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Clash Of The Titans (2010)

Featuring: Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes & Mads Mikkelsen

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (73 reviews)"

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  Liam Neeson is a GOD! haha

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

Dont understand why this got so many bad reviews to be honest. Thought it was a great film. Special effects were spot on, could have been a better cast but any film with liam neeson in is spot on cos he really is a god haha. Thought it was brilliant with the medusa and the kraken, great greek mythology coming into life. Enjoyed it.

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  Quite Dissapointed

| | See all MyVampireLust19's reviews (10)

I bought this film with high expectations but while watching i was thoroughly disspaointed with what i saw.
Unfortunately the advert made this film look alot better than what it was. So I think ill stay with the original version that i watched growing up.
By all means if your interested do give this film a go and make your own mind up about it but personally, i think alot of people were let down by this

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  All style and no substance.... yet again.

| | See all owensouthwood's reviews (77)

There comes a time when you start to wonder, will Hollywood ever get the message? Will they ever begin to realise that amazing special effects alone do not make a great movie? Or have they forever given up investing properly in good scriptwriters, throwing the entire budget at CGI engineers instead?

Clash of the Titans is 1 hour too short. It feels terribly rushed, the characters too shallow, the story is little more than one fight scene after another. We are given no chance to get to know the heroes let alone care less about their survival.

Yes, it's fun, but is disposable and forgettable. It lacks substance.

The tale of Clash of the Titans is an epic one, and it requires a suitable timescale to do it justice. This instead has been shoehorned into a 1hr 42min slot. From the outset, it has no patience with its own story and dares not give the viewer a moment of calm.

Action only works if you feel emotions for the heroes and villains. I felt nothing.

This could have been great, if treated with a little patience and given the epic treatment it deserved. As it stands, this remake is too self-contained and shuts off doors to viewer involvement from start to finish. You will neither care for the characters nor fear the bad guys.

The whole Greek Gods subject was pitifully glossed over, and needed a much more respectful treatment to give it credibility.

Hollywood must learn from The Dark Knight how to make good quality action movies with substance.

Until then, this kind of movie will be little more than an on-screen comic book.

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  Not a patch on the original

| | See all ScottyBoy7's reviews (6)

I grew up watching the original as a kid so was curious to see what the re-make was going to be like. I was excited to see it brought in to the 21st century and thought the special fx would add a new dimension to it but i'm afraid they weren't so special. At times the movie looked cheap and the story was just hurried along with the film being shorter than the original, and with several other variances. It's not the worst film i've ever seen but far from the best. It's worth a watch if you're curious like i was, but with the original being priced at 2.99 you could do so much better with your money.

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| | See all lewisi's reviews (14)

This is without a doubt the best film ive seen all year, and watch alot of films. The film uses the briliant story from the orignal and uses amazing special effects to tell it. A MUST BUY!!!

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  Not Like The Original

| | See all 6Lizzy6's reviews (2)

I recently watched this film. I liked all the action, although it wasn't unfortunately like the original, this film sort of glides over the story and its not in depth.
Otherwise its a pretty good film.

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  Good action, average plot.

| | See all pinklover's reviews (2)

I was quite disappointed with this film, and it's usually the kind of film I enjoy. The action and CGI are really good, the acting is fine, but the plot feels really rushed and nothing is really explained. It could've done with being another 20-30 minutes longer just to get the finer details in. If you're into CGI and not too bothered about characters and plotline having any depth or substance, it's a good way to spend an hour and a half. I'd watch it again and probably enjoy it more the second time for the action in it now that I know not to expect too much.

  Action packed and not a bad remake

| | See all PrInCeSsHeLeNe's reviews (5)

Referring to Ste022's review can i just point out that perseus was half god half man n zeus was persues's father and so DID have a reason to help him out. It wasnt the greatest filmever but its worth a watch and I don regret payin to go n see it. Probably not totally accurate but the action more than makes up for it


| | See all teak71's reviews (34)

Here we have yet another Eighties classic getting a big budget makeover for a modern audience. There are certain movies that you don,t want to see get messed up - especially when the movie in question is based on a slice of rose-tinted nostalgia from your childhood. Thankfully it,s not a complete cash-in - director Louis Leterrier has assembled an impressive cast, including Liam Neeson as power hungry Zeus and Ralph Fiennes as Hades, evil lord of the underworld. The two Hollywood greats of course made a formidable double act in Steven Spielberg,s Schindlers list. But here Sam Worthington (Avatar) is the star of the show as troubled hero Perseus, who was born a god but raised a man and thus straddles two worlds. He has the unenviable task of preventing Hades from unleashing hell on earth - an honourable quest that pits him against a motley crew of baddies. Gone are the plasticine model monsters so beloved by fans of the Eighties original, instead there are perfectly rendered CGI creatures, including the serpent-haired Medusa and the huge Kraken. with some stunning fight sequences, action flick junkies won,t be dissapointed. 4/5. d:-)

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| | See all ste022's reviews (7)

Hard film to review, I really enjoyed it for it's action but at the same time it was terrible. The "plot" is rushed and isn't great compared to the original story. For instance in the original perseus is thrown into trouble by zeus's jealous wife and so zeus helps perseus in order to keep him safe, whereas in the remake their's little reason for zeus to help out.

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