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Public Enemies

Featuring: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale & Channing Tatum

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  A good gangster film!

| | See all dillian100's reviews (139)

This is an enjoyable gangster film with some good acting from Johnny Depp and Christian Bale. The action is exciting and the conversations are engaging. The story is a very interesting subject, if you enojy gangster films/ tv shows check this out, not the most explicit one I've seen which is good if you dislike extreme swearing and violence. Worth a watch!

  michael mann at his best

| | See all TheMeistro's reviews (19)

this film tells the story of notorious bank robber John Dillinger during the depression of the 1930s.lost of action and some drama what more do you need .

  Darn good action flick!!

| | See all uncleitchy's reviews (16)

It's a 1930's gangster flick that falls very much into "The Untouchables" genre. Every bit as gripping but perhaps without the dry wit of Sean Connery. Bale and Depp are typically strong leads. There's little to complain about if your simply looking for an action/drama flick based (loosely) on true events. There is a love side story but it doesn't detract from the main event. Lots of violence but little in the way of sex scenes or swearing if your worried about watching it with Grandad (if you know what I mean). Enjoy!

  Visceral, stunning, vital film making at its best!

| | See all MovieLoverMabs's reviews (21)

Michael Mann is an enigma. First he graced us with the mesmerising 90's crime epic Heat, a brilliant cat and mouse thriller between two of cinema's most iconic character actor's. Then came Ali, which was underrated, but nonetheless a well directed and acted film about the legend that is Muhammad Ali. Collateral was an excellently executed (no pun intended!) thriller, with a silver haired Tom Cruise acting against type as a hitman. Now Miami vice? that was a movie where you could literally see the clockworks come off a once great director; it was a poor film to say the least. The acting (esp. From Gong Li) was abysmal. The directing very shoddy. The script, well lets not go there. And except for Colin Farell's rather cool 'tache, everything else was rather uncool to be honest. It is his weakest film.

And so what do i make of his most recent crime fare, Public Enemies? One thing i can say is that its a big improvement on Miami Vice. We arent exactly back in to Heat territory, but its awful close. Mann is a fan of using the HD format, and the handheld style and it shows; Public Enemies is visually stunning, its picture quality pin sharp, and in places, esp. in the action scenes, you can smell the smoke from the tommy guns! It is a marvellous feat. Mann has come far from his Manhunter, and even Heat directing days. He has taken on board and embraced what modern technology can offer. 30's Chichago/America has never looked so real, so immersive than in this film. It is as if you are transported into that period and witnessing first hand, the look, the feel and the smells of that marvellous era of American history.

Story wise, there have been a few tailored changes from actual historical accuracy, but it is an affecting and engaging film nevertheless. Depp and Bale are two of the most talented actors working in film today, but both are very reserved in this film. But that is how Mann wanted to portray these men; both dedicated and unwavering and methodical in their chosen professions. The standout performance must go to Marion Cotillard as Depp's girlfriend. They're romance is doomed from the start, and you can see in her eyes that she knows this, although Depp's Dillinger tells her otherwise. He is a dreamer, hoping one day to whisk her away to a place 'off the map' and she, the realist in the relationship, knows otherwise.There is a very affecting scene towards the end where she is violently interogated by a 'fat flatfoot' officer, and the way she handles the scene and forwards the emotions on screen where you feel for her, is a mark of what a great actress she is.


Those who know the factual story of Dillinger will know the outcome of what happens to him suffice to say that on film it is a truly affecting scene. Before the execution; Depp's character is in a cinema, watching a film (Manhattan Melodrama) where there are scenes which correlate with his own life. These moments will be his last, almost his last earthly joys, his last supper. The scenes leading up to the stakeout itself, he is sold out to the F.B.I by someone whom he trusts.The culmination and what follows is a sad scene, made all the more poignant by the manner of Dillinger's demise. And the line he utters to Stephen Lang's agent before passing away, and the follwing scene where he (Lang) repeats it to Cottilard's character is truly heartbreaking.

Public Enemies is an excellent crime thriller from the king of crime movies, Michael Mann. Visceral, stunning, entertaining, vital film making at its best. A great addition to the crime movie hall of fame.


| | See all boyfrom67's reviews (102)

Wow what a film, depp is so cool & land back what a transformation from jack the pirate, just shows what a tallanted actor he realy is.and bale is fantastic what a diffrence again from other films he has done.yet again with mann you get fantastic gun battles turn it up they sound fantastic, ignor the poor reviews and watch this with an open mind i am sure you will enjoy it, dont be put off by it being back in time it add's to the whole feel just stunning.

  This is such a brilliant movie, a must see!

| | See all Shaughnessy96's reviews (21)

Wow this film really for some reason last month after seeing it early this year, I thought I don't think that was as good as I thought it to be? I couldn't have been more wrong. Johnny Depp is sensational as John Dillinger, and just had be glued to the screen in awe.

You don't have to be interested in Johnny Depp, interested in movies set in old times, you've just got to be interested in good films. That should be enough.

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  Manns best since HEAT...

| | See all zastavia's reviews (5)

I'm a big Michael Mann fan and this is his best effort since HEAT-the cop thriller all others are measured by. I was actually surprised how brilliant and realistic this film is...the characters dont really shine like Pacino and Deniro in HEAT, but Public Enemies holds together really well, and is superbly paced. Theres plenty of action and gunfights and its all beautifully directed and shot, and sometimes you will be wincing as bullets tear holes through clothing, and people stagger to the ground after being peppered with tommy guns and pump actions. Ignore the unappreciative negative reviews and watch this if you like films that flow really nice and are brilliantly believeable. Mann has finally come close to HEAT with Public Enemies. The only let down is the strange sound which sometimes has the voices dipping quite low, but maybe its my 5.1? A stunning film which I highly reccommend...9/10.

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| | See all Natty012's reviews (43)

this is the best movie i have ever seen, if you love a movies with good acting, stoyline, and Action, then buy this. Amazing storyline and amazing action scenes, Johnny depp at his best!

  Worth a watch

| | See all SGssss's reviews (13)

good film, but quite slow/long, a film that some might only watch once as it might not be what you expect.