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Featuring: Melissa George, Liam Hemsworth & Rachael Carpani

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (50 reviews)"

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  Totally underated!

| | See all CookieTush's reviews (4)

I came into this film not knowing what to expect, and have to say, i was more than pleasantly surprised. It's a very clever idea and Melissa George is on top form. Fast became one of my favorite movies, I cant recommend it enough.


| | See all alimurray244's reviews (8)

This is one of those films where once its finished you have to watch the start again. Brilliant twist. Loved it.

  Complete Copy of Time Crimes

| | See all RARARAPIDO's reviews (2)

The theme of this movie has been completely stolen from a Spanish Movie - Time Crimes, even down to the covered head of the lead character. However, is still a good twist on the genre - would have preferred it to be set in Australia.

  Doesn't even deserve 1 star.

| | See all sprog89's reviews (8)

If I wanted to watch something on repeat then I would put it on a loop.
This film shows the seem scene over and over again..
It's possibly the worse film I have EVER seen. I went to the cinema to see if with some friends and not one of us found it good.
We were all bored of our lifes by the time the film was over.. kind of surprised we didn't walk out.
Can't believe people have said it was good.. :/

  Twists and turns

| | See all weeepammy's reviews (17)

This film is really good. It's a film you really need to watch though, like not just in the background. Its full of twists the entire way through, it will keep you guessing the whole way through and even after you'll be wondering. Providing you are into something with lots of twists and thinking then you will love it!

  Suspense at every Angle!

| | See all ShrinkinViolet's reviews (3)

Surprisingly good! When I first started watching this film I thought it was going to be the usual...group of people on a boat, killings and a sole survivor blah blah blah but this really does have a twist and kept me guessing right up to the very end. Very good for a modern day psychological thriller!

  Triangle (2009)

| | See all pussycat6's reviews (19)

starts out pretty good,gets very odd & leaves you confused then picks up only to have a really bad ending not a good film in my opinion plenty of other's much better to watch still Melissa George get's two different roles to play & does quite well,it's not her fault it's such a disappointing film is it?

  Voyage of the damned

| | See all SevenBlack's reviews (23)

I really like the work of director Christopher Smith but I was not looking forward to Triangle as much as his other 3 films, the DVD cover and synopsis didnt grab me as much as the likes of Creep or Black Death. Pleased to say I was wrong, Triangle is a very smart off-beat thriller which demands a little investment on the part of the viewer. Some reviews are unhappy with the resolution/ending of the film but for me that is one of its strengths and is kind of the point of it. Dream like and unnerving and in my opinion a modern classic.


| | See all adrianpw's reviews (2)

This film i watched with my fiancee Wendy and wondered what we were watching.
We found it boring a complete waste of time and energy but continued to watch in the hope it would get better but sadly we were wrong, it prolonged our agony.
Please don't waste your money you deserve better like "shuttle" which is so much better and keeps you totally gripped.

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  Lacking resolution

| | See all owensouthwood's reviews (77)

Triangle is basically a well constructed time paradox movie. Set largely upon a mysterious deserted cruise liner, which appeared after a weird electrical storm to rescue a bunch of friends whose boat capsized.

The movie develops well and had me gripped. But the problem is that nothing much is explained. No reason for the freaky electrical storm. No explanation of the time paradox. No clue where the boat came from.

No real end (or beginning?) to the whole thing. I know films don't always tie into a neat little bundle, but I expected some kind of resolution to the main points here at least.

The acting was fine. There were some stand-out scenes in this movie which, as a whole, deserved a better finish than it ended up with.

I liked it, but, because of the lacklustre ending, I didn't love it.

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