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Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

Featuring: Johnny Depp, Ian McShane & Penélope Cruz

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (28 reviews)"

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  One film too far

| | See all miniwelsh's reviews (38)

The Pirates franchise has run it's course in my mind. The first was a classic and they got progressively worse as the series progressed and this was the worst of the lot. Johnny Depp is still great but the positives virtually end there. Definitely scrapping the barrel in terms of story and try to fit as many action set pieces in as possible. That said Lovejoy (Ian McShane) was entertaining as Blackbeard. Not a bad film, just nowhere near the very high standard set by the original. I do hope this is the end and Disney don't make another as this will spoil what ahs been a good modern series of films.

  capt jack sparrow at your service

| | See all atthemovies's reviews (112)

jack sparrow takes to the seas again for a 4th outing, not as bad a film as many will say, johnny depp always delivers and geoffrey rush and ian mcshane are gud as barbossa n blackbeard. penelope cruz is weak and a side story between a preacher n a mermaid was unrequired but jack at his usual antics will keep fans entertained, all in all a gud family film and not as scarey for younger fans.

  Pirates Of The Caribbean 4: On Stranger Tides

| | See all johngarrett's reviews (65)

What can I say about this film, I have watched all four films and they get better and better each time (Johnny depp) jack sparrow I mean captain jack sparrow as played this part with perfection ever time, hope there is a 5 film 5 stars all the way great film SAVVY

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  Wow harsh reviews, did you watch the same film as me?

| | See all boyfrom67's reviews (102)

I waited for the long anticipated film, the first film was always the master and the best. But the others have been very good. I was anticipating the diffrence with some of the original crew missing. But is'nt that life, people move on and change's are part of life so realy Jack would have moved on surely?. And what a move on, I saw this on the big screen in 3D and it was fantastic. i have not heard an audience laugh so much, there are part's in this film which will make you laugh so much. It really is a great film, with a new story that keeps you very intrested. Ar yes as like the last film wait till the end credits the small peice at the end of the credits will make you laugh and surley there will be another film I hope so. This is one of storys like Star War, its could go just that bit further. The ship in the bottle is a good touch. Make your own mind up, but if like me you like Jack you will NOT be let down great stuff..

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  Awesome Pirates entertainment!!!

| | See all galaxy59's reviews (2)

The first Pirates was so easy to watch and was brilliant in all respects, no-one else could pull off Capt Jack Sparrow the way Johnny Depp does - he is first class!! I have to say that number 3 was the only confusing one of the franchise!! I have to say that I am a big fan of Johnny Depp and he didnt disappoint in Stranger Tides -he was outstanding in it - I loved this one!!! To put them in order I loved them would be:

Pirates of the Carribean 1
Pirates of the Caribean 4
Pirates of the Carribean 2
Pirates of the Caribean 3

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  pirates of the caribbean 4 on stranger tides

| | See all girlsrule's reviews (3)

did buckle and take my daughter to watch the forth instalment, very disappointed to be honest, far too many of the origanal crew missing, miss cruz not good, was more like a land film than a pirate film, not enought sea, flet like a very rushed film.hope they bring back the old crew, and maybe orland and keira, or i wont be bothering with the 5th instalment

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| | See all Sandstorm90's reviews (2)

This pirates was dreadful. In my opinion worse than the 3rd one. The storyline was preposterous and there was no point to it. I was expecting more quick witted humour but was disappointed. There was no sideline characters that added to the comedy like the 2 idiot pirates from the first one. You can tell when a film is bad when you look at your watch half way through. In this one i looked at my watch probably 10 times.

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  So and so

| | See all tillu1874's reviews (1)

The first part of the movie is excellent to say the least. Sparrow's character at the best. However as the movie proceeds, it seems the movie "slows down". For example Sparrow never really succeeds in frustrating Blackbeard, whereas he succeeded with the British and Dave Jones. 4 stars just because I love POTC, 3 for the movie!!!!


| | See all PATCHES1989's reviews (518)

I am a massive fan of the PotC series and Davy Jones proved to be a character i was fond of so i was abit skeptical ahead of this film but for the most but it is a pretty good film. Johnny Depp was awesome as per usual as Captain Jack but it was Ian McShane as Black Beard that deserves plaudits as he proves to be the equal of Bill Nighy's Davy Jones. Great CGI especially for the mermaid scenes in what was an overly satisfying film. Enjoy

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  pirates of the caribbean 4 on strangers tides

| | See all simbee's reviews (1)

i went to see this film on day it came out and me and my wife really enjoyed it we thought it was better than the third one at worlds end it is more action and bits in number 4 is quite funny in places it will be one title that i will get when out to buy be for everyone judge what its like you have got to see it in 3d