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The Twilight Saga: New Moon - Special Edition (2 Discs) (With Exclusive Keyring)

Featuring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (38 reviews)"

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  New Moon Superior To Twilight

| | See all GEISHAJ's reviews (45)

New Moon was lightyears better than Twilight. Everything, the acting, special effects, music. Overall the film was much more enjoyable to watch and as a Twilight Saga fan i was very happy with it. Honestly, it was never going to be an unforgettable masterpiece and there are far better actors out there but for the fans it's brilliant. I hope Eclipse will be even better.


| | See all Sherri85's reviews (3)

It's amazing best film in ages does the book justice can't wait to get it
if you haven't seen this or twilight yet buy it you will love it :-)

  Incredible Film

| | See all Samyall's reviews (12)

I love the Twilight Series and this film blew me away. Fantastic acting and some great set-pieces make this film a must watch. I cannot wait to get my copy. Eclipse comes out on the 6th July and this will keep me contained until then. Robert Pattinson is outstanding as Edward Cullen and Kristen Stewart shines with beauty as Bella Swan.

  very good

| | See all stefapasc's reviews (2)

I was told it wasn't good... And I loved it. Maybe was it because I had less expectations since I was expecting something bad. Maybe because I was so excited at the idea of seeing those Native American actors I love in such a huge movie... but all in all, I wasn't disappointed. Different from the first one, but it has to be. Not as good as the books, but how can it be?

  Epic FIlm. Loved it.

| | See all pushingthesensesx's reviews (1)

I absolutely adore the Twilight Books and was slightly disappointed with the first film. However, I still proceeded to buy tickets for the midnight showing of New Moon when it came out and was very pleasantly surprised at how good it was. It was relatively true to the book, as is not usually the case with films being made from books. There were good twists on things which happened in the book and the wolves looked great. Overall, I loved it and am so excited about it coming out on dvd so soon. Definitely a five star film from me :)


| | See all Laura92's reviews (7)

Having read the books I have to say no film can ever live up to the story, as in most cases. It was very good and accurate in the parts included but missed out some crucial parts that had made this book one of my favourites. For a film that's over 2 hours long I think they could afford to fit more into it and less of the unnecessary parts, but all in all it is very good :)

  A New Perspective

| | See all Georgina09's reviews (12)

Ok, so you think that this film is going to be more of the same mushy nonsense as the first film. It's not. Firstly bringing in Chris Weitz to direct this movie actually pointed it in the right direction, you can tell it was directed and not thrown together. Cinematography was precise and well planned, bringing in more intensity to scenes. Credit must be gieven to Kristen Stewart who has finally shown us what she can do; emotion!
Not sure about the contact lenses as it really does alienate the Cullens from society, which could be quite unnerving for the Fork population.
Michael Sheen was fantastic!
Having read the books, i was actually really pleased with this film, including the necessary bits even if not in chronological order.
In response to ChrisJ91, either you have read the books or you are really perceptive to have figured out the 'werewolves' true ability, but this isn't something we learn until the final book, so hold your horses :)

Overall a must see for all movie goers. It's got action and is less focused on the romance!

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  More of the same.

| | See all ChrisJ91's reviews (31)

OK, here we go again. This is much better than its predecessor, I agree. However, it doesn't feel like a proper complete film. By the end, you've focused do much on the wolf guy, who by all accounts isn't really a werewolf due to the lack of being bitten and the ability to control his morphs, you don't really care for the vampire guy. However, despite the plot not being as good as it could have been, acting has improved, thank God. Kristen Stewart finally shows some real talent, rather than just biting her lip for two hours, and Michael Sheen is, as always fantastic, completely fitting the part. So yeah, if you like twilight, get it. However, if you just want to see what the fuss is about, go for the other one, it might put you off a bit more, but this as a stand alone film is just not worth it if your not a die hard fan.
*note to self*
I wonder if they were going out when filming this...because it finally looks like she does love him...

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  Love It

| | See all batchies45's reviews (1)

After reading the book before watching the film the film really followed the story well, all the important parts was in. JACOB !!!!! looking forward to seeing what they can do with eclipse.

  great film by a different director

| | See all princessbee66's reviews (3)

In the second film of the Twilight Saga, New Moon, we see a different director presenting his own view of the second book. Although some people may be used to the first film and the style of direction, the way Chris Weltz uses his own interpretation of the film means that the characters are developed and shown in different lights.

I think this is important, as everyone has their own version of "Bella" and of "Edward". Also we get to see what Weitz feels is important in the book.

Overall I think the effects are better in this film, as well as small details like their contact lenses, however, I did feel that there was a little too much humour at the start, and some parts of the book were missing.

Overall a must see for Twilight fans, the actors really compliment each other and kudos goes to the casting director.