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Tron Legacy

Featuring: Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund & Olivia Wilde

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all yardman's reviews (202)

put quite simply if you grew up with the original you will want to see it and from the momment the movie starts you will want to see the digital world of light cycles throwing discs etc etc..basic plot is flynns son goes looking for his father and gets more than he bargained for.. the effects are awesome and the movie moves along at a good pace so theres always something going on that will keep you entertained..the soundtracked is very good with music from the eighties to rock and pop..i would of liked to of seen a little more of the tanks as they played a big part in the first..but this is still a very entertaining movie...i defo recommend...p.s.the ladies look good in there suits...


| | See all jared88's reviews (4)

I was so looking forward to this film, it is one of the worst films I have ever seen. Not wasting anymore of my time on this! Total naff!

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| | See all casscastillo's reviews (32)

In 1982, Tron was the most advanced movie of it's time. It took years for other movies of other production companies to replicate the advancement and technology the company used for the film. Tron Legacy is no different. With graphic technology far beyond it's time, even without the 3D feature, it beats any other movie with its plot, as well as its graphics. With it's crystal-clear picture, booming sound and great storyline, it's by far one of the best movies this year. Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde, virtual newcomers to big budget productions such as Tron, were able to keep up with mega movie-star Jeff Bridges which is definitely a feat. Jeff Bridges is, without a doubt, legendary, and I love that the storyline wasn't much of a stretch from the first Tron - it actually fit perfectly, and it's great that Flynn's Arcade remained the same from the 1982 film. Spectacular - that's all I can say.


| | See all dave1884's reviews (7)

as i just said, blue ray players have been waiting for this film. i haven't got one yet, but there is one film i will buy one for.......TRON:LEGACY.

the special effects will blow your mind. yes, the story lacks a certain something. but, don't let that put you off.


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  Absolutely unmissable...

| | See all smokinangel010's reviews (13)

The remake of this film was so good i saw in IMAX & 3D twice in the smae week. The sheer magnitude of the effects/CGI was amazing, all of the actors in this film were cast brilliantly, the motion picture music was also fanstastic (what helped was that Daft Punk did the soundtrack) the plot stuck well to the original and definatley unmissable, if you didnt go and c this at the cinemas then u should buy this ASAP it is really worth the watch & buy just sheer brilliance, up there with my top 5 films! * * * * *

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This was the last movie I saw in the cinema in December 2010 and it was certainly one of the most exciting movies of the year!! For starters it was certainly the most visually cool looking film by a long shot, fantastic effects that really got you pulled into the whole tron universe and made it believable!! The soundtrack too by Daft Punk was awesome!! A very powerful score that really sits well along side the amazing effects. The story for me was very good too and was really the only way to carry on from the fantastic and classic original movie! The cast was very good Jeff Bridges was on form and did really well resurrecting his character Flynn, and Olivia Wilde is very sexy, This is a MUST buy on Blu-ray for any true fan of the original and anyone else who wants to see something cool and original looking, kids also will certainly get into it, theres plenty of action with the light cycle chases etc. Make sure you dont miss this one....

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  More then a film...

| | See all DannySciFi's reviews (4)

WOW!!! Iv seen this twice in 3D and i want to see it agen!!! A truly amazing film. Like its been said it had alot to live up to from the original,but this IS NOT a dissapointment! I am very VERY pleased with how this film was done! The effects,direction,cast,music its all amazing! Before i saw it i didint think i would like the cast but i really do and Jeff Bridges as CLU is amazing! It seems very similar to the original film,just modern. If orignal Tron had come out in 2010 then i think it would have been like this. All in all i LOVE this and when i watch it i really feel taken into another world. More then a film... SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!

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  Such a epic film!

| | See all Clarkie86's reviews (7)

Saw this film and it lived up to everything I thought & hoped!!

After the first "epic" film this film had alot to live up to and it certainly did

All actors were amazing and lots of famous faces, glad to see some of the same cast in this film, couldnt leave my seat even to take a leak......as soon as this comes out im buying this bad boy!!

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| | See all Sploose's reviews (3)

I wasn't expecting much from the Tron sequel, the trailers hadn't particularly enthralled me but after re-watching the original I thought I'd enter back into The Grid. The original Tron didn't have much of a storyline, and this movie has even less but essentially I enjoyed this film as a rather epic Daft Punk music video. Their soundtrack is incredible and when accompanied by the stunning 3D neon visuals of Tron: Legacy it makes for impressive viewing which i can only describe as Visual Scrumtrilescense!!! Don't see this film for its story, it is weak and full of digital maguffins, watch it for the impressive glowy action and incredible elecTRONic music.
There's no need to DeRez Disney just yet...

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