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Alice In Wonderland (Tim Burton 2010)

Featuring: Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp & Michael Sheen

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (34 reviews)"

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  We loved it!

| | See all angeljs's reviews (25)

First of all, for the people who think this isn't like the book, it's not meant to be! It's set a few years after that, and Tim Burton uses his imagination to bring to the screen a fabulous, dark and sometimes moving story.

This may be a bit scary for younger children, but we all loved it! The special effects are amazing and the acting superb. Whenever you pair Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter in a movie together you can be sure it will be something special.

Johnny Depp is scary, cute, loveable, brave and very sweet as the Mad Hatter, but completely insane, bless him, and he acts the part to perfection, as he does any role.

The cast obviously had a great time making this and it shows. We saw this in 3D at the cinema and just had to buy the DVD as soon as it was released! Yes, it's a fairly run-of-the-mill, predictable, good versus evil story, but none the worse for that.

If you decide to watch this, don't expect the usual Alice story, suspend your disbelief and have the fun the makers intended you to have. It's great!

  Great film

| | See all bronie's reviews (7)

dont get this if you are expecting it to be like the cartoon, Tim Burtons darkness shows through in this film. Seen it at the cinema in 3D and got it for my kids as they loved it.


| | See all oceanblueeyes87's reviews (18)

I have heard mixed remarks on this movie, but for me I found it good enough to own on DVD. At first I thought it was the usual version, but even though it's a sort of 'the story after', it still somehow has a similar storyline. I love her falling scene, ending with her upside-down. The special features were grand, especially the Jabberwocky, and as a whole was an enjoyable movie.


| | See all boyfrom67's reviews (102)

MY GOD, reading some of the reviews about this people take things much to muchness !!!!!
Its a film. so what it is not to the exact story, i bloody loved it & i have to be hounest i wish still smoked if you had one before wacthing it, it would have been even more out there. it is fantastic the ettects are amazing, did any of you watch the making of the film,everyone put in there hearts & soul, Johnny depp even tells you how & why hat makers went mad in finding out the history for his part. so the story is slightly out wow we are taking the bones out of a great film I have watched this over & over it is fantastic well worth buying ignor the poor rating make your own mind up I say,

  love it

| | See all chel132's reviews (1)

although i have heard a few bad reviews on it, i thought it was really good. the music in it reminded me of charlie and the chocolate factory, but thats probably because they are both tim burton films. overall i would rate it 10 out of 10, and think it is really enjoyable; especially johnny depp.

  A cheap, ugly cash-cow - for shame Burton, et al.

| | See all Guy1ncognito's reviews (6)

You would have expected something truly spectacular with the combination of a great old story like Alice getting a [sly] sequel by Tim Burton. That's right: this isn't a remake or a re-imagining of the original classic, it's an awful, ugly and poorly cast sequel masquerading as a remake.

I find it bemusing that such a big deal is made of Johnny Depp being the Mad Hatter, especially considering how poorly he portrays madness. Here, Depp is on a mission to drive us, the viewers, to the point of insanity with his bumbling self-pity.

By the end of the movie I really didn't care about Alice, I really didn't care about any of the characters. Especially after such an utterly appalling 'climax' - the theme of which seems an oxymoron to the charm and delicacy of the original, but ultimately this was the true sign that Burton really had absolutely no ideas of any value to offer. This is Burton's second big-budget modernisation of a great movie (Planet Of The Apes being the first) that he has dragged kicking and screaming into oblivion. Personally, I hope it's his last.

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  Great fun!

| | See all Kyle89's reviews (173)

I was really impressed with this film. All the ingredients that make Tim Burton films so great are all present here: Wonderland looks outstanding in Tim Burton's trademark gothic beauty and Johnny Depp is on top form as the Mad Hatter.

Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat is a great scene stealer, Helena Bonham Carter is a good laugh in theatrical form and Mia Wasikowsa is perfectly cast as Alice. And Alan Rickman is his usual show-stealing self as the voice of Absolom. Johnny Depp is amazing as the Mad Hatter and very, very funny, I've rewound my DVD so many times at the scene with the fake nose!

The ending battle with the Jaberwocky is awesome and at the cinema in 3D was unbelievable (the only way to watch this film is in 3D on the big screen!) will keep kids entertained and please Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fans, great fun.

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  Not bad, not great

| | See all ClockworkOwen19's reviews (112)

Felt very much like Burton's take on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory did, it just didn't feel right.

After months of waiting for the film to be released and watching the trailer over and over, I was very disappointed. It was boring in parts, the humour was dry and Depp looked uncomfortable.

After Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and now this, I can't help but think Burton has run his course. Maybe Burton should try to talk to Depp about roles he wants to perform rather than hand Depp roles in which he will only perform because of their friendship.

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  fantastic film

| | See all Lucia137's reviews (3)

I got this film for Christmas and we enjoyed watching it. before I got it I went to see it at the cinema and at the end I wanted the dvd when it came out.

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  alice in wonderland

| | See all emmabailey82's reviews (6)

when my son firsted watched this on sky anytime my son was looking forward to watching it and he told me it was rubbish goog storyline to it but it was boring all the way out the film i normally reccomend every johnny depp film his made and tim burton but they let us down this time i wouldent reccomend this film at all

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