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Friday The 13th

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

Between the 70s and 80s there were 3 brilliant slasher franchises between "Nightmare on Elm Street", "Halloween" and this film. Jason Voorhees is a demented serial killer who goes around killing teens who visit Camp Crystal Lake the very place drowned when he was a child. In this film you dont see him till the very end but that actually helps the film in the long run.....brilliant all time classic. Enjoy

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  The best in the series let down by mono audio

| | See all jcustins's reviews (6)

The Film: The first in a sprawling franchise once the most successful in the horror genre and only recently out performed by Saw. After working alongside Wes Craven on Last House On The Left producer/director Sean S Cunningham aimed at emulating the success of Halloween thus conjuring up another date related shocker. Originally released in 1980 it owes a lot to John Carpenter's seminal slasher whilst both movies are heavily influenced by the Hitchcook classic Psycho. Victor Miller's story is hardly original - past horrors resurface to terrorise a group of teens, and the performances and dialogue are often below par but if you can forgive the many cliches its still makes for a decent enough horror flick. The underused Betsy Palmer makes a far scarier villain than the dumb lumbering Jason who would take up the mantle in the numerous sequels. Also creditable are Harry Manfredini's memorable score and Tom Savinis ingenious make up effects. Look out for a young Kevin Bacon and those dodgy speedos! The DVD: The first thing to mention here is the lack of a decent audio track. For a film of this significance you would expect 5.1 but there isn't even a stereo offering! This is even more disappointing when there's a decent widscreen picture transfer. The Return To Crystal Lake documentary is a nice bonus feature with plenty of input from those involved in making the movie plus the original trailer is wonderfully dated, and add to that movie commentary from Cunningham himself. Summary: Still the best in the series and a nice package let down only by the mono audio.

  A Great slasher film....

| | See all TheMeistro's reviews (19)

Exellent film
great sound track
great story, loads of suspence
& you don't see the killer until near the end when he/she is revealed.????the only thing I can is bad is the acting is Quite cheesy.thats why I gave it 4/5 stars.

  one of my favorite slasher movie's ever!

| | See all horrorfan678's reviews (36)

this movie was scary!!! good movie. not the best slasher movie but its my first slasher!

  Camp Blood

| | See all god600's reviews (49)

This for me is one of my favourite films ever, for me this was the film that made me into a massive horror fan i am today.

As for the film it is set at a camp site called Crystal lake (aka camp blood) which has a very checkered past, so a group a councillors decide to do the place up for the summer. Then they start getting killed off one by one in very gruesome ways , but not after getting involved in sex, drink and drugs.

This film has spawned hundreds of copies which most have not come close to this. The finale is great as well.
The cast is not great but does not need to be, but it is nice to see a young Kevin Bacon, i feel that most of the credit must go to Tom Savini and his special effects which are great. all in all this really is worthy horror treat and a great shocker for its time...

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  friday the 13th, lucky for some

| | See all deanobeany's reviews (17)

i grew up watching halloween and nightmare on elm street and never got round to the "Friday the 13th" franchise, i genuinely feel i missed out all this time, it's easily Halloween's equal, though the acting and certain effects are corny and EXTREMELY rough around the edges, thats all part of low budget cinema during any period, the story was enjoyable and the gore was quite well done, in the extra features the director mentions Halloween being big at the time and they were specifically trying to write a hit horror/slasher film, so from the ground up and by design it was a classic, and rightfully deserves its place in horror movie history

  Friday The 13th

| | See all gangsta101's reviews (78)

i recently bought this, as the remake has just been released and i wanted to see the original before the remake, so i could compare them and so :).

This film is great, and one of the best slasher movies ever. i would recommend it to anyone who is in to the horror genre. it is filmed very well with great camera angles, which adds to the suspense and tension of who the killer is.

One more thing, i knew who the killer was before i'd seen the film, but if you don't know who the killer is. DON'T READ THE SYNOPSIS ON THE BACK OF THE DVD CASE. it tells you, which is stupid, and i imagine being very frustrating.

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| | See all OBSESSEDWITHFILMS's reviews (416)

This is the film that started it all he's big,he wears a hockey mask and he slashes his victims to death with a machete he is of course the legendary Jason Voohrees.
Be warned if your watching this to see Jason you don't this was the film that introduced us to the legend that would go on to make many more films and kill many more teens.
This is an excellent horror film it sets a very creepy scene from the beginning and the very clever thing is it does not reveal the killer until the very end which keeps up the suspense this superb little horror film.
I'm sure some people wont really like this as they only link Jason with this film franchise but if you watch this film as a stand alone film and the introduction of Jason you will find it very good and creepy i thought it was just as scary as the original Halloween films well worth watching.

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  Classic slasher

| | See all pottypete's reviews (574)

This is the first of a classic set of slasher films.Definitely one of the greatest slasher films along with halloween and nightmare on elm street.Look out for a young kevin bacon.