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Road To Perdition

Featuring: Tom Hanks, Jude Law & Jennifer Jason Leigh

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  best film ever

| | See all vajean's reviews (16)

my fav film of all time, amazing acting hanks,law and newman are all stunning. the score is one of the best i have ever heard. eveything about this fiml is very good

  MUST HAVE Classic!

| | See all LkS016's reviews (1)

As i mentioned, this classic is something you MUST own, can watch it again and again, original plot, excellent casting with Hanks/Newman/ Law & Craig, recommend this to anyone!


| | See all jagger's reviews (179)

Sam Mendes directs this superb crime thriller which keeps you on the edge of your seat due to the twists in the storyline. As usual Tom Hanks is brilliant & Jude Law is great as the evil assassin on his case. One the wife really enjoyed too so if you're after something you both like this is a good bet.

  Almost perfect

| | See all rohanrider's reviews (33)

One of the very best films around of its genre. Cannot be faulted in terms of art direction, narrative, acting and overall a complete story with a most satisfactory, inevitable ending. Hanks is a revelation in this and although he is cast against type he delivers. Sam Mendes whose work is superb at all times has directed a gangster story with a difference - the human element as told through the eyes of Michael Sullivan's son played by Tyler Hoecklin. How anyone can call this film slow or boring is beyond me. Lost out on Oscars though because it was in a tough year. It is a film that can be watched again and again. The art direction is par excellence.

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  A Man Of Honour Pays His Debts . . . . and Keeps His Word!

| | See all MovieZone's reviews (88)

This film was directed by Sam Mendes and without doubt was his finest direction since his "American Beauty" three years earlier

The film is set during the 1930's in the era of the great American depression and evolves around a hit man, Michael Sullivan (Tom Hanks) and his two sons, Michael Jnr (Tyler Hoechlin) and Peter (Liam Atkin) combining a close relationship to a surrogate father, an elderly Irish mob leader John Rooney (Paul Newman) who is also his boss.

Michael Sullivan's eldest son, thirteen year old Michael Jnr; ignorant as to how his father makes his money, accidentally witnesses a murder, committed by Connor Rooney (Daniel Craig), who is the son of his father's boss. His curiosity and desire to know the real truth about his father, now leaves him as a witness to a gang killing. Regrettably, the contract killer exposes young Michael's presence and he must be eliminated as an eyewitness, leaving Michael Sullivan torn between loyalties of protecting his eldest son or his Irish Mob employers.

This murder scene strikes at the heart of an innocent soul and it further creates numerous events that change the Sullivan's lives forever. The father and son subject matter that extends over this picture is so radically handed in its treatment that there is little room for spontaneity. The entire script has been very carefully written, and nearly all the dialogue is handled with great significance. The acting from the entire cast is simply superb, with special mention going to the two malicious bad guys. Firstly, Connor Rooney (Daniel Craig) who portrays the typical man you love to hate, the spoiled, impulsive son of mob leader John Rooney, secondly, Harlen Maguire (Jude Law) as an especially slimy mischief-maker and killer, who goes in pursuit of the Sullivan's and figures very importantly in the film's riveting final phase.

There are some people who will say this is a gangster film, but I believe they missed the essence of the story. It is about a hit man who endeavours to protect his son from the life he chose.

The sets and the atmosphere of the period are perfectly created; editing and cinematography are virtually flawless while the story is well written, sad, poignant and emotional. To top it all, there is a striking music score running in the background with the sole purpose of intensifying the mood and is one of the most beautiful and stirring scores I've ever heard.

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| | See all VickyB90's reviews (1)

A brilliant story, amazing directing, and superb cast make this one of the best films I have ever seen. It's so visualy stunning that I couldn't take my eyes off it, and the dark twists of the plot kept me hooked from the beginning right to the very end. Fantastic performances from an unexpected cast including Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Jude Law and Daniel Craig. Would highly recommend to anyone who likes gangster films, photography, or a good gripping story about revenge, betrayal and the moving relationship between a father and his son in 1930s America.

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  Brilliant gangster film

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

This is a great film that is right up there with the class of the Godfather. Hanks is brilliant and plays a character you would not expect him to. Great connection between his character (Sullivan) and his son throughout the film and this adds to the great suspense throughout the film. Great action throughout but more importantly the story is outstanding. The music of this film is awesome and really complements the film well. This is a must own. 5 stars.

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  Dark, moody and brilliant

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

Tom hanks excels in his role as a mob assasain who has to flee his home after his son witnesses a murder by one of hanks associates. Paul newman is also very good in his last on screen appearance as the step dad of tom hanks who calls out a hit on him and his son. An excellent film for a great price

  Road to Nowhere

| | See all 47484IKB's reviews (75)

Good looking but lifeless and uninvolving drama from a director who seems to think mood is everything. If you want a gangster picture watch "Goodfellas", or maybe "A Bronx Tale" which also deals with father-son relationships.

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  A Definite Must-Watch!

| | See all leahypadraig's reviews (14)

I would recommend this to all audiences. It has a brilliant storyline and very good twists and turns. Tom Hanks is absolutely outstanding in this gripping story about a father and his son on the run. Also, there is one scene which is one of my favourite scenes in movie history.
You really will just have to watch this film to know what i am talking about. Absolutely brilliant! One of my favourites.