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The Vampire Diaries: Season 1 (5 Discs)

Featuring: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (59 reviews)"

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  Great stuff

| | See all gi6723's reviews (2)

Recommended to me by a friend, I finally got around to watching the first series and was absolutely hooked from the 1st episode. Very compelling drama.

  Must watch

| | See all Dmistry1's reviews (1)

Vampire Diaries was recommened to me by a friend, and oh my am i glad she recommended it! After the first few episodes I was hooked! How hot are Stefan and Damon and all the mystery that lies in their past....love it! I'm waiting amxiously for Seaon 2 to arrive...cannot wait for some more vampire fun!!!

  Give in - you'll love it

| | See all Meils92's reviews (5)

I am almost ashamed to write this, but having just pre-ordered [at a not-to-be-sneered-at 27.99, especially considering my student status] season 2, I cannot give this series anything but four stars. The script is at times witty, at times horrendously cliched [at one point Elena writes dear diary-really?], at times poignant, but often unrealistic [note particularly the sunshine disposition and psychological well-being with which many characters receive earth shattering news]. The acting is in some areas good, in some bad-the two brothers fair well, projecting believability and life [ironically] into what could easily have digressed into something cheesy and stale. Nina Dobrev, as Elena however, frequently channels the Keira Knightley effect , although the character is written a little one-dimensionally anyway, she certainly doesnt help matters by emulating the emotional versatility of a plank of wood. Beautiful though, so alls forgiven. On to the positives , its sexy, fast paced, and has enough plot twists to satisfy the most weathered of vampire fans. Theres a moral message to be derived from every episode [expected, really, in an American drama], but fortunately they dont lay it on too thick, and characters like Damon are allowed to continue to kill, torture and pillage without too many righteous repercussions. Essentially though, it is the socially acceptable and nausea-free deliverance of Twilight; grown-up emos, literature students and romantics alike can indulge in a daily dose of Vampires without too many horrific guilt pangs, and the plot just about manages to remain on the right side of good taste whilst staying compelling. Finally, if you dont watch it for anything else, watch it for Damons outrageously blue eyes. Honestly, hes bloody gorgeous.

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  Very good.

| | See all ScarlettD's reviews (5)

very good quality DVD. Good that it has extra cut scenes in it. Very good quality. Glad i bought it.


| | See all lor8803's reviews (2)

After just catching small bits of this when flicking through the channels i thought id give it a go, and the only thing i regret is not watching this sooner! Twilight has aboslutely nothing over this program its honestly the best vampire based program iv seen! Couldnt even compare this to twlight it's the better one by FAR. The series has the drama, the action and the humor. The actors/actresses are perfectly suited for their roles and together they just bring together one of the best things i have ever seen on TV. The love/hate relationship between the brothers and having them so different works fab! Actually in suspense to see whats to come!

  Just keeps getting better!

| | See all Kell999's reviews (6)

At first was a bit skeptical of this series as i was like the 1000's others who though it was a twilight rip off that was until i learned more and realized actually the book it was based on was written 20years ago! Long before twilight and if anything it was the other way round. It helped to take away my unhealthy twilight addiction!! (thank god)

It is basically 85% different from the book, but thats actually a good thing as i decided to look at them as separate story's and worlds.With every episode it gets better and better and better! I would highly recommended this! Its really has something for all ages! The first 3ish episodes are the worst but hey we all have to start better and if you give this a chance you will not be disappointed! Best Thing on TV!!! =D

  best show on tv! FACT!

| | See all chezdoll's reviews (14)

THIS is my favourite show ever! not been a show like this where im totally addicted for a long time! the actors and actresses are amazing! specially ian somherhalder he is a gorgeous talented man!! the storyline is epic!!! the characters are brilliant!! i used to love twilight the most but this is now my favourite vampire thing!! its so modern! my friends who havnt seen it watched one episode and now they are like can i lend your boxset i want to watch it again!!! cannot wait for season 2 to come out on dvd! i hope they have alot more seasons to come too!!! its the kind of show you dont want to end!! more more more!!

  Best Show

| | See all XxNicolaxX's reviews (10)

This is the best show on tv. It will always leave you wanting more and it never fails to dissapoint. Storylines are amazing.
Strongly Recommed to anyone.

  LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!

| | See all swannie's reviews (120)

This is a great show..being a huge fan of twilight,trueblood i was a bit worried that this would not be as good..how wrong was i...i was gripped after the first show...love the triangle between damon,stefan and elena.the characters are great......i have read the books and the show has tried to stick to the plots....a great show with great actors.....cant wait for season 2 to come out on dvd.....

  Team Damon!

| | See all TeamRobstenBritney's reviews (9)

This is an amazing show, loved it from episode 1, now have it on dvd thanks to play.com, such a great price, plus you will love damon, elena, stefan and Caroline, Alaric, Bonnie, all of them now watching season 2 on ITV2 can't wait to get that on dvd!