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Featuring: Jonathan Mellor, Manuela Velasco & Óscar Zafra

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (17 reviews)"

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  Amazing Sequel... Hope there's a Third!

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

*Rec was a great film. Was a standout film compared to the other Gory horrors at the time with its camcorder footage style mix with zombie infection. Rec 2 carries on from the end of Rec and doesn't disappoint.
*This time there's plenty of action, more gore and a zombie like plague. It's a cross between the Exorcist, Blair Witch and 28 Days later. At times it looks like 'Shoot Em Up' computer game. There's a clever story with lots of twist and turns. There's non stop action. Superior Horror from the past few years. Hope there's a third film!

  Welcome back!!

| | See all Azzbollah's reviews (8)

Consider the original in your head.now take what youd expect from a sequel.got it?? wrong!!this film delivers a different plate of sequel than Godfather 2 or indeed any other decent sequels.one note of caution though is watching it i felt it lacked the inclusion of the female host from the 1st one and characters you could bond with coupled with that on the shoulder perspective from the 1st.this should not detract from the fact that this delivers the answers and then some with a conclusion that seems a little contrived but opens the door for number 3!!there are 3 young members who are gonna wish they hadnt wandered into the sewers to get closer to the action. 10/10 for effort but overall lacks the pizazz of the 1st so 9/10.

  A fantastic sequel!!

| | See all Speedy2you's reviews (103)

I absolutely loved REC and have to say - REC 2 continued to successfully drive forward that edgy realistic horror - loved it!! The speed of the movie is just right and all the content well scripted with great characterisation. The apartment block as dark and eerie as before - keeping you on the edge of your seat - what adventure next? This movie is packed full of adrenaline and well worth its value in quids!!

  Wow what an improvement!

| | See all DansDeals94's reviews (22)

Wow, this is way better than the first one it combines demons and sorcery and flesh eating zombie mutants. Rec 2 is also fast paced & the quick camera movements make it even more intense, well worth watching but I recommend you watch the first one before you watch this.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

Rec was a groundbreaking and original horror movie with a fantastic story and a very scary presence and ended on a bit of a cliff-hanger so to speak with many questions unanswered but Rec 2 more than makes up for it when all the questions come to light with a deeper and more twisted story than you can possibly imagine, this is a hell of a superior sequel with everything twice as bloody and twice as scary, its like what resident evil should have been like!! Theres a brilliant new twist in the story and a surprise return for a character from the original, and this has a great ending too which is totally messed up!! Must buy at any cost!!

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  Intense and terrifying, awesome!

| | See all mcbadabing's reviews (11)

Saw both REC and REC2 for first time this week, truly brilliant little films. The 28 Days Later/Blair With comparisons are expected but that is too simplyfying for these films. With dross like SAW 7 out there, this is a lesson to anyone trying to make a scary film. Intelligent as well as provocative, I can't wait for the next two, REC Genesis and REC Apocalypse. PS, Manuela Velasco, the Spanish lead actress, is so gorgeous it is worth an extra star to the above 5! Buy them.

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  Superb sequel - everything you could want!

| | See all Kyle89's reviews (173)

Liked the original, you'll love the second. One of the best horror sequels ever, carrying on minutes after the ending of the first, this doesn't let up.

All the things that made the original a belter are back and we're given MORE. Everything you could want from a horror sequel. Takes a big chance by changing its direction into more supernatural territory but making it a LOT more tense and atmospheric. Think how James Cameron's sequel to Alien was more action, more monsters and more thrills.

A few twists and turns, keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat, another fantastic climax, the end ten minutes are horrific.

  better than the 1st!!

| | See all thesteamtrain's reviews (221)

imo this was superior to the 1st,mainly because we didnt have the annoying woman from the 1st as much and the storyline was more interesting than just thinking there was a virus turning people into zombies,demons are a much scarier and interesting topic,also the end is much better in the 2nd,in fact its fantastic and sets it up lovely for the 3rd...im not a fan of sequals but this was just brilliant and i cant wait for the 3rd

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