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The Karate Kid (2010)

Featuring: Jackie Chan, Jaden Smith & Taraji P. Henson

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  It ok

| | See all sparky24mark's reviews (24)

i thought it was ok i prefer the orignals but none the less jayden smith is on form in this.i say give it a watch does follow the orginal on story lines preety much tho

  not overly impressed

| | See all Tv2Long's reviews (43)

i have been a fan of the karate kid since i was a kid myself, when i heard there would be a remake i was looking forward to it.
i thought it was ok but the originals were alot better as this seemed aimed at smaller kids.


| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

despite the mixed reviews of the new karate kid.if you take out all the niggly points of the film which it does have.this is still a awesome film and for me chans best acting to date.the man can act whether its action comedy hes got it all.ok its not a complete remake of the original and there is no way mr miyagi could be replaced.but if you put all the bad points aside this is a brilliant film and lets not forget will smiths boy jaden who gives a mature performance for a young man but its plain to see that jackie took him under his wing from start to finish and the fight scenes are well choreographed and quite violent compared to the karate kid films but it made it more realistic.overall chans best acting to date and lot more from jaden smith to come im sure.watch it

  Well worth a watch

| | See all Lexington's reviews (7)

A great remake of the original, good acting by the cast and despite Jackie Chan being the best known actor he didn't over power the rest. There are some nice little touches in the film that hark back to the original that are funny if you know that version but won't lose new viewers

  Suprisingly good

| | See all superjones's reviews (1)

I actually enjoyed this more than original. Kung fu was realistic looking and both smith and chan were superb. However the bluray version was even better than my dvd. Superb picture quality, truly cinematic, so i would say if you can go with the bluray instead.


| | See all 72espada's reviews (78)

sorry to have to disagree with the mainly positive reviews so far, but i thought this was very poor. so far i have seen jaden smith in 2 films, and in both he comes across as very wooden, and i know he is just a kid, but there have been many others in films over the years, who have been much better, and much more natural. in most other areas the film is tired, cliched, and most importantly, vastly inferior to the original. jackie chan does his best as always, and indeed his presence is probably the films only redeeming feature. your kids will no doubt like this, but if you, like me, remember the original, you probably wont.

  Nice remake.

| | See all backinblack's reviews (119)

I was presently surprised by this movie to be honest. I'm a big fan of Jackie Chan - especially his 80's movie's like the Police Story series and Wheels and Meals etc with Sammo Hung and Yuen Biao and found this family movie not bad at all. Infact it's pretty good as a family movie - which is what the original Karate Kid was remember!. The martial arts is much much better in this movie (it's Wushu/Kung fu by the way not Karate) and like the first film you can actually care about the characters. Jackie plays a good role and Jaden Smith is pretty accomplished given his age (some people criticise him but come on compared to alot of child actors!!). The plot moves along quick nicely and it keeps you interested with a nice message. If kids watch it and get inspired to start training or to even look up old Jackie Chan films or other martial arts films such as the one's with Bruce Lee or Sammo Hung then it's done it's job. Nice remake!

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  Smith and Western (China that is)

| | See all bumblebee2000's reviews (39)

Do not be put off if you love the original, so do i. The original is a childhood memory i cherish but the new version is just as good and updates the story without stealing too much from it. Jaden Smith is excellent and Jackie Chan is his usual brilliant self with some actual emotion included. Thoroughly enjoyable and recommended to everyone, it wipes away the memories of The Next Karate Kid.