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The Horde (La horde)

Featuring: Claude Perron, Jean-Pierre Martins & Eriq Ebouaney

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (15 reviews)"

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  Very very cool

| | See all DuncanEdwards's reviews (153)

I was very surprised at this movie. Its easily one of the best zombie movies ever. It has very little plot and doesnt compare to 28 days for storyline. BUT its nonstop action and the action is awesome. The zombies are brilliant, the effects superb and the acting is very good. Some of the scenes are very very cool indeed. In fact it plays like a video game rather than a film.

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  Sacre Bleu!

| | See all FormerZombie's reviews (37)

If you like your films heavy on gore & easy on plot then enjoy!

Entertaining enough to watch but not a zombie film for vintage undead fans - these ones run, are strong & seem to be able to co-ordinate themselves.
Fills 2 hours if you're bored though.

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  Once again I feel let down by another zombie film.

| | See all Babhomet's reviews (52)

I am sure I will get lots of negative feedback for my review but as I bought this DVD based on all the good reviews, I think Im entitled to vent my spleen!

This film is OK, its not brilliant but its certainly not bad.
The good:
Very good cast and very well acted throughout.
Very gory and very fast paced with some pretty good special effects.
Some genuinely funny moments and very inventive set pieces.

The bad:
Pretty much no explanation as to where The Horde have come from and why?
Occasionally a bit silly like Braindead but nowhere near as good.
Overall; A bit of a let-down.

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| | See all drummop's reviews (97)

Must see if you are a horror fan. Great sfx, good characterisation, good background story as to why the characters are where they are, though no reasons given to explain a world of zombies! Some seriously tough blokes but the toughest of them all is a dame! Loved the ending! Great price for a great film. 4 1/2 out of 5.

  28 days later french style

| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

i have to admit la horde is a brilliant zombie flick with loads of action/shoot ups/great special make up effects and some martial arts thrown in for good measure.to me this is remake of danny boyles 28 days later but better.it wastes no time getting in to the action and thats what makes this film so good.the acting is superb and even has some funny moments and a great twist at the end.this version is uncut despite some brutal and bloody scenes.overall one of the best zombie films i seen in years.unmissable

  not bad at all

| | See all toffee1's reviews (6)

if you like zombie films you will love this ,great action ,twists and gory as hell ,yes its subtitled but well worth a watch

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  Viva la Zombies

| | See all deathproof's reviews (25)

Thees zombies are great, the action scenes are great.
There is a english dub to select on the disk but I preffer to listen to the actors real voices.
The film is on the short side and cries out for sequel.
The director did great things on a limeted budjet and I hope he is rewarded with more cash to make a follow up.

  French Zombies!!!

| | See all MeMyselfandIagain's reviews (68)

An excellent film if you can get over the fact that is a French film. It has everything you could want in a zombie flick. Recently a lot of really good films have been coming out of Europe and showing the Americans how its done.
This film keeps your heart racing as it is relentless as are the zombies. It keeps you hooked from start to finish and emmerses you in the action.

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  At last a good zombie flick

| | See all hickswalk's reviews (6)

This film is a proper zombie film if you like the ones that run after you, who needs a plot when you have big guns and hundreds of flesh eaters, ive waited a long time to watch a good zombie film like this, George romero has failed to excite me with his last few movies so this is a god send, the english dubbing has gone a long way since the bruce lee movies so all is good with this film if you love horror

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