes through all the training again with the run up the steps, with the old black guy from back in the previous ones and with the obviously physically impossible fight. It is a real pity that stallone couldn't transfer this great filmmaking to rambo

  A great End

| | See all TheSoulCube's reviews (4)

One of the best sequels, i am glad that Sylvester Stallone made this film, this is almost the opposite of the first one, this is all heart.


| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

A fantastic way to bring the curtain down on the greatest story ever told.
This film begins with Rocky still trying to come to terms with the loss of his beloved wife Adrian and the fact that his son is now completley estranged from him.
A computer animated fight featuring an undeserving champion and Rocky the peoples champion asks the question who would have won?
Money for one and sheer pride and the fact that something has been left unfinished bring this bout to life.Rocky Balboa's route to the fight brings Rocky and his son back together helps a former friend and makes an undesrerved champion realise that he has the potential to be so much more.
The final fight will bring a tingle to any true Rocky fans spine and a tear to your eye i loved every moment of this film and would recomended this classic to all lovers of the series

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