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Doctor Who: Series 5 - Volume 2 (2010)

Featuring: Matt Smith, Karen Gillian & Alex Kingston

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  bring back tennant

| | See all ry1987's reviews (59)

i have never enjoy sci fi in any from,shows like star trek and doctor who have always annoyed me,but when i seen a bit of david tennant as doctor who i ended up buying all 3 of his series and loved every episode.when i head he was leaving i was all ready to hate whoever took over and amazingly matt smith made it very easy,with annoying hair and a big nose and geeky smile he just has the total wrong look.he lacks humour and energy that tennant had,and when i recently met him with james corden while filming for series 6 he seems amazingly lovely but being nice does not really justify being a lead role in a tv show.maybe a tiny bit of make up and he could have been a bad guy on doctor who but a serious mistake making him the doctor.thankfully james corden will be returning in at least 1 episode of series 6 or else that would have flopped even more than series 5 did.thankfully amy pond is the 2nd best companion after rose tyler so its worth watching series 5 even just for her.although this programme would have done a better job making her the doctor as theres nothing that says there cant be a female doctor who and shes much more entertaining. if this was not filmed in cardiff the best city ever i would not be watching a second of this tripe,oh and this series totally ruins the title sequence,the inside of the tardis and the weeping angels,yet another reason they should have stopped after 4 series.talk about if it aint broke dont fix it ....

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  One of the best Episodes of Series 5

| | See all young681's reviews (2)

The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone are one of my favourite episodes including a few more BUT David Tennant is still the best Doctor and Series 1 to 4 were alot Better by Far! Still a Good Three episodes from volume 2!!!

  Volume 2...

| | See all bassyboy's reviews (12)

The first two parter this series was great. Written by the legend steven moffat, episodes 4 &5 see the return of the weeping angels and River Song. Episode six, " The Vampires Of Venice" was also great, and sees the return of Amy's boyfriend Rory, played by Arthur Darvill. As I say a fab episode, with some good comedy moments . Overall i would give ep 4: 8/10, ep 5: 8/10, ep 6: 8/10. Finally, if ur a big DW dvd collector like myself, then u might be slightly dissapointed to know that the "next time" trailers have been left out of the dvd. This applies to all the dvds in this current series.

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| | See all ntranced257's reviews (10)

The first two parter of series 5 turned out to be fantastic, the first episode may of dragged slightly but i'll overlook that minor detail. Although the weeping angel two-parter was great, it didn't over shadow vampires of Venice, as others thought it would. But once again they were proven wrong. I am enjoying the series a lot and were almost at the finale. May i remind everyone that this series has had a lower budget than previous series, as the BBC didn't know if people would like the new doctor or the new series for that matter. But they were proven wrong. o i'm guessing that next series is going to be more action packed as was series 1-4, and this series too. The bbc have said that this series has been the most succsessful, the most talked about and that the vieing figures have been higher than usual around the world, but have remained about the same here in the UK. Matt smith who is a great doctor has also signed a contract to stay on as the doctor for 2 more years, with the option for another 2 after that. I love doctor who, and always will! MATT, YOU RULE!


| | See all TheTennantTwopiece's reviews (39)

Matt Smith's first season continues at a pace. Along with Karen Gillan, the partnership of The Doctor and Amy is fast becoming a favourite amongst fans. This second release features the Moffat penned two parter "Time of Angels'/'Flesh and Stone' which reintroduces two of the writer's strongest characters, River Song and The Weeping Angels. Although the original TV screening was blighted by the Graham Norton dancing Wii-esque creation during The Doctor's climactic speech at the end of part one, the story illustrates how Doctor Who continues to go from strength to strength. Strong performances from Matt and Karen, genuine creepy moments and a funny and awkward 'kiss' for The Doctor and Amy at the story's conclusion!. Vampires of Venice sees the introduction of Amy's fiancee Rory as the third member of the TARDIS team. Thankfully less irritating than Mickey Smith, the travellers arrive in Venice to uncover a sinister school for girls and something lurking in the waters surrounding the city!. The story arc of the crack in the universe gathers more pace and so does the series. Saturday nights have never been this good!

