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The Wolfman: Extended Cut (2010)

Featuring: Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins & Emily Blunt

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Wooly Wolfman

| | See all seenitseenitseenit's reviews (36)

Really dissapointed in this, the origional 1941 version was far better and probably cost less than Del Torros beard, which by the way looked more wolf like in the closing scenes of 'Che' to much CGI save all that for sci-fi, horror can be successfully done with make up if it has a decent plot eg 'The Exorsist, The Omen, The Shining, The Silence of the Lambs' et all, even the old black n whites 'Dracula, Bella Lugosi-Frankenstein, Boris Karloff and of course The Wolfman, Lon Channey jnr' were all better than this over hyped nonsence, a waste of Del Torros-Hopkins tallent.


| | See all Quiggan's reviews (166)

A fine remake of the 1941 UNIVERSAL classic, THE WOLFMAN retains much of the charm of the original.

Celebrated stage actor Lawrence Talbot (the brooding BENICIO DEL TORO) is approached by Gwen Conliffe (EMILY BLUNT), the fiance of his brother Ben (SIMON MORRELLS), with the bad news that Ben is missing.

Although he has been away for many years, Lawrence decides to journey home to the Talbot Estate at Blackmoor to offer his services but finds the manor house somewhat neglected. Gwen is temporarily staying here as a guest to Sir John Talbot (SIR ANTHONY HOPKINS) and his faithful Indian manservant Singh (ART MALIK).

Sir John gravely informs Lawrence he has had a wasted trip, for Bens mutilated body has been found on the moors. The superstitious local population, including Police Inspector Nye (DAVID SCHOFIELD, an actor with previous celluloid Lycanthrope experience) and Doctor Lloyd (MICHAEL CRONIN), believe a savage animal killed Ben, perhaps the Bear kept in the local Gypsy camp, and Lawrence sets off for the settlement to find answers.

He talks to the elderly and mysterious Maleva (GERALDING CHAPLIN) but as night falls the camp is suddenly attacked by a brutal creature and Lawrence is severely wounded in the shoulder. Returned home by the Gypsies and nursed by Gwen, Lawrence soon finds to his astonishment that the bite if fully healed.

Meanwhile the growing Blackmoor mystery has gained the attention of acclaimed Scotland Yard Inspector Francis Aberline (an authorative HUGO WEAVING), who comes to investigate. He knows Lawrence was a former inmate of the Lambeth Asylum, run by Doctor Hoeneggar (SIR ANTHONY SHER in a cameo) and believes the carnage could either have been inflicted by a savage animal, the like of which no longer inhabit British shores, or perhaps a lunatic with immense strength.

Others think the Talbot family is cursed and that they undergo a horrifying transformation whenever the moon is full.

I found THE WOLFMAN an enjoyable film to watch. It is very atmospheric, from the mist shrouded moors to the smog filled streets of 1890s London, yet has a somewhat old fashioned approach which gives the film a certain appeal sadly lost on many modern horrors. Nevertheless, there is certainly something creepy about a Werewolf which is just at home running on all fours as well as on two legs.

Although this is an Extended Cut, I have admittedly never seen the cinematic version and am therefore unsure if the additional footage helps the story or not.

Sadly, as if often the case, Special Features are at a bare minimum and here we merely have 5 cut scenes running to 11 minutes. There is not even a Trailer, Making Of documentary or Commentary, but at least the film itself is worthwhile of our attention.

  such a let down

| | See all KingNathan's reviews (7)

only see this film if you get given the option of death or viewing it. its slow, boring, the werewolf looks like a giant fake black hamster. i expected a lot more from benicio del torro

  I watched this at the cinema

| | See all Daniellew123's reviews (2)

I was so excited to watch this film bit highly let down. I just couldn't wait for the film to end. It's boring and I just knew what was going to happen, take my advice and don't bother purchashing in this DVD. If you want my advice, I would say Law abiding citizen, Mirrors 1, Point Break and The generals daughter. These are all great films worth buying. Trust me. :)

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  OK remake

| | See all CaptainHorizon's reviews (74)

This remake of the 1941 film falls into the middle ground of not being terrible but far from being great. The acting is fine but some of the visual effects are over the top and the film just isn't scary. According to the cover, the cut of the film on the DVD is 17 minutes longer than the one shown in cinemas. The only extras on the disc are deleted and extended scenes, but the Blu-ray has more.

  Good effort

| | See all HarryMudd's reviews (19)

I enjoyed the Wolfman, good period detail and scenes of olde London town, although the similar Underworld films are more exciting with over the top storylines a faster pace and rockstar vampires and werewolves the Wolfman is actually a better made film with better actors. If Hammer studios were around now then maybe this is the sort of film it would be making... a good effort.

  Sorry to say but poor, very poor.

| | See all SeanyPaul's reviews (2)

I really wanted to like this film as werewolf films are few and far between but this film was a wasted opportunity. Bad CGI i.e terrible sniffing bear, bad scared deer and crappy transformation scenes........remember the Howling and American werewolf anyone? now they were transformation scenes. The film lacked any real suspense, there were no real build up's and the climax was poor. Not a patch on the old Ollie Reed Curse of the Werewolf film.....shame really.

  Good old fashioned horror

| | See all owensouthwood's reviews (77)

Films like this make me realise how much I miss good old fashioned horror movies, in the tone of Dracula or Frankenstein. You really can't beat a good old scary monster chasing people round a darkened mansion or some spooky woods. Mix in some modern gore and tension, plus the magic ingredient - a great script - and you've got a winner.

The Wolfman ticks all the boxes. Characterisation is top notch and it is refreshing to see well-crafted characters taking their place alongside the monster. As well as the obligatory rampaging werewolf scenes, there are strong undertones of suspicion and mystery, especially in the opening part of the story. Themes of madness and inner evil are explored to great effect throughout.

The Wolfman is no mindless horror flick. It's very British and very well acted and scripted.

My only quibble would be the actual transformation scenes were a bit weak compared to, say, American Werewolf In London. But overall this is a fabulous werewolf romp, and I enjoyed it from start to finish.

Worth getting the extended cut.

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  Waste of time!

| | See all SPRiiNKL3's reviews (2)

I went to see The Wolfman at the cinema, and i was absolutely appalled! It has a great plot by all means but the acting and abismal CGI really brings it down. Dont bother buying it unless you want to watch 1 hour 38 minutes of utter rubbish!

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| | See all Charlesy90's reviews (4)

Ive heard bad reviews about this movie but after watching it I disagree. While this update on the 1941 film Lon Chaney Jr. classic doesnt break any new ground as a horror or werewolf film, its definitely enjoyable and worth a watch. Given it 4 out of 5 stars though as could have been better as the werewolf killings were quickly done with.