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Hitler: The Rise Of Evil

Featuring: Robert Carlyle, Stockard Channing & Jena Malone

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  So-so drama.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (276)

I only watched this recently,and although it had its good points (some of the acting was well done) there were a few issues for me.Firstly,the accents.Majority of the actors decide to use clipped upper class English,although a fvew do decide to have German accents.The Scottish Carlyle,for some reason,has decided to do his best Ross Kemp impression. Then there is Peter o'Toole's ridiculous padded suits,to make him,and failing,to look like the chubby President Hindenburg.Then there is Robert Carlyle himself.His performnce (dodgy accent aside) is quite good.The problem with him,is he looks nothing like Hitler,despite the bog standard theatrical bog standard glued on tash.In fact,he always likes like he could do with being fed a bit more,to plump him up a little. (in some scenes,he looks like a boy dressing up in his dad's suits). Certainly not a bad drama, but there are better.


| | See all bell1993's reviews (8)

I am a big fan of World War 2 films and books and ive got to say this is just amazing really well done story and the acting from robert carlyle was something else. This film is really worth the watch.

  a greater look at Hitler

| | See all devastator06's reviews (2)

a well done series, very gripping performances and a soundtrack that will really get you interested in this film. recommended film

  An excellent film

| | See all SteveUtd's reviews (15)

This film is superb - most films with Hitler only show his story from WW2 onwards - whereas this one tackles it from the very start. While it would've been good to see more of Hitler's youth (no pun intended) there is at least one scene that shows what his relationship with his father was like - not good, to say the least.

The entire cast is very strong, but Robert Carlyle as Hitler is fantastic. He has clearly done his 'homework' as an actor - even though he's speaking English, he has Hitler's speech pattern down perfectly. And he has clearly spent a long time studying Hitler, as he has the body language and gestures etc spot on. I didn't think he was a 'caricature' for one second - he was completely believable.

We can only imagine what course history might have taken had Hitler been successful in his applications to the Art Academy in Vienna - they couldn't have known what they were unleashing on to the world.

All I can say is I would love a sequel that continues from where it left off, with Carlyle still in the lead role. After all, the majority of Hitler's crimes happened under the cover of the Second World War...


| | See all lukelarne's reviews (76)

a brilliant 2 part programme, well worth the money as it shows Hitler's rise to power in great detail, Robert Carlyle plays him so well with all the anger and hatrid he produced through the years.


| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)

This two part drama, with a running time of almost three hours, gives us very little insight into the young Adolf Hitler and the stormy relationship with his overbearingly strict father and whizzes through his early years at breakneck speed.

Things slow down when ROBERT CARLYLE takes on the role of the Austrian. We see him develop from homeless outcast to struggling painter, decorated soldier to public speaker and, ultimately, leader of a nation.

What is evident from his intense portrail is that CARLYLE has extensively studied Hitler so he can perfectly mimic the mans mannerisms, something noticeable during the many speech scenes.

He also has strong support from a star-studded cast. MATTHEW MODINE is a dedicated journalist with the courage to speak out against Hitler and JENA MALONE plays the future Fuhrers tragic niece. LIEV SCHREIBER is a wealthy industrialist and JULIANNA MARGUILIES his wife, a woman who becomes obsessed with Hitler, while PETER STORMARE is the ruthless and arrogant SA bully, Rohm. Veteran actor PETER OTOOLE plays the ageing Chancellor Hindenburg in what is, sadly, a rather minor role. None of them try to disguise their voices but the production does not suffer in any way due to this.

As the story progresses we see a Hitler who increasingly blames the Jews for both his own misfortunes and those of Germany itself, who leads a failed coup but through sheer force of will finally joins the National Socialist Party and ousts its ineffective leader, Drexler. Once installed to power we see his reaction to the destruction of the Reichstag and swift assassination of several political rivals and former friends - such as Rohm - who can no longer be controlled or relied upon for support.

The drama ends with Hitler at a Munich Rally and, just before the end credits, gives a brief history of the Fuhrers relentless march to war, his ruthless oppression of the Jews and eventual suicide in 1945 as Germany crumbles around him.

Despite the quality of the drama itself, plus the extensive wealth of information available on the subject matter, Extra Features are extremely sparse and consist solely of the Original Trailer.

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  Interesting view on the pre-historic history before WWII

| | See all J7S4EVER's reviews (6)

This is a good buy, you get a glimpse of what went on in Germany. But as written before this is only a glimpse of the history. Because Hitlers mallace rage and psychotic way of behaving doesnt necesarilly make a good movie. But indeed this is a good making of Hitler but I would call it well balanced fragments of his madness. Merely because this is a movie to inform youths as well of how dangerous weapon it became. I believe Carlyle did a great job in waging hitlers demons and an interesting view on what went on in Germany before WWII and the outcome.. I recommend this movie great acting performances and a good well balanced view on Hitlers madness in terms of not frightening too much younger viewers.

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  very good

| | See all drinug's reviews (1)

Its a very good film the actor of hitler ia good to and a good value for money.

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  Outstanding... up there with Downfall and Schindlers List

| | See all LincolnTerry's reviews (12)

This seems more of a documentary than a film, and given that it's presented in two parts that seems more likely.

This "film" is outstanding, the storyline, the characters, the direction and the locations are exceptional.

Whilst downfall feels more realistic as it's still in german as opposed to this one where everyone is very english, this film stands out as potentially the greatest ww2 film.

Robert carlyle is outstanding as hitler and just like the lead in downfall you marvel at how these actors can be so original and unique in what is, lets face it, potentially one of the hardest characters to portray.

Whether you're a fan of ww2 films, looking for a film to educate people with or just want to witness cinema at it's best... This film is a must.

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| | See all TommyM188's reviews (2)

this is a great dvd and if u take modern history wether it be gcse or a level i suggest this becuase it is a very useful revision helper.