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Doctor Who: Dalek War Box Set (Dr. Who) (4 Discs)

Featuring: Jon Pertwee, Katy Manning & Roger Delgado

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Great Boxset

| | See all drwho33's reviews (9)

This a great doctor who boxset jon pertwee finest. With last ever episode with the first master there is great extras on here aswell
Well worth having

  Great Pertwee boxset

| | See all nikinoonoo's reviews (346)

This is the beginning of the end for the Third Doctor and Jo Grant as they face The Master and then The Daleks in this thrilling boxset.
Pertwee is great in both stories and Katy Manning is also fine.
This boxset is bittersweet however because it marks the end of the outstanding, Roger Delgado (as the best incarnation of The Master) who was killed in a tragic accident not long after filming.
The bonus features are also superb in this boxset.


| | See all Aztec2's reviews (2)

Thanks to those lovely people here at Play.com (!) I received my Dalek War box yesterday (Sat 3rd Oct) - bang went my Saturday! This is absolutely fantastic - loads of interesting extras (particularly a lovely feature on Roger Delgado), beautiful resorarion work so the picture looks fresh and new and, of course, the seamless blend into colour of part three of "Planet"! You really can't tell the difference - which must be the ultimate compliment to the restoration team. I noticed lots of negative reviews for these two stories and, to be fair, not a great deal actually happens - but it looks gorgeous and I think the sets and acting more than hold their own against other, better regarded Pertwee stories. I'm no expert - these were my first viewings of these stories but I found them really enjoyable - particularly the jungles of Spiridon.Buy it now, I say!
Oh, and the "coming soon" IS for a "King's Demons/Planet of Fire" box set, as many people suspected. Not sure when, though.

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  Oh what a lovely war...

| | See all WillyPhantom's reviews (6)

"When you tell them about this DVD release, don't try to glamorise it by saying the sets are good and the production values are incredible. Tell them about the good script, the conviction of the performances.... and the other lost colour episodes that will never make it back home..."

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| | See all Ianotimelord's reviews (1)

Planet of the Daleks is my earliest memory of Dr Who so I cant wait.
These stories have a lot to offer, and you see Joe has become more grown up in these two episodes. And the Draconian's & Ograns are great aliens!
Also in Planet of the Daleks the Icecano effect is well done.
And Roger Delgado as the Master, just brillaint, totally evil and loving it!
Also when it was repeated in 1993 just before one of the episodes on BBC 1 there was a 5 minute programme- Dr Who antiques road show which I was on, so happy memories!

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  ((( Who with lots of extras 4 disc box set )))

| | See all premiredvds2003's reviews (7)

Now as a Doctor Who fan this is the one that I've been waiting for & I suspect that the majority of other fans have also. The reason: an episode has been recoloured.

Back in the early 70's the BBC offered Doctor Who for sale abroad to countries that at that time were still on a B/W system & so couldn't play colour videotape, all copies that were sent to such places were tele recorded onto B/W film for their transmission in these countries. As time went by the BBC junked the colour master prints & as a result several Jon Pertwee episodes only existed in these B/W telerecordings, however the original colour signal was still embedded within the B/W prints, these signals called Chroma Dots are been unreadable until very recently, a new technology has been developed that allows these dots to be scanned & the colour retrieved. The usual restoration then takes place to bring the quality up to scratch & the end result is a colour copy of an episode thought to be lost forever in that format.

The procedure was used to great effect & acclaim on a similar missing colour vintage Dad's Army episode, Room at the Bottom, in late 2008 & the result was so good that the BBC transmitted the episode soon after.

There are still a handful of Pertwee episodes that need this colour restoration and, hopefully, this will allow them all to be given the treatment before too long.

Some of the ((( SPECIAL FEATURES ))) that are on the box set.
Both have a Katy commentary with Barry Letts & Terrance Dicks joining Miss Manning on Frontier, Prentis Hancock & Tim Preece on planet. Planet also features the story of recolorising episode 3 & a Blue Peter feature on a nicked Dalek which I think appeared on the Genesis disk. Still sounds a good package though also inc
The Space War - remembering Frontier in Space
The Rumble in the Jungle - remembering Planet of the Daleks
Stripped for Action - The story of the Daleks in Doctor Who Comic
Stripped for Action - The story of the Third Doctor in Doctor Who Comic
The Perfect Scenario - The End of Dreams
The Perfect Scenario - Lost Frontiers
Roger Delgado - The Master
Blue Peter
Multi Colourisation
Photo Gallery
Easter Egg

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  Pertwee saved Dr Who

| | See all bluesbrother37's reviews (3)

The man who saved Dr Who after the BBC were considering axing it after Pat Troughton stars in 2 classic stories making one epic story! Best release of the year. BRING IT ON!!!!!!!

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  Dalek War Box Set: Planet of the Daleks

| | See all exterminate's reviews (10)

Planet of the Daleks! One of the best Dr Who stories By a long way and shows John Pertwee at his best fully coloured for the first time since I seen it on telly many years ago Sit back and watch the reason why you still have Dr Who today!!!

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