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Shrek 4: Forever After - The Final Chapter

Featuring: Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas & Eddie Murphy

Format: DVD | Rating: Universal Suitable for All

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (18 reviews)"

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  Fun Filled

| | See all Brightstar1's reviews (14)

people are being pretty harsh on this film, It's definately a little darker than the others and a little harder to follow for kids but it's still got some classic moments and the end is great!

  Shrek 4

| | See all ClockworkOwen19's reviews (112)

Better than the third, but nowhere near the standard set by numbers 1 and 2. Shrek 4 is a breath of fresh air that we needed after the poor attempt at number 3, let's just hope they do actually stop here.

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  Do The Rawr

| | See all dale2389's reviews (85)

Shrek 4 wasn't too bad, there were some funny bits that made me laugh out loud. Certainly better than the third, but I'm sort of glad it's the last one. A great one for kids, and for adults. An all rounder, worth checking out.

  Twice the film Shrek 3 is but half the film Shrek 2 is

| | See all DeckyStrikesBack's reviews (63)

After Shrek The Third im surprised i actually watched this. Shrek The Third is the closest iv ever come to walking out of the cinema in my life,i honestly hated it. This film is better, but in the year of Toy Story 3 and How To Train Your Dragon it just cant compete. I watched this in the cinema and it was OK (i think the novelty of 3D helped my enjoyment of it) but rewatching it at home with a room of people who didnt not laugh ONCE,it wasn't quite as much fun. Rewatching it just showed me how the mighty Shrek has fallen since the great Shrek 2. Im glad its the last chapter but its not a complete disaster, i honestly think its the best looking CGI film iv ever seen,visually its stunning. The main plot is a great way of bringing the Shrek series back to its roots but the jokes are few and far between. Overall-looks amazing, decent story,poor jokes. If i rewatch the Shrek series in the future ill be leaving out part The Third and skipping to this one.


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

This is the fourth and supposed final installment of the Shrek franchise and its back to its best after a subpar third film. Its one of the more funnier animated films around as Shrek is fooled by the sinister Rumpelstiltskin and ends up signing his life away and he has a mission to get it back. For me Puss in Boots and Donkey are brilliant in this providing most of the laughs. Great for kids and adults alike. Enjoy

  Great film :)

| | See all jadybaby10's reviews (1)

just to say that me and my family ages (6-40) really enjoyed this film. much better then number 3. would deffo recommend it.

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  Hell of a lot better than 3

| | See all ScorpionWsM's reviews (224)

Obviously Shrek 1 was fantastic as it was new, shrek 2 was reasonably funnyish, shrek 3 was totally useless.

Shrek 4 however has gone back to more the original shrek, and is reasonably quite funny again. Someone has already given most of the movie plot away, so I shall not.

I had my funny bone removed years ago, did I enjoy this movie, yes I did, would I buy it at full price? Probaly not as it is not a movie that I would want to see at this price, budget title five stars.

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  Funny Film :)

| | See all Matt92UK's reviews (3)

After seeing Shrek 2 and 3 and been quite disappointed as both films didn't live up to the expectations of Shrek 1 and didn't make me laugh to the point that I couldn't breath! (LoL) both films only got a few HA's shall I say, So you can understand that I wasn't expecting Shrek 4 to be this funny!
From beginning to end this film just kept coming out with the laughs. Sad for it to go as it has got funny again, but things must end. 4/5

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  Should have stopped at 2

| | See all GreenDayMarvelFan's reviews (233)

first one is a classic and so funny. Second one is no classic buy still get a laugh. Third was just awful and this is no better you think they will try what they failed with the third one. i just think they have ran out of ideas and storylines so they throw any comedy in and a plot that is weak. i could not give 1 as the movie is watchable and a few scenes that will make you chuckle but compared to the first two its weak and you know they could have did better.

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