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Featuring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Donald Gibb & Leah Ayres

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  Van Damme's Greatest

| | See all DavidWellens's reviews (8)

Easily one of his greatest works, alongside Kickboxer, and the more recent JCVD.

This early entry on Van Damme's repertoire showcases his magnificent fighting skills, agility, and strength.
Bloodsport is loosely based on the life of Frank Dux, real martial artist, who co-produced Bloodsport, as well as serving as the action choreographer. Later, Dux returned to choreograph The Quest as well, also starring Van Damme, despite alleged claims that several feats performed by him go unconfirmed, including his participation in the Kumite tournament.

Nevertheless, this film proves an entertaining one. The build up is rather slow, but as soon as the tournament starts, the fights are plentiful; all well choreographed, and filled with top-notch high flying kicks, roundhouses and grapples.

If you're looking for solid proof why Van Damme was one of the greater martial artists of his time, and need convincing of his skills, either browse the internet and look for his real-life karate tournament accomplishments, listed under Jean-Claude van Varenberg (his real name), or just buy this film, alongside Kickboxer. It will definitely win you over, despite its cheesy dialogues and unnecessary long grunts and screams.

Recommended viewing:
The Quest
(both with a similar premise of Van Damme entering ring-based fights)

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  Good martial arts tourament

| | See all BrendanHughes's reviews (251)

Bolo yueng plays chun li in this an unforgetable bad guy who really knows how to sort out his opponent.Van damme plays a real person "frank dux" who wants to win the kumite to make his master proud choosing to train him after "ringo" died.
well worth the wacth,unmissable if you like martial arts,a very talented display by many different types of martial artists and a superb soundtrax in my veiw gives it that magic 80's touch.

  Very good, but brick not hit back.

| | See all Sphixx's reviews (18)

Awesome!! What a film. Loved it as a kid, found my old video when moving house and decided to give it another watch. I'd forgotten how much this I love this film.
Van Damme at his martial atristry best. Bolo as one od the best bad guys ever. Watch his pec bounce after he's just kicked some poor dude in the throat! fashoin disasters, 80's soundtrack, it's cheese on a stick but I love it!

  Say it!...SAY IT!.....MAAAATTTEE!

| | See all PREDATOR3's reviews (16)

Bloodsport is MY fav film of all time hands down. I saw this film when i was small. Ever since that day this film has never got old. Everything about this film is just masterful. Its regarded as one of the GREATEST martial art films ever made by fans all over the world & i agree 100% The film has a great story,great lines,funny moements, fighting is just classic & who can forget the music?? come this is the 80's ;) the music was one of the major points of this film. I still remeber when Van Damme kicks Bolo in the face in the final fight the music becomes so epic,makes the hair on my neck stand up even till this day...just great. If you love martial art films or your fan of JCVD this is by far his best film ever.. buy this film now you will wont regert it.

This is also based on a true story :)
I really really hope this comes out on Blu-ray like Kickboxer has.. Every Bloodsport fan is waiting till that day when this films out on blu-ray. i know i am


  My Favourite Movie of all time

| | See all shabirMichail's reviews (24)

I saw this film when little, and have watched it many times, owned the videos, now this dvd is great quality with the extras comprising photo gallery and trailer.... The movie is sensational, great cinematography, incredible soft rock music, the best martial arts choreography, and Vanne Damme's only good film.....Even if you don't like martial arts movies this is still for you, the fact that this is anyone's favourite film makes it a must have....For the LADIES you Get to see Vanne Damme's BUTT.....again....

  No Better Film

| | See all BigDonko's reviews (12)

Probably the best film i have ever seen, its an absolute classic. Van damme plays Frank Dux very well, i dont think they could have chosen anyone better. Chong Li is an awesome bad guy who is solid. Good theme music also. A must if you have not seen this film.

  1 Of A Kind....

| | See all BooBooStar's reviews (4)

This is an amazing film, i have loved this film since i was a little kid and everytime i watch it, it never gets old....great film and i actually love the songs in this movie

  if you dont own it why not?

| | See all brownbuhdda83's reviews (1)

The best film ever made(not really), forget art house and indy films this has every thing freindship love and a bad guy whos so hard he doesnt even need lines in his own film


| | See all Crewe8's reviews (165)

A excellent film based on a true fighter called Frank Dux, action packed, leg breaking thriller.
With a lot of fights and blood and the gags thrown in, this is a must buy...

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  van damme's best

| | See all GeordieJ's reviews (19)

easily van damme's best film. VD is frank dux going to hong kong to fight in the kumitae, an underground international martial arts tournament. needless to say, excellent kick ass martial arts action, with a bit of a storyline to boot.
but why does van damme always demand on an arse shot, THERE'S NO NEED FOR IT!!!!

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