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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Featuring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (51 reviews)"

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| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

Must admit im not in the target audience for this film so a lot of this is lost on me. Firstly I find it hard to understand why two men / creatures with super powers need to fight over the same girl!! Next question is why all the long pauses and pianos. The other thing that bugged me is how so many of these fairly old vampires seem to have adopted an American High School manner! Other than that theres the occasional piece of action, some good effects and some nice scenery. Overall it feels like a very long winded episode of Buffy! Obviously the point of this was eclipsed on me but probably wouldnt be for teenage girls?

  more action!

| | See all chezdoll's reviews (14)

obviously another great follow on of the saga. really gets you thinking about who she will choose even if you have read the books and know the story!! this one had alot of action in it. as the big fights and the vampires and wolfes training! all the twilight saga films have been great and actuly get bette with every one they make so i really cannot wait for breaking dawn! jacob actully comes abit more nasty in this film i think! his and edwards rivalry really hits a new level!!

  Excellent total must see

| | See all happyskippy's reviews (5)

Hadn't seen this film since the cinema and was dying to add to the collection, couldnt wait to watch it one of the best things about this film it involves all the actors alot more and all tell their own story about their lives. Great adaption from the book Kristern and Nikki was excellent in this as was Robert always display the character brilliantly totally worth the money wont be disappointed. already watched three times and will wear out as much as I have done the other two :)

  No!!! No!! No!!!

| | See all lethalsaint's reviews (15)

Number 1: I slept for a good 20 minutes in the cinema

Number 2: I nearly cut m wrists!!!

Number 3: Better than 1 and two (the only reason I gave it 2 stars), 3 minutes of a good fight and in this one you can see how much of a wuzz Edward is. And the girl is such a bad actress it's embarassing.

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| | See all sloufette's reviews (1)

as a twilight saga fan, i of course absolutly loved this film! The general main points of the book has been highlighted in this film, but of course, as with all books turned into films, it is not exactly the same. if you have read the books first, you will know what i mean. if you have not then you cannot possibly understand the emotions that are portraid in the film, but you will have a good understanding. I do not have a favorite character as i think everyone plays their parts amazingly well! the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob are intensified in Eclipse. This film has a bit of everything in it, from the action and romance, to the subtle comedy and wit. i think the directors have made this film great because they included in it the small details which are mentioned in the book, and that is what makes a book - turned - film great. Well done to all that worked on it. If you have never seen the twilight saga films before, see them first... otherwise you will not understand fully how great this film is. I think it is the best so far, but that is because the story line has thickened a lot more since the beginning. And for all those people who are expecting blood and gore because they heard about the war between the vampires and werewolves, it is not that type of war because this film wants to appeal to younger people too.

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  Better than the last 2 but still poor

| | See all Raider1987's reviews (24)

The first film was ok but the second was terrible, luckily this one tries to improve on the strengths of the last films. However due to the nature of the source materiel never quite makes it into the 'good film category' it is clearly trying hard to do.

The fact is that you could probably skip the first hour and 20 minutes of the film and just not miss a thing. This film just doesn't live up to what it should be but does well considering the source material.

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  Great Film

| | See all supababe's reviews (96)

This is the best film since Twilight...New Moon was not great in my opinion...the cast are back on top form. Visually its so much better and the action really hots up, the direction of the film is much better and most of the highlights from the book are included. The only downside for me was the wig that Kristen Stewart was wearing!!!!

  Shockingly BAD!

| | See all uglybettyfan's reviews (6)

Considering I am the kind of person to watch anything and find something good about, I was stumped there was nothing redeeming about this disaster of a movie. I have never despised main characters as much as I have in this third installment of Twilight. I really loved the first movie but THIS is horrific.The character of Bella became more and more painful to watch as she persisted with that miserable look she always has. Jacob (who used to be my favourite) became a dribbling pathetic shell of an individual.
I HATE this movie. I want my money back and the hours I spent watching it!

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