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Featuring: Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks & Gregg Henry

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  The Worm Turns

| | See all theWub's reviews (135)

Always amiable Nathan Fillion heads a solid but underused cast in this comedy zombie horror. There are some nice in-jokes and one-liners here, but overall the film isn't that funny. The problem is that zombie movies, for the most part, are so ridiculous as to be beyond parody. Therefore a very sharp script is required to inject humour and Gunn's isn't quite up to the mark. It's still entertaining though, and didn't leave me feeling cheated. One thing I'd like to know though is why zombies always have such poor coordination.


| | See all Rosiefarnell's reviews (6)

I found that this film was empty and rather dull. This is a real let down after the hilarious 'shaun of the dead' was released. After the amazing acting, comedy and class of shaun of the dead, Slither didnt nearly reach the bar. In my opinion, there were rare ocasions where this film actually classed as a comedy horror, and even then the humor lasted a very short time (a sentence at most), or it was simply unamusing. I agree that this film deserves a low rating with its cheap feel and largely unamusing content. This film only succeeded in being scary at a few jumpy points, but the rest of it was just pointless gore. However, it did have good points that made it a simple film to watch if your in the mood for that type of film.

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  great fun

| | See all BREWTIMER's reviews (21)

this is a really good,fun horror film..lots of great gross out fx with a b-movie feel..super...

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  Kinda cool

| | See all sexysanta's reviews (109)

Random, no real plot, gore and disgusting things occur.
for a time when you want light hearted humour and maiming in a movie when you dont really have to follow a plot or storyline. just simple

  Mindless fun

| | See all Smyffy85's reviews (1)

A lot of people have given this a poor rating and to be honest, I can understand why. It feels low budgett, sometimes its just gore for gore's sake and the humour is sometimes a bit subtle - but I LOVE IT!! I watched it on the telly box over Christmas for the first time, not expecting anything amazing but I have to say I really enjoyed it. Nathan Phillion is one of the best, but painfully overlooked actors around at the min and he turns in another good performance here, but it has to be the mad mayor that steels the show!

If you like Tremors, I can almost guarantee you will love this. If you are more into girly rom coms and stuff like Scream, don't bother with it, you just won't get it!

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  Love it or hate it? Neither

| | See all thebbfcfanclub's reviews (33)

Can't really understand why this film is loved or hated. It's probably somewhere in the middle. It is pretty good for a trashy horror. Slimy things, alien maulings, zombies and lots of gore...and, unexpectedly, a decent plot! This has all the ingredients of a good "there's something in the woods..... it's gonna get ya." type romp.

It is pretty funny too in places although the humour is very dry. I wouldn't tout it on the comedy front but definitely worth a watch for a few jumps and because the plot revolves around an ever metamorphosising alien meaning you never quite know what is going to happen next (or to whom).

This is definitely not the worst film ever. (Perhaps they could write that quote on the box?)

  Awesome throwback to the 50s B-Movie era

| | See all DDRMidian's reviews (1)

It seems not everyone "gets" Slither. It's accused of lacking scares and humour, but the film isn't really about either of those. The horror is intentionally mild, stupid and exaggerated as the film is an homage to the classic movies of the 1950s. Y'know, the ones with the giant creatures wrecking cities and aliens zapping sheep with rayguns? Yeah those. They were terrifying back in the day yet somehow still enjoyable in our modern age, and that's what Slither attempts to reproduce with it's corny, light-hearted tale of alien infestation.

The humour isn't derived from well-written and superbly delivered witticisms or painfully true observational stabs at modern-day society, it's not even derived from the stupid young American teenager who thinks that beer and breasts are the best punchline to any situation. It comes from the sense of nostalgia you get, when by watching Slither you somehow feel as though you're watching a much older film and think "People used to be scared by this?!". The film mocks the intelligence of the viewer by intentionally giving them something they might have been terrified or amazed by had it been released 60 years ago. Less than that even, there are subtle references to classic 80s invasion movies too, such as the now-laughable-but-once... laughable Critters series of films.

All of this is tied together nicely with the cleverly done (or edited) camera work and production on the film which gives it that 80s VHS film grain effect, I was almost convinced I'd just pulled this masterpiece out from the back of the cupboard, it managed to bring back good memories instantly despite the fact I'd never seen it before in my life, and that alone is worth an extra star.

This film isn't specifically aimed at the modern horror audience (and let's face it, they're getting tamer anyway - replacing fear and tension with cheap shocks? Fascinating.) although anyone with a decent knowledge of horror film history should find something to enjoy here. We need more of this, horror movies are at their best when they're injected with an element of fun (Evil Dead 2 anyone?) and the last couple of decades have been severely lacking in the fun department. Slither is truly a bright apple in a basket of rotten fruit.

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| | See all TheDemonBarbour's reviews (1)

Not only a terrible script and shocking acting
But un-scary and just plain stupid
I had this on dvd and once watching it tried to sell it
Couldn't sell it so i burned it!!

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  Great film!!

| | See all Rocko2002's reviews (3)

I went to see this (without seeing a trailer prior) and thought it was great! The visual effects and story and acting were all fantastic!
If your looking for laughs then this isnt the best film for you, the gags are small and far between.
Not a film for the squeemish but still a great film! I loved it!

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  Dont Be Stupid Lol

| | See all scotty619's reviews (13)

Its probably the worst film in the world. not in the slightest bit funny or scary SO plzzzzz dont waste your money lol.

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