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Doctor Who: Series 5 - Volume 1 (2010)

Featuring: Matt Smith & Karen Gillian

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Doctor Who ; Series 5 -Volume 1

| | See all EmmaJBrowning's reviews (30)

Doctor who is getting even better with series 5 the first episode The Eleventh Hour is one of the best episodes of series 5 and of this volume. It sees in the newly generated doctor and the new companion Amy pond as a little girl first ! then we see her as an adult who later becomes the doctor's companion ! we also see in the third episode ; Victory of the Darleks another regeneration ! but this time of the Darleks with their new look which is also great these two episodes are the ones why you should bye this DVD if your a fan of Doctor Who ! The beast below episode is quite slow and didn't do anything for me as it's quite boring at times but saying this it's another episode of doctor who if you can't get enough .

  Buy it for The Beast Below, and Victory Of The Daleks

| | See all SandoEntertainingU's reviews (247)

I think the Eleventh hour nearly put me off watching the rest of the series with the new Doctor, but I couldn't resist the Saturday feeling not watching one of my favourite TV Programmes, the 2nd episode began to brighten the series abit, and then Episode 3 - OH LORD!! just brilliant!

  GREAT! But David Tennants still the best Doctor

| | See all young681's reviews (2)

The new Doctor is very Good so is Amy. The eleventh hour was good and so was The Beast Below which was one of the best episodes of the series but Victory of the Daleks was a bit dissapointing i wanted to see hundreds of them exterminatingpeople like the previous series. Still a good 3 episodes.

  the eleventh hour...

| | See all bassyboy's reviews (12)

the first episode of the series, "The Eleventh Hour" is just fantastic and just a great way to introduce the new doctor and his new companion. However the second episode, "The Beast Below" is far from perfect as there didnt seem to be much of a story. The third episode " The Victory Of The Daleks" was a decent episode which saw the return of the daleks with a new design. Overall I would give ep 1: 9/10, ep 2: 6/10, ep 3: 7/10. Oh and finally, did any one notice the episodes getting shorter? episodes 2 & 3 on this dvd are 41 minutes long, missing 4 minutes of adrenaline fuelled adventure!

  Just Brilliant.

| | See all VacantYoungster's reviews (4)

Wasn't sure i would like Matt Smith when he was announced as the new doctor. But to my pleasant suprise he's my favourite Doctor since Tom Baker. Loved all the story's so far. Highly recommended.

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  Matt Smith is great!

| | See all AnnieBBG's reviews (43)

Fantastic start from Matt Smith, I think he is really quirky and funny. Some of the stories are not so good though (the Dalek/Churchill one was just daft and the weeping Angels didn't seem that threatening in this series. Karen Gillan is good too but would be even better is she could stop pouting her way through each episode. Hopefully it will continue to improve.

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  New Doc

| | See all zozomac's reviews (4)

Love the new doctor who, mat smith is really good and cute, I thought he would have a hard job following david (being a scot like david) but he has made the role his own. Hope he stays for a few years and Karen is really good aswell and love that she did not have to loss her scottish acsent. One scot leaves the tradis another one comes in.

  A Great First Three

| | See all IndianaDrones's reviews (16)

The first three episodes are a great introduction to a new Doctor and a new series of adventures. The new Doctor is pitch perfect in the lead, and the episodes are a lot of fun. Some quibble about some 'inappropriate' adult humour or sexuality, yet when in RTD's run there a number of similar references, no-one complained. The new opening theme take some getting used to.
My only quibble about the DVD releases are that for some reason they have cut the 'next time' episode trailers out completely, so what you're getting isn't quite the complete un-edited originally aired version. This is a little jarring, as the next week epsiode trailers are a lot of fun and usually a good teaser. Hopefully these'll be on the full season box set, should they decide to release one (I imagine they will).


| | See all oneill's reviews (3)

I loved DT in the role and thought MS might not be able to fill his shoes but im glad to say Matt is wonderful as the Doctor i think the trouble with many of the low marks on here are due to the fact that a lot of people only know the Doctor from Chris and Davids episodes but if you go back to the wonderful start you will know that Matt is as much the Doctor as any of his previous incarnations
Keep up the good work Matt Smith aka The Doctor


| | See all GAZ1985's reviews (2)

Following on from the David Tennant/Russell t Davies era, I thought the new series would still be excellent under new head writer Steven Moffat - who has wrote 4 of the stories over the last five years - and i was right. Episode 1: The Eleventh Hour is a brilliant introduction to a bonkers Doctor and pretty companion. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan bring pure brilliance to the show. Episode 2: The Beast Below on first viewing i didn't think was that great but the more you watch it it grows on you. And finally Episode 3: Victory of the Daleks is also a brilliant re-introduction to the Daleks and Ian McNiece is just perfect as Winston Churchill. A must have DVD for Who fans.