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Doctor Who: The Complete Series 5 Box Set (2010) (6 Discs)

Featuring: Matt Smith, Karen Gillian & Toby Jones

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  Awesome series

| | See all Desamo's reviews (3)

I love this series. Matt Smith is my Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy is beautiful and very good companion. Some episodes are very good and some are meh.
Best episodes are The Eleventh Hour wich is best 11th Doctor episode so far, Vincent and the Doctor and Victory of the daleks.
I recommend this to everyone who likes Doctor Who.

  I was a little sceptical...

| | See all GoreGoreGore's reviews (4)

When Tennant left as The Doctor it took me a year to get around to watching these. I was going to stop watching but thought I'd give them a try - and I wish I had just carried on watching a year ago! Matt Smith is an excellent Doctor (although Tennant still wins in my book) and Amelia Pond is a great companion - even if she does take over a little bit. Moffat has done a good job despite Davies leaving as Head Writer, but I still prefer the older stuff with Tennant and Davies. Buy it and love it.

  Best of the New Series by a mile

| | See all DenmeadBoy's reviews (7)

While David Tennant was brilliant, he wasnt helped by some terrible plots from Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat who wrote the best episodes of all the previous series, Series 1-Empty Child, Series 2 - Girl in the Fireplace, Series 3- Blink and Series 4- Silence in the Library, has now taken over and it shows. People who give this show 1 star can't really like good t.v because it is just so much better written.

Possibly a bit dark for kids but doctor who should have a scare factor. This is excellent


| | See all dinozzo78's reviews (6)

Cannot believe ppl are giving this 1 star, No way are they true doctor who fans, Love eclleston and Tennant and Matt smith has done a very good job and the new writer too, Can't wait for series 6, its goin to be awesome, and no daleks from what i've read.

  yes matt smith

| | See all bish43's reviews (2)

Realistically, this should be a 3/4 star review, but matt smith took over the pedestal of david tennant, who for me, got bigger than the show, and subsequently i turned if off. Matt smith, brings back a quirky edge, a pretty much unheard of actor, and has had to build a reputation, where tennant came in with one. A brilliant series, sometimes jumbled, but this production team and matt smith will only improve

  dear ,oh dear

| | See all ry1987's reviews (59)

what a dreadful return for what was a fantastic series ,after all russell t davis and tennants hard work to get doctor who to the top of the ratings with at one point over 12 million and then writer steven moffatt and actor matt smith manage to get the ratings down to a dreadful just over 5 million.other than the brilliant amy pond this series has ruined the entire series from the return of weeping angelsand seeing them move to the stupid plain boring new tardis set,very similar to one of the "classic" 70's sets which is annoying for youngr viewers who only care about the new 2005 onward doctor who. and with the stupid daleks now ruined for new and old fansi see no way back for this programme as matt smith is stayingand yetamