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Stargate Universe (SG-U): Season 1 (5 Discs)

Featuring: Robert Carlyle, Lou Diamond Phillips & Justin Louis

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (40 reviews)"

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  Fun to watch

| | See all fayehawkes's reviews (3)

Stagate Universe while being short lived was very fun to watch. The characters make you love/hate them and the story lines are fresh.

  Better than I expected!!

| | See all guyamos2012's reviews (1)

I was curious to watch this show as I liked sg1 when it was first shown but I grew out of it after a few seasons, and with sga I never really took to it - although I still held respect for both shows I felt they weren't for me as I was more into tv dramas than I was popcorn scifi.

The series starts off slow but if you stick with it until halfway through the pace picks up and the characters show their true selves.

As far as a tv show this is a fantastic example of what can be done on screen and in story. As far as scifi goes this is up there with the bsg remake and holds some of the greatest scifi ideas around.

Such a shame they cancelled the show but for the two seasons it was on, it really proved itself to be a diamond in the rough.


| | See all Rosalynda's reviews (1)

This isn't a science fiction show, it's a soap opera - and a very poor one at that.

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  Slow start, but it gets better.

| | See all elgreenmachine18's reviews (14)

For me Stargate Universe was the continuation of a franchise i think is brilliant. I must say however i thought the beginning was very slow, some of the episodes were boring and the characters were hard to initially care about. I was contently left feeling annoyed that the crew would not shut up about wanting to go home, there hatred for the situation they found themselves in made me wish that they would find a way to leave the ship so we could have more positive characters on board. However this season built the ground work for the second season which is just epic, you could watch this season just simply to get to know the characters and the ship for season 2. I give this season a 3 to 4 stars up until episode 18 and from there every episode of the whole series is 5 stars!

  SG Atlantis & the new Battlestar Galactica series combines

| | See all WingCommander's reviews (48)

Drama, scene Lighting, conflcts, intense action, confrontation, even the camera work is identical with the spacecraft shots to the soleful singing music at the episodes ending.

Overall better than the hammy SG1 series and the elongated Stargate Atlantis long road to no where story.

  Classic Sci Fi at its best!

| | See all Ally1701's reviews (2)

Although slow build up in the story, this is fast becoming one of the greatest sci fi shows to grace our tv screens in a long while.
A must have buy.

  great programme if you get interested enough

| | See all dazzoboy's reviews (7)

Having been a fan since stargate sg-1 i have seen all the sg-1 and atlantis so thought would give this a shot and personally i think its genius, its got a bad rep for them arguing all the time but they all from different preofessions obviously they are going to clash and argue but the second season is so much better than the first up to now its on its last episode of this year in 2 weeks but gonna look forward to the new episodes considering they have some control over the ship and are able to stop when needed but the first season was quite great on the second half of it alot more in depth with the characters

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  I liked it better the second viewing from the Boxset

| | See all superniceguy's reviews (2)

When I first saw this on Sky One, it was not what I expected, and found it a bit boring at times, as what other have said. I also found the arguing a bit much too, but it did not seem to bother me too much when watching it again from the DVDs.

In a way it reminded me a bit of Blakes 7 - Avon and Blake were against each other like Rush and Young.

There also seemed bits missing and incomplete watching on Sky One, which is what prompted me to buy this boxset. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the DVDs, and suddenly got addicted to the series, and even watched 2 or 3 epsiodes together.

The first 3 episodes, a trilogy, called Air was definatly extended, and were all on the first disc, giving you a choice to watch the broadcast version or an extended version. The other episodes did not have specific extended versions, so either were all uncut or as I accepted the show for what it was, and got more involved with it, I did not lose interest which made me miss things when first watching it on Sky One.

I am not too sure at the moment whether to bother watching all of Series 2 on Sky One, which is currently airing, or wait until it arrives on DVD next year, but I am now a fan of this show, and also enjoyed watching the Kino videos and extras.

Watching it on Sky One, I would rate it 3 stars, after watching this series from this boxet, I now rate it 5 stars.

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  Jeremy Kyle in space!

| | See all asdamonkey's reviews (1)

Yes, someone actually took those weird people you see on daytime chat shows and has thrown them together on a spaceship to argue, and argue, and argue! Oh and argue! Boring, deathly dull and totally without any character development, even after an attack from aliens they argue!

Those special effects sure are good though, oh and Robert Carlyle but please writers, give him some depth other than being just selfish and whiney. It gets old really fast.

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| | See all jones1234's reviews (2)

I was never a fan of the SG series as I felt it was a mockery of a great film. However SGU brings all the silly theory and unrealistic discoveries to some good use. All around brilliant and well worth it's money

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