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Public Enemies

Featuring: Johnny Depp, Christian Bale & Channing Tatum

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Better than I thought

| | See all nikinoonoo's reviews (346)

I am not a fan of Johnny Depp, however I thought he was marvellous in this lavish film about the crimes of John Dillinger. The film has a very real feel to it and is wonderfully directed by Michael Mann. Christian Bale is also on top form as FBI man Melvin Purvis, however Marion Cottillard is slightly miscast as Dillinger's moll. British actor, Stephen Graham plays 'Baby Face' Nelson, again though he is miscast and completely overacts. Everything else though is spot on.

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| | See all Addieo's reviews (144)

Truly disappointing from start to finish.

Being a fan of Johnny Depp's and Christian Bale's old work (Finding Neverland, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Machinist, American Physco) I was naive into thinking they had returned to their old ways after all their recent upsets.

The story moves way to fast which in a way is understandable because of the protagonists story but surely they could of missed some scenes out. And because it moves so fast there is not enough of each scene to make you enjoy it. As soon as you see Johnny go into bust his first bank (of the film) you think you're in for a treat (Inside Man style) but instead you see a 5 minute clip of just childish bank robbers.

I know the directors were tied down by the true story element but there was no need to make it so boring.

I gave it three but it is a very low three.

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  Cliched banality that promised so much

| | See all Soothslayer's reviews (38)

I felt that this film had a lot of potential, but having watched it I fail to see what all the fuss is about. For a start Depp is badly cast and for me at least just isn't convincing, whereas Bale delivers a good all-round performance but never really stands out. This extremely romantic view of 'gentleman' Dillinger is almost too twee for words. But for me what undermined what was potentially an excellent film was the tedious character sub-plots and sloppy ending. For me this is a dull film that never gets out of first gear. Judge for yourself but don't expect to be astounded.

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  A solid movie

| | See all DanSwift's reviews (11)

I was really keen to watch this after hearing Michael Mann had a new movie out, he has delivered some utterly epic movies in the past.

The story is fairly simple I'm sure you know what it's about by now. This film oozes style just like all of Manns movies, from the first breakout scene I was gripped and didn't find the movie in any way boring like some reviews I've read.

I wouldn't put it on the same level has Heat, but this is well worth adding to your collection.

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  Good film but disappointing ending

| | See all bluesntwos's reviews (1)

I really enjoyed this film which managed to keep things on the boil for the full length of the film which was just over two hours. Plenty of action with Depp his usual excellent self, but Bale who plays Purvis was excellent too. My only negative was that the ending was a bit of a disappointment and seemed all to 'easy.' However, this doesn't detract from an otherwise excellent film in which Mann has excelled himself once again.


| | See all Bigsofty's reviews (5)

Excellent film that in years to come will be seen as a classic im sure, the acting from Mr Depp is excellent and he really portrays John Dillinger in the controversial light as to which he was seen, Villain and gangster to most yet a Hero to so many and Depp delivers that brilliantly, at the price you are paying your getting one hell of a movie and one that will leave you truly intriged as to the story and facts of those days when the public enemies ruled the underworld crime of america!

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  old school gangster classic

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

Would like to see more of this type of film,so well done michael mann and team.mann captures the period perfectly,depp brilliant as usual and is well supported right across the board. My only gripe is that fiim only covers end of dillingers life,would have been better to know how he started out. All in all very good film and a must have for depp fans.

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