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The Social Network (2 Discs)

Featuring: Justin Timberlake, Jesse Eisenberg & Rashida Jones

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (37 reviews)"

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  Interesting but not great

| | See all Sharpi21's reviews (2)

This film is a good watch if your interested in how facebook came to be. But some of the "true events" just seem to be a little over the top for real life.
Jesse Eisenberg is overshadowed by Andrew Garfield's performance throughout and Justin Timberlake makes it obvious that he has no acting experience.

  Social Network

| | See all Wm95ere's reviews (6)

Do you remember when you was a child and you always dremt of doing something hoge that made you big and succesful, well this film truely makes you remember those days.
At first this film is not what i thought it would be ('Cause it takes a while to get into it) but after the first part of the film it becomes very intresting and slightly humerous.
The plot/story truely is a marvel, how facebook was made and all of the legal stuff to go along with it really is facinating, and what people will do to their friends just for a bit of fame and money.
This film truely is worth watching and i can assure you, you wont be dissapointed.

  Should Have Won More at The Oscars.

| | See all VirtualJesus's reviews (10)

First of all this film is not for everybody. I will admit that. But i really enjoyed the film, i have watched it several times since it has come out at the cinema and on dvd. The perfomances in the film are really good, in some places incredible. Jesse Eisenberg did very well with the difficult character persona he was given. And i hate to say it but, Justin Timberlake, is actually really good. Brilliantly directed, certainly oscar worthy. Not for everyone, but for those it is for, it is a stunning film.


| | See all Fospherous's reviews (3)

I remember before this came out; everyone said that it was just "the facebook movie". Well, it's more than that. It's a fantastic film by David Fincher. What makes it so good is the screenplay by Aaron Sorkin. It flows so well that two hours pass by and you don't even realise it. Jesse Eisenburg is great in this also. Wonderful film.

  Good film

| | See all balmoraljames's reviews (228)

This film is entertaining but the hype that surrounded it was far too much and last award season there was films more worthy of attention,that said the film is entertaining and well written.

The acting is good and the direction raises the script of the page. The issue is the film is a little long and is very plot driven and wordy.

Not for everyone but for those interested in Facebook or love a courtroom drama then this is for you.

  Like marmite - love or hate it

| | See all FungasUK's reviews (7)

Reading some of these reviews, it's clear that Social Network is a love or hate movie. Why...? Personally, I think it's a generational thing. I think it appeals to people who have grown up in the Facebook society, through this great information age. To those of us a smidgen older, who can remember what lfe was like before Facebook, I think most people of that generation will see The Social Network as a redundant piece of movie making.

I saw this at the cinema and like never before, I was very close to walking out. The characterisation is poor; script is sharp but turgid; the action...well, let's suffice it say that it's sub-courtroom drama at its worst. There's little beyond a couple of handbags-at-dawn moments with the odious Winklevoss twins, and a boat race. That's it.

I know I'll get slated by the usual Fanboys; fair enough, you love the movie. I, however, disliked it immensely and can only advise people to exercise caution; it may not be all it's been cracked up to be.

  Great movie.

| | See all A1D3N000's reviews (10)

Watched this movie shortly after it came out, despite the lack of people talking about it, and it really was something special. I'd never seen a movie like this before, which is great in this modern age because all movies seem to be the same nowadays.
Overall, this movie would definitely be worth watching, simply for how interesting the storyline really is.

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  Is greed good?

| | See all mully99's reviews (6)

For a story about the rise of a website, I was pretty impressed. I cant certainly see why the awards have met it so favourably. I was especially impressed with the casting which I really thought made the film. But add that to a strong plot and script, I can see why this film has been soo successful.

The film highlights the power of money and success, and shows the value of them against the people around you. Its a very 'thought-provoking' film, and will no doubt have you asking a few questions about yourself! I know I did. To quote the great Gordon Gecko, "Is greed good?"

I recommend this to all, even if you're not that into the whole 'facebook' thing.

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  It is because of this I cannot wait for Spiderman reboot...

| | See all scottyboi08's reviews (6)

Andrew Garfield is the reason this film is great. Ok maybe I'm being a bit harsh because in all honesty everyone was great in it, Jesse shows how annoying the most cleverest person can be, JT portrays the arrogant and ignorant **** we all know people can be to perfection, but it's Andrews performance that makes the film for me because I just couldnt help feeling sorry for him throughout the film, losing a friend to greed aswell as everything else... 0.03 is all I need to say. As you can see in the title I now cannot wait to see how he pulls of the Peter Parker role in the new Spiderman films, he is one for the future... Guaranteed.
Really is a great film, how close to realism it is I don't know considering Zuckerberg wasn't too happy with the film at all, but it's nevertheless entertaining and fun.
Maybe the film is spot on with Zuckerberg being annoying and a complete... but he just doesn't realise :)


| | See all TomSmitty's reviews (2)

One of my favorite films of all time. The first time i saw this film was at the cinema and i was skeptical that a film about Facebook could be good but when i saw that David Fincher had directed it (Seven, Fight Club) and saw all the good reviews i decided to give it a chance. On first time of watching it i really liked it but after watching it again i found a new appreciation and now really do love it. Its a brilliant insight into the world of US college innovation, executed with superb direction, great acting and a stunning soundtrack. David Fincher is a genius and this film is terrific, highly recommend!!