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The Princess And The Frog

Featuring: Anika Noni Rose, Terrence Howard & John Goodman

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  About time Disney!

| | See all Got2shop's reviews (4)

Both my girls absolutly adored this Disney movie, at last a Disney cartoon with a bit of reality thrown in. Lovely to see a beautiful black princess, for little girls of colour to admire, and imitate. Shame she had to be frog 1st - A small step in the right direction.


| | See all Beeanca's reviews (6)

Holds the true magic of the old Disney Movies, Which is a real surprise due to some latest movies just NOT holding that quality Filming of True Disney. Amazing film for any princess, Young or old. My 4 year old daughter loves it, as does mummy :-) Excellent service via play.com Fast Delivery!!

  A nice return to classic Disney

| | See all Twickaman's reviews (2)

I was SO delighted to hear Disney would be moving away from CGI and back to good old classic animation, and this movie was a lovely beginning.

However, I would say that the plot does lack somewhat in a way that sets it apart from other Disney classics. The writers seem to have put most of their efforts into cramming as many characters and musical numbers into the movie as possible, and the plot suffers somewhat because of this.

Don't get me wrong, there are some brilliantly catchy in this movie, namely "Friends On The Other Side" and "When I'm Human", but there are also a good deal that seem a little forced and unnecerssary.

The same applies to the characters. For example, we are told very little about the Prince himself, aside from that he's quite a playboy, and so theres never really any connection with him. Frankly this applies to a large portion of the characters. I think the Princess and Shadow Man are the only two characters with any real depth to them.

Despite such faults, the movie is still very enjoyable, with beauty visuals, some memorable songs and emotional moments. An all-out feel good movie.

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  A lovely film!

| | See all Petersgirl's reviews (17)

I can see what people are saying about The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, but this is one of the first hand-drawn animations Disney has done in ages, and I have to say, I love it.
Although it doesn't follow the traditional story of The Princess and the Frog, I'm kinda glad it doesn't. It's set in New Orleans, and I have to say I find the cultural references (like the food Tiana makes) and the accents really interesting. It's also really good to see a Princess of a culture apart from English (OK, fair enough, Princess Jasmine, but it's still nice). It's also true about the colloquialisms - I had to have the subtitles on to understand most of what Ray (a firefly with a strong accent) says.
You have to love the catchy music and the animation is simply superb. You also can't fault the villian Dr Facilier (described by his animator as the lovechild of Cruella De Ville and Captain Hook).
Can't fault its family value either - plenty of romance, catchy songs and spookiness. Would recommend watching it with young children in case they find some of the voodoo scenes a bit scary.
Also love the humour - some parts still make me hoot and I've seen it six times already.
The standard version does come with English subtitles, and English audio descriptive as well, and Spanish subs and audio (not sure why they didn't do French as well). It also comes with deleted scenes, a Princess Portraits game (on the DVD, obviously) and an Audio Commentary.


| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

safe disney films with an uncomplicated approach to script and story. will never come close to the likes of lion king or aladdin but still worth having- especially at this price!

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  A let down

| | See all Lyds007's reviews (1)

I seem to be the odd the one out here. I really didn't like this film much.
I thought it would be based on the fairy story I grew up..... other than the title it's not.

I went to see it with my 4 year old and she found the coloquialisums of the southern US hard to understand. It was ...... clearly made for an American audience.

I won't even bother buying the dvd, just not for us ...... give me little mermaid or lion king any day.

  A Simple Classic

| | See all MDucks's reviews (3)

I have grown up watching Disney films and cannot get enough of this latest hand drawn movie. I had complete faith that this would be good as I brought this film without having watched it. I am a complete Disney enthusiast and this would definitely come in my top 5 favourite films.

  Marvellous Film

| | See all WarmIce's reviews (3)

Having grown up watching the classic 90s Disney films as they were released, it's become pretty hard for more recent Disney movies to impress me.

The Princess and The Frog completely bucks the trend and is absolutely brilliant. Great great songs, characters and artwork, it is a real treat to watch.

I used to think the Beauty and the Beast was my favourite Disney film; I genuinely think this may have overtaken it :)

  Absolutely Brilliant

| | See all mistykitten's reviews (9)

This is without doubt my favourite Disney movie for many a year (I'm in my thirties) and my kids absolutely love it and they're boys and a girl aged between 8 and 13. We watched it four times in as many days and could watch it many more times, how many movies can you say that about? It has heart, soul, and bouncy catchy tunes, heartfelt emotion and humour. The animation is beautiful and the cultural setting a real breath of fresh air. Tiana is likable right from the start, just the right balance of vulnerability and feisty spirit. Great moralistic story too. Can't recommend highly enough. The influence of Randy Newman and John Lasseter really shine through. Hopefully a return to what Disney used to be best at. Supreme storytelling and great songs. ( My kids listen to the soundtrack all the time too).

  Great movie!

| | See all no1critic's reviews (15)

This is a Disney classic already! The animation is great, the songs are great, it is both funny and sentimental, everything a good Disney movie shoud be!!