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Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead

Featuring: Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery & Gil Kolirin

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (20 reviews)"

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  Three finger gets his own film

| | See all mykalboi's reviews (7)

This is based after the 1st film and this is the last one in the series (date wise) a wonder full storyline good actors and a ending which does the series justice really worth a watch but watch the others first.


| | See all supermand32's reviews (6)

i am massive fan of the first two films like me then you will be very disappointed in this film yer you got blood guts and gore but some bits looked really fake not like the other two films all i can say HIT OR MISS it's up to you.


| | See all scottywebs's reviews (16)

Please ignore the 5 star reviews, this film is a sub-standard c-movie.
I was expecting to see the freaks killing off teenagers in silly, hillarious, gruesome ways, but I got just one skinny freak on his own, hunting a group of ex-cons, with such terrible acting.
Most of the time is spent with these convicts and man, is it BORING, it seems like we repeat the same moments over and over, and tamer hassan?? what were you thinking?? No 1 is a great little horror, this IS NOT- DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY !!!!

  a wrong turn

| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

wrong turn 3 is just awful.bad acting/directing and cheesy make up effects i just didnt like it and it looked like it was made for fun.the screenplay well it looked like it was made up just to make a film with no serious thought involved.wrong turn is still the best.personally i would avoid this film unless you are drunk or there is nothing else to watch

  Blood! Sweat! Tears!

| | See all DiamondsAreForever's reviews (459)

Its had mediocre reviews from the critics, but if your a fan of the first two in the series you'll love this one. Not as good as the first, but just as good as the second. A group of convicts versus hilbilly cannibals. Need I say more? Well worth a watch.


| | See all ILUVMUZIK's reviews (52)

The first Wrong Turn film was excellent,the second wasn't so good but this one is nearly as good as the first,in my opinion.
This time the deformed,cannibal freak family are hunting some escaped prisoners in the woods.With lots of guts and gore this film is a must see if you liked either of the first 2 films.
I give it it a well deserved 4 stars.

  Surprisingly good

| | See all owensouthwood's reviews (77)

I wasn't expecting much from WT3, having read some terrible reviews. However, I must admit, I found myself really enjoying this film. What we have here is a basic survival horror, in the "guess who will survive" theme. The originality in the story is the "victims" - a motley crew of convicts, escaped from a crashed prison bus. This leads to a "bad guys vs. badder guys" aspect which is, undeniably, a lot of fun.

The writers managed to include a smidgen of continuity with the previous 2 films. Three-Fingers' cabin is here, and the charred remains of the watchtower from part 1 is there too. Infuriatingly however, there is no mention whatsoever of the previous killings and disappearances, while yet again the previous survivors are a no-show.

Gone are the huge inbred family of mutants. We have just one: Three-Finger, who miraculously survived the previous 2 films - and his adopted child mutant - presumably the deformed baby from part 2. (Again, some subtle continuity).

The female sherrif's assistant, built up as a possible hero, seems to disappear from the story for no apparent reason, leaving the heroics to a prison guard and a fugitive. The outrageously silly "twist ending" will leave you reeling and possibly laughing, long after you switch off your DVD player.

Still, WT3 is definitely a worthy inclusion to the series. In some ways I enjoyed it more than part 2. Even the bad bits were good: The rubbish 80's style special effects, and the dreadful American accents from some obviously English actors.

Buy it, watch it, don't expect much, and don't take it seriously.

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  Worth a watch?

| | See all spangers's reviews (34)

True not quite as good as 1 and 2,but still worth a watch.Was bit cheesy in places but a few good gory bits thrown in.Shame not acted and produced in the same manner as previous 2.

  One film to far!

| | See all WolvesGirl's reviews (27)

I hated this film!!But yet i watched it all to see if it got better.Nothing like the other 2 at all.They went one step to far bringing this out & have given the other 2 films a bad name!!The acting is terrible & it wasnt til i watched the special features that i found out why.They were English actors!!Not that all English actors are bad,but these certainly were!Really did not enjoy it..

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