  The arc reveals its self

| | See all Reddie's reviews (15)

Going in to series 5 a lot of people have been apprehensive, and Steven Moffat, a believer that the transition should be difficult has made no attempt to put viewers at ease.

The Time of Angels/ Flesh and Stone are a wonderful re-introduction of the weeping angels but is also the true beginning of the crack story arc, just what are they and what happens to those engulfed by them? The identity of River Song is also hinted at, clearly her past is a lot shadier than we were previously aware; a woman we had previously known as a self sacrificing hero has served jail time for... well I don't want to spoil anything.
There is debate over whether the angels should ever have been seen to move, some claiming that it breaks the fourth wall, but my personal take is that it was done in such an effective and chilling manner that it really works. The atmosphere is top notch, the performances superb and some wonderfully dark humour, angel bob is both a chilling concept and a great source of humour.

My one complaint about this two parter would be the scene in the forest, and Amy with her eyes closed, no doubt chilling for the kids but it was an instance of the need to scare outweighing established continuity.

The final episode on this disc is Vampires of Venice, a funny and wonderfully charming romp, good characterisation (we are reminded just how alien the Doctor truly is within the first five minutes), but not particularly deep. A little light hearted fun after the tension that was the Angels two parter.

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  Doctor Who: Series 5- Volume 2

| | See all Foxmulder1's reviews (7)

Matt Smith as The Doctor OUTSTANDING. I had reservations but since the revival in 2005 in my opinion Matt is the best. He has given the Doctor wit, a slightly unhinged personality with a dark edge that is constantly brewing. Christopher Eccleston was good, David Tennant was brilliant Matt Smith is THE Doctor!!!!! Who Da Man. A must for all Doctor Who fans

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| | See all IndianaDrones's reviews (16)

The DVD opens with a great two-parter featuring the return of the sinister Weeping Angels. The crack that is following them through time is no longer a hint at the finale, but a main plot point. The angels are a really creepy threat (only neutered slightly by the fact that they can't tell Amy has her eyes shut, when in the past a slight blink has been all that's necessary). The Angel coming out of the TV is a great idea. These are fantastic episodes with a real sense of dread. And it's nice to see the interplay between River and The Doctor once more. The DVD release is made all the sweeter for the fact that you don't have the silly Graham Norton pop-up appear and ruin the dramatic tension of the cliffhanger.

The Vampires Of Venice is a fun episode with some witty and funny dialogue. The locations look superb. Vampires are always a great nemesis for The Doctor; whether the Hammer Horror style of 'State of Decay', or the long-nail dead Viking variety seen in 'The Curse of Fenric'. On this occasion they aren't as scary as either previous stories, but the overall episode is still great fun.

The 'next time' episode previews are probably still absent, which is unfortunate as these teasers are a lot of fun at the end of each episode. Hopefully these will be on the full season box-set, but if you cannot wait till then, this Volume is a must-by, and one of the strongest of the DVDs of New Who.

  Angels and Venice

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

When the 10th Doctor meet River Song in Silince in the Libery she talked about the Flight of the Byzantium as an adventure they will one day have together, well this is that story. The Doctor is now in his 11th regeneration and has meet River again. Landing on the planet that the Byzantium has crached River tells The Doctor and Amy that in the hold of that ship is the last Weeping Angel, Joining up with River who still hold knowledge of the Doctor's future life and Father Octavian and his troops, the Doctor must travel though the Maze of the Dead, to find the Angel and stop it,

A great 2 parter that brings back the Weeping Angels and turns everything you know about them around on it's head, 10 out of 10

In The Vampires of Venice after picking up Rory from his stag night (he is getting married to Amy) The Doctor takes them to Venice in the 1580's, a school that is run by Signora Calvierri, is not what it looks like, and girls who feed on blood, who don't like sunlight and have no reflection in a mirror, might or might not be Vampires.
The Doctor must waste no time in finding out.

an interesting episode with good one liners,. 7 out of 10

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