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Cabin Fever 2

Featuring: Rider Strong, Noah Segan & Alexander Isaiah Thomas

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (11 reviews)"

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  worst sequel ever?

| | See all Razz77's reviews (7)

Just wanted to say, that this is problably the worst "horror" movie ever. There is nothing good to say about it. I love b horror movies, but this is just tooooooo bad and not even funny

  Interesting mix that succeeds as much as it fails.

| | See all benminx's reviews (73)

In this interesting sequel, the flesh eating virus that panicked a handful of college friends in the woods manages to attack a whole high school. Gone is the slow burn fear of contamination, and wondering who had it and how the friends would turn on or help each other. Instead we have the local hick water company infecting them on a mass level by supplying contaminated bottled water. The inclusion of the dopey deputy from the last film is fun, and the concept is exciting, but its highly patchy. Rider Strong makes a quirky lead with a believable painful crush on friend Cassie, but his best friend is an pain whose world-weary schtick soon tires, and its hard to care about any of the vain, bitter self-centred teens in this movie. Also the virus progression itself is a problem. In the first movie it took about a day and a half to 2 days to manifest scratches and sores. Here, they're spewing their guts out (literally) within minutes of drinking the contaminated water. For gorehounds there's some brave and strong horror gore, but it's hard to care about the people it's happening to. There are also ludicrous holes in the plot that make it plain silly (SPOILER:) with the military surrounding the school and machingunning everyone they find, but then conveniently leaving one of the largest exits both unchained and unwatched. There are clever aspects - the little cartoon describing how the virus got transported to the city is daft but clever fun, but nobody is going to touch a hooker who looks like that (you'll see what I mean), and the desperation with which it's left open to a slew of multiple sequel angles is almost too eager to keep it beating.

  Not A Great Follow Up, But Does Have Good Gore Clips : )

| | See all Gouldster's reviews (33)

When watching this it reminded me of how bad that film "Camp Blood" was & the acting is very laid back/poor. However it does have moments of some scenes which make you feel on edge like the film "Saw" & those repulsive parts like they used to have in "Brain Dead" & "Evil Dead". The cartoon parts at the beginning & end are clever but do make you feel that this shouldn't have been a follow up from the first because it's set in a school not a cabin.

End result: Not bad & some parts will make you laugh & some cringe. It's not the worce film I have seen & is maybe worth watching if you like those classic horror/b-movie types.

  this film is a rubbish sequal

| | See all lordofdarkness90's reviews (8)

this film is gory but it is a let down the horror scences are rubbish and the acting is terrible i would not buy this film if u love horror movies

  Swamp fever more like!

| | See all Vampus's reviews (5)

As the movie starts, it looks like we are in for a treat of intense gore with the added disgusting deformed characters, however when the film gets going it's more like a comedy with a hose-pipe full of blood.

Some of the effects are fairly good but to be honest they could have made the story line better. We see a bunch of school kids drink a load of contaminated water, a grossly fat girl shag a guy in a swimming pool (that was the most horrific scene I think) and then a load of pupils start spuing red stuff everywhere. The military contamination officers condem the school and then shoot everyone, bang bang... The end!
Worth a watch, but not that great a movie - sorry!

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| | See all jnb147's reviews (26)

POOR, POOR & yep you guessed more poor!!!
Nothing like the first film & this film is a waste of money, trust me!


| | See all loopylaura123's reviews (1)

I thought this film would be really good, I havent seen the first one and I dont think I will ever watch it if it is anything like the 2nd one. Its a weird film and one of the worst films iv seen, its not a good horror film at all and i would never watch this film again. The only part that was ok is towards the ending but the rest is absolute rubbish. I wouldnt recommend this film at all.

  prom fever

| | See all leachy1989's reviews (2)

Just bought this film today with high hopes wich i suppose isn't what i should do but loving the first cabin fever i thought cabin fever 2 how bad can it be. Well i will tell you now i was wrong, this is probably one of the worst films i've seen for some time, boring, not alot happening, at least compard to the first and the quality of the dvd all joking aside when i put it on i actually thought it was a copy and it looked like it had been recorded in a cinema. If you only watch it for the goryness of the whole thing then watch it because it still manages to make me feel sick lol, however there arn't as many gory moments in this one as the first. Overall terrible film and in my eyes after the 1st should of been left well alone.............you have been warned !!!

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is a VERY cool sequel to Cabin fever; the story continues not long after the original, the open sequence alone is very cool and very messy! We see Giuseppe Andrews return as Deputy Winston from the original, who is very funny and a great addition to the movie. The story is great and plays out very well and is wall to wall in the red stuff! There is so much graphic in your face blood and guts and violence and very gross-out sick humour! If your a die-hard horror fan and a gore hound then its a must watch indeed! The film is true to the original in many ways and in some ways its better! The music again is good and the humour is very funny. This is great entertainment so sit back and get ready to be disgusted in a very cool way.

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| | See all si2504's reviews (2)

watched this yesturday and it is garbage. 1st cabin fever is better. at least the 1st one did what it said on the tin. this one has nothing to do with a cabin, apart from the water thats infected from the 1st one. i just hope to god they dont make a third

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