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Firefly: Complete Series 1 (4 Discs)

Featuring: Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres & Jewel Staite

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (100 reviews)"

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  one of the best

| | See all deadlydryden's reviews (1)

one of the best scifi series alongside babylon 5.this dvd set let down by no details of viewing order on the sleeve notes nor on the dvds.otherwise a western in space what more can you want ,story and character driven rather than cgi effects like a few other series i could mention.

  Severely underwhelming,and overhyped.

| | See all emperor10's reviews (277)

After reading a few reviews,and after hearing just how good this series was,i decided to rent.I got as far as the first 3 episodes befire switching off.Very dull,2 dimensional characters,its just trying to be clever,by setting the wild west in a sci-fi world - and fails miserably.I really dont see what people see in this.


| | See all j3598g's reviews (1)

Another shocking and frankly short sighted decision by Fox in axing this brilliant show. Similarly with the Terminator - Sarah Connor Chronicles, whoever took the decision to call time is frankly clueless. Get this and enjoy.

  Best show ever

| | See all KennyEverett's reviews (5)

I loved this show when I first saw it and the dvd was a must get, so much so that I couldnt wait so got the region 1 box set that i wore out. I have since got the American multiregion blu ray box set, again a superb set and it looks great. The FX, the acting, action, humour work so well and its unbelievable that FOX binned the show after 14 episodes. Yaay for Serenity for tying off the loose ends, its a great movie too and ive watched it loads of times too. Whedon is a genius.


| | See all Azbo87's reviews (2)

When watching this you can see so much time, money, love went into this show. Best DvDs I own. I'd say buy them and enjoy but at the same time I wouldn't want you to feel the sadness when you get to the end... and there's no more :( A great series taken away from us way to soon.

  Sci-Fi at it's best

| | See all k1ngross's reviews (4)

This is a great mix of sci-fi and western, unrecognised in it's time so much so it was cancelled before even the first season was complete. You'll laugh, you'll enjoy, you'll cry that there's no more.

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  Cowboys in Space

| | See all thedaywalker's reviews (30)

I've always said Americans have no taste and this is a classic example. One of the best TV series I have ever seen and they drop it after on half a series.
This show has everything, Great story, better characters and a brilliant setting, action as well as comedy. If you don't own it or worst still you have never seen it, then buy it know.
I hope and pray that some bright spark at Fox one days realises what they did and start making this series again.

  Great Series

| | See all milesz71's reviews (6)

what can i say... great series, good old fashioned fun, fast moving and well put together.

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  An unsung masterpiece

| | See all RobTemplar's reviews (7)

I'm a massive fan of Firelfy and the subsequent film Serenity.
This series really is a hidden gem and I'm astonished that further series were never made.
Without doubt, the finest Sci-Fi series I've seen since Blake's 7!!

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  Proves TV Execs Don't Know What they Are Doing

| | See all deanlowdon's reviews (468)

I may be biased to all things Josh Whedon but if ever a show deserved to be treated better by TV execs it was Firefly. You may only get 14 episodes (and the spin off movie 'Serenity' that wrapped up a number of loose ends) but you will not find a better sci-fi show on TV or DVD.

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