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Tron Legacy

Featuring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund & Olivia Wilde

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Tron Legacy Review from a fan of Tron.

| | See all miksvids's reviews (30)

I went to the cinema to see the original Tron when i was about 9 years old. I loved it i have it on DVD and watched it a few weeks ago in time for this release of the sequel. The first film did not have a complex plot at all and neither does this one. So everyone saying the film does not have much plot are missing the point. It's like complaining that when you watch football all they do is kick a ball around. It is a kids film don't expect a twist and turn plot. The effects are amazing apart from Clu which looks like it belongs in The Polar Express. When the film ended i thought why did we not see Tron more but then you get a hint of things to come when he changes colour near the end. I also thought what the .... when the girl came into the real world until i remember her computer program is made up of the DNA double helix this is how she came into the real world. This is why her programs were special they were based on DNA so when she came out of the computer she was turned into a human. Far fetched i know but hey it's a far fetched film. On the whole i liked it and would recommend you get it. The first Tron film was great at it's time but the critics did not like it its the same this time around. Let's hope that the third film will be good. See you on the grid.

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| | See all Konflict's reviews (5)

This film is ace. Great action, great acting. Nostalgic rating throught the roof. Seeing Jeff Bridges as a messiah like character in his black hooded robe was kool, shame he didnt have a badass power set. Most brilliant of this film is it's use of 3D. 3D films usually fall prey to the problem of writing in stoopid moments that make no sense so they can demonstrate the 3D. You could get an example in about 10 3D films of something randomly flying at your face for now reason. Tron however uses it more maturely. there are moments of disc flight that have this problem but mainly it was used to simply add depth of field and overlay. Making u feel like u were genuinely looking through some form of portal to a true 3d world. This is how 3D should be done. Not intrusive, simply an enhancer

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| | See all DISC0S's reviews (6)

Fantasic film!!! Soundtrack fantastic, effects this film has it all, if you were an 80s kid and liked Tron you will love this! And if you weren't you'll still love it! Must buy

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  Certainly not an upgrade on the original!

| | See all CyberDan's reviews (2)

I was very disappointed with Legacy. Flynn went from a go get em type character to a recluse guru with about as much get up and go as a wet kipper.

The original out did Legacy on so many levels. The music score on the previous Tron was vastly superior to Daft Punks monotonous beats which rarely hit any other level. The scenery of the original was something we'd never seen before, yet Legacy was so real. Water was water, buildings were buildings. Everything was sooo physical whereas the previous movie with it's limited tech lead you to believe you were in a different world made of pure energy.

The original was a partial flop at the movies cos people just didn't get the concept of a man going into a computer world. Cripes, most people then probably hadn't even seen a computer!

I think Disney tried to correct a few things from the original that probably didn't need correcting and dumbed it down. Everyones seen a computer now and with more adventurous movies around such as Avatar etc, people are more willing to believe in the more imaginative movies.

I think Disney should have had a bit more faith in the viewing public. With rumblings around and a teaser trailer for a possible Tron 3, Disney have another opportunity to build on the original not take a step backwards as with Legacy.

Oh, and word is "Flynn Lives!"

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  Epic in 3D

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

I watched this in 3D at the cinema and was not expecting much as I seen the Disney logo which made me think kids film.
Put it this way I came out the cinema astonished with the mind blowing 3D, sound, story everything. A truly awesome film, just outstanding.
This will be the reason I purchase a 3D TV it is that good.

  a legacy not.

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

sorry but this film is strictly for fans off original. visually stunning to look at but thats it. jeff bridges has been enjoying a new lease of life lately but not here. badly let down by script and poor support. i wanted this to be good, alas it wasnt, if must have it then wait till price comes down.

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  It was good

| | See all LonixS's reviews (3)

No doubt it was good, a movie you will want to see twice maybe three times in your life time. The original I saw and will admit I would say is 4 star movie. This one lacks a bit more story, or perhaps a ruthless bad guy.
Worth seeing no doubt there, I will probably buy it one day.

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  R U Kidding Me ????

| | See all robhornet600's reviews (1)

All I can say is that anyone on here giving this movie 5 stars must be too young to know the original.Granted visually this movie has some great moments but the story is terrible and the acting wooden.The only saving grace for me was getting to see Olivia Wilde in her tight outfit : )

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  unmissable and unbelievable

| | See all disneyman's reviews (1)

Jared88.......Did you see the same film as everybody else ??? The moment the recognizers came booming across the screen gave me goosebumps.........FLYNN LIVES !!!! And can't say enough about Daft Punk's soundtrack....oh and love Michael Sheen as Castor.....

  The title says it all... "Legacy"

| | See all Hurley02's reviews (6)

What a film.
The storyline is great, the graphics are amazing.
CGI of Jeff Bridges is so impressive and clever.
A great film and a great buy.
The best film I've seen this year by far.