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Street Hawk: The Complete Series Box Set (4 Discs)

Featuring: Rex Smith, Joe Regalbuto & Richard Venture

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Five stars for the show, not the DVD!

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Finally, that awesome show that clashed with BBC's Top of the Pops every Thursday night has arrived on DVD, and - even after twenty-five years - it's still far more entertaining than Peter Powell or Dave Lee Travis!

Street Hawk followed the exploits of Jesse Mach, an ex-motorcycle cop injured not in the line of duty (as the dramatic voice over would announce in the opening reel of each episode), but in a chance encounter with a drug dealer, with a penchant for hit-and-run assassination, whilst on a two-week suspension from the force. Subsequently relegated to a desk job, poor Jesse emerges from the attack a broken man, his passion for fighting crime on two wheels now nothing more than a distant memory.

Enter Norman Tuttle, a geeky Federal agent with a knack for designing high-tech motorcycles and having damaged policemen patched up with a revolutionary "new prosthesis", making Jesse an offer he can't refuse.

Cancelled after only thirteen episodes due to lacklustre Nielson ratings in the US (a direct result of it's graveyard spot in the Stateside TV schedule), the show went on to win itself a healthy audience in the UK, and throughout much of Europe, resulting in both a Street Hawk annual and four tie-in novels - how's THAT for heady success!

The announcement of this long overdue release will, I'm sure, make many nostalgists as happy as I was when I first got wind of this box set - It's always fun to satisfy one's nostalgic cravings with a dive into the comfort viewing of yesteryear, and - when all is said and done - the show holds up very well indeed! Granted, the cheese factor occasionally spikes off the scale, the hardware doesn't look as hard as it used to, and George Clooney (appearing in the second episode) delivers one of the most excruciating performances of the decade, but it's all delivered with a naive sense of fun, and accompanied by a dazzling score from the legendary Tangerine Dream, which, even today, makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention.

My only criticism regarding this release is its NTSC mastering. In an attempt to lower production costs, it would seem that the distributor has exactly duplicated its American release for all territories around the world, resulting in a slightly disappointing product for us Brits, who are more accustomed to the far smoother and more accurately coloured 25fps PAL standard. Fabulous Films, hang your cheap-skate heads in shame. Oh, actually I do have one more gripe - the pointless 8 page collector's booklet, which presents no insight into the conception, design or history of the show. What it does offer is a criminally underwritten episode guide and a pointless centre spread, featuring a badly cropped section of Universal's blueprint for the bike. It would seem that the booklet's only purpose is to fool the DVD buying public into thinking they're getting more bang for their buck when they read of its existence in the special features list on the case. All is not lost, however, since the uncropped blueprint appears in the stills gallery on the fourth disc, along with some rather amusing publicity shots and a number of great US newspaper ads.

The documentary is fun too, with three of the show's key players - Rex Smith, Joe Regalbuto and Jeannie Wilson - waxing lyrical about their time on the project, and hinting that there may yet be more to come! Looking at how little they've aged over the past quarter of a century (Has it really been that long?), the idea doesn't seem as ridiculous as one might imagine, and it would be great to see the Hawk in action one last time!

So, overall, not a perfect package, but an acceptable release for the price. Maybe they'll get it right on Blu ray!

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  Great Boxset

| | See all GordyChops's reviews (1)

Die hard fans like myself will forgive the bad picture quality on this awesome boxset!
Also, I own the 'UK' VHS pilot film which contains a scene between Jesse and his Public Relations woman (assistant ) in a restaurant which is missing from both Pilot versions on this dvd!

Pity that Hollywood could not remake this as a film for 2010/11- they have with everything else

  Still brilliant.

| | See all mrstrong's reviews (6)

So glad this has finally been released. Sometimes when you watch an old show after many years it can sometimes be a dissapointing experience, coming across as dated and even cringe worthy by todays standards. Fortunately Street Hawk is as good now as it was back then. The bike still looks very good and the characters are very likeable and all the episodes are great fun. It is a shame that there were no more episodes made, but at least it's short run prevented it from dragging out and becoming stale like a lot of the shows at the time such as the A-team, Knightrider etc. As another reviewer has mentioned, the boxset has been made with TLC so if youve been holding back in case your worried it may now look dated dont worry, you'll still love it!

  Got mine today

| | See all idai1471's reviews (1)

Got mine this morning so heres the rundown


1. The dvd menu system, box, booklet etc are all good.
2. The bonus features are excellent esp the interview with rex smith and Norman tuddle.
3. The unreleased pilot! With the original FX for the partical beam, jumps and hyperthrust all enhanced. Plus an extra court scene not int the original.
4. The fact that the whole thing as been made with some TLC.

The Cons
1. The transfer could have been cleaned up a little better but that doesnt mean its bad because its not.
2. Some extras from tangerine dream would have been nice regarding the music etc.

If like me youre a fan and you signed the petition to get this on disk you wont be let down. Its been made with the fans in mind.

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  its finally here

| | See all steve30m's reviews (1)

well at last its on dvd along with the great knightrider and airwolf comes what i class as a far better package then the above two but sadly only 13 episodes were ever made ,but they did try to revive it in 1989 but rex smith turned it down

  street hawk

| | See all chatta99's reviews (3)

oh my god i thought i would never see this film again but thank god for dvds must buy cannot wait.....................

  It's taken far too long!

| | See all AgentLogan's reviews (6)

After 25 years I can finally order one of my favourite childhood TV shows! I always loved A-Team, Airwolf, Knight Rider etc but as a kid I was nuts about motorcycles so was entranced by Street Hawk every Saturday night (I even remember owning several Street Hawk toys!). Bravo showed the series at the turn of the century and I am so pleased that it will finally be available as a full-series box-set. Such a shame they didn't make more episodes back in the day.

  80's now complete

| | See all kevin2007's reviews (1)

so looking forward to this in my collection. along with airwolf, and knight rider, widescreen would of been better. just happy after so many years it will soon be out on dvd for the fiest time ever.


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Well what can you say at the dvd event of the year made by universal studios but not on the playback label oh how universal must be upset the tv show was great and all 13 episodes will be enjoyed by the new age and the public that remember the music first time around great price a must buy

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  at last its ere

| | See all gman1875's reviews (6)

been looking for this for years on dvd and its finally ere quality programme as i watched this and the ateam as a youngster