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Ultraviolet (2006)

Featuring: Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright & Nick Chinlund

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (21 reviews)"

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  Worst film ever... don't bother.

| | See all AERO123's reviews (1)

The film doesn't explain anything, the lines are ridiculous and the fight scenes are actually laughable. Soooo many pointless fight scenes that are badly done...

I have seen plenty with MJ in and normally I like them, but I actually spent the entire film thinking, 'WHY has she put her name to this rubbish?!'

I cannot believe there are even people on here that have given it 3 stars, there is nothing to like about this film at all. The idea sounds good on paper, but trust me, it isn't what you actually see.

  Quite weird but funny

| | See all Madonna89's reviews (8)

This movie is actually okay, I mean Milla Jovovich is a brilliant actress and in the role of Violet she is really good.. The story of the movie is really confusing! But Milla is kicking some ass and I love the fight scenes and she says it herself "its a world you might not understand" and she is right, anything can happened in this world Violet live in and no its not the best movie I have ever seen but its quite funny but dont be too serious about it..

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  Awful & Cheap Looking.

| | See all Dirtfish's reviews (475)

Ultraviolet (2006) is a sci-fi thriller starring Milla Jovovich. This is a really bad movie. The plot is silly, the dialogue is bland and the action sequences are cheap.

Director Kurt Wimmer showed great promise with his debut movie Equilibrium but he undoes all that here. There are a couple of visually exciting moments but the effects are very cheap looking.

The biggest problem though is that Wimmer's script is very poor. Jovovich struggles with the silly dialogue and supporting actors are completely wasted. This is a very poor movie.

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  Big in Asia not so hot in the west afte to much Marvel & DC

| | See all WingCommander's reviews (48)

HK action movie fans, not of the thespian variety will thoroughly enjoy this colourful anime comic come to life if they know their John Woo and Ryuhei Kitamura movies, as Kurt Wimmer combines both styles using his Gun Kata with straight Ninja swordplay returns from his earlier sci-fi action movie 'Equilibrium' outing which practically launched Christian Bale action hero back in 2002, as he'd still be playing bad guys
Shot in almost entirely in Shanghai using green screen technique with a large Hong Kong Production crew, (fighting choreography, cinematography, editing etc) it was filmed back in 2005 using Sony Hi-Def Cameras, a bold brightly suptious colourful world is CG'd into the background but not as darkly monochrome as in Sky Captain or Sin City or as sepia as '300', made a year after UltraViolet !

Sony had 30 minutes of the footage cut, ending up with just a pure action movie in which characters take a back seat, but what an action roller coaster it is, partial additional footage has been restored explaining the blood war and Voilet Song Jat Shariiff origins on the unrated DVD R1 version or can be viewed on the Bonus section on the R2 DVD. so popular in asia in fact that a Manga Anime cartoon series was made called 'UltraViolet : Code 44', shown in japan only. production cost of UltraViolet was than £14 million and has generated 4 times that from cinema and disc sales.

Fans of mad cap Asia Action movies will be in hog heaven like me and Quentin Tarantino, everyone else can stick with either Ken Loach or Bryan Singer !

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  good idea, badly put togeather.

| | See all Exixo911's reviews (27)

Has the basis of a good sci-fi thriller, just it fell short, very short.
If you liked the plot of the game mirror's edge, or the dvd ultra vilot, you will probably like this a little.

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  Good, but confusing!

| | See all 80smusicman's reviews (20)

The main reasons for buying this were because I am a fan of sci-fi/futuristic and action genres. And because it has the stunning Milla Jovovich in it.

I don't think I was ever 100% sure what was going on, but there are some good special effects and some great action sequences.

Overall, I think the film is good and Milla is great, but the story is a bit confusing. And judging by the previous reviews, there is much mixed feeling about the film. Still, I will definitely watch again, and hopefully it will begin to make at least a little more sense!

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  Make up your own mind...

| | See all AndyvRS's reviews (12)

This film could've been so much better than it is if it had only taken the time to have some kind of story or character development.

As it stands, the film is visually very impressive, with great use of colour throughout, and Milla - as always - looks great in the lead role. Additionally, the sound quality is very good, especially in DD5.1 (sadly no DTS).

There is lots of interesting technology, that is never explained (like dimensional compression), and some breathtaking (CG enhanced) locations, but for the most part the frenetic direction means the viewer has little clue whats really going on, which makes it hard to connect with the main characters (Ultraviolet and Six).

However, the choreography for Kurt Wimmer's "Gun Kata" is impressive, if a little hard to follow at times.

Overall, I'd say if you like flashy looking and sounding futuristic action films that dont require to much mental commitment, then this is reasonable fare for a fiver. Just don't forget to slip you're brain into neutral when it starts...

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  The worst film i've ever seen in my life

| | See all BabyRuth's reviews (2)

This film is terrible, a bad story and terrible CGI. You can't connect to the characters at all and the plot is just ridiculous. Seriously. At the end of the film I just thought "Wow, theres 90 minutes of my life i'm never getting back." It's not even worth watching to see how bad it is. Its just that bad.

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  Staggeringly awful

| | See all apopheniac's reviews (16)

I really enjoyed the Channel Four vampire series of the same name - but this turned out to be one of the most stupefyingly bad films I have ever seen. Not even Milla's luminous presence can save it, and that should tell you all you need to know. A complete lack of coherence in the plot, phoned-in performances by most of the cast (the usually reliable William Fichtner appears to have left all responsibility for his acting duties in charge of his teeth) and "special effects" that look like they've been put together by a team of interns using demonstration versions of 3D modelling software, and you're left with a movie that's only entertaining as an example of watching millions of dollars crash and burn.

Avoid at all costs.

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