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The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

Featuring: Ben Barnes, Skandar Keynes & Georgie Henley

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Narnia Has Never Been So Good...

| | See all SpikeyShaw488's reviews (9)

After saying farewell to Susan and Peter in the last installment, I was apprehensive at watching this. But even with the loss of Susan and Peter, the film doesn't let that affect it.

This time around, Lucy, Edmund and cousin Eustace are transported to Narnia through a mystical painting. Scenes of hilarity ensue with Eustace not believing that Narnia exists, even when he is in the middle of the sea.

After being rescued by King Caspian they board the Dawn Treader and their mission begins. This time around they have to defeat the evil mist before Narnia becomes a lost cause forever.

There are some really enjoyable scenes including a fight scene between Eustace and the noble Reepicheep. And seeing everyone battling for peace in Narnia is another treat to watch.

The ending is really emotional and everyone comes face to face with Aslan's country, although only some enter.

A really great visual treat once more and the best Narnia film to date.

  New studio, not as good!

| | See all ydde21's reviews (14)

After being dropped by the studio, there was a time when everyone thought the narnia films had come to a premature end, however, they were picked up by a new studio and along came the dawn treader. The cast has remained the same, however the focus is now on the two younger siblings and their cousin as they venture into narnia to see Prince Caspian again. Although, the film itself looks impressive and feels like the other adventures, I felt that it wasn't on a par with say, the second film (Prince Caspian) and I hope it picks up again for the inevitable 4th installment.

  Narnia 3

| | See all Natty012's reviews (43)

very good film, i have to say it isnt as good as 1 and 2, not as much WOW moments, but it was still pretty good and adventurous and i would recommend buying it :)

  great film

| | See all fizzyade's reviews (57)

Saw this with my husband at the cinema,thought it was great,the cousin is really funny and is a hero for all.great in 3D.can,t wait for my copy to arrive.bring on the next installment.


| | See all Georgelovespink's reviews (2)

Loved this film, would have to say the best one so far from all 3. Amazing film to watch with friends and family. Action packed and follows storyline very well. Would recommened people to watch it if seen the other two. Cant wait to own it on DVD, a film to watch time after time again!!!

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  th4 chronicles of narnia, the voyage of the dawn treader

| | See all girlsrule's reviews (3)

did enjoy this film, but i wouldnt say it was as good as the first one which i thought was brilliant!!! second installment was good too, will buy it when its released and watch it with the kids, i think it could have had a few more wow bits.

  Completely failed to follow the story

| | See all LordOctesian's reviews (1)

Although this is a good film from the effects point of view I was sadly disappointed as it failed to follow the story as given in the book.
Okay it had many of the elements from the book but it just totally failed to come together as a cohesive story.
The scenes at the Lone islands were particularly disappointing as there was walk across Felimath or scene with Governor Gumpas.
As for the kidnappings and the Lords swords, when was that invented?
After that it all just fell a part for me.
And dragons towing ships, utter nonsense.

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  Yet another enchanting chapter of the saga.

| | See all sporkcullen's reviews (2)

Dawn Treader continues to build the world of Narnia which we have come to know and love through the first two films. It is yet again like the other films, another amazing adaptation of the books. It has high points and low points and carries all the weight and whimsy of the books with equal delicacy, so as to make sure we care for the characters as much as we do. I know I particularly relate to Lucy as I am frequently told by my family that I am like her and so her story moved me to tears and I sobbed just as hard watching the film as I did when reading the book for the first or fifteenth time. With a distinctly darker feel than the previous films it looks deeper into the characters of Lucy and Edmund and how life lessons are never easy and moving on is harder but not impossible. Despite this more hefty subject the film never becomes too concerned with teenage angst and strikes a balance which does not intrude on the audiences enjoyment of the film. It walks the fine line between interesting adolescent issues and the over analysed cliche topics of teenhood with a great skill and never underestimates its audiences ability to pick up on every detail given. I would call the film a great success, my own private screening made my day and I cannot wait for "The Silver Chair" to be made.

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  Amazing, best Narnia film yet!

| | See all ChocolateGal's reviews (10)

This film is absolutely amazing! I laughed, I cried, I sat on the edge of my seat in anticipation, and I wasn't the only one. This film had the whole cinema itching in preparation for the brilliant scenes we knew were yet to come from the opening credits! A must-see for the whole family!

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  Another Hit!!

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

Iv already been to see this twice at the cinema in 2D and 3D and wanna go again, i loved it.
If you enjoyed the 1st two then you will love this!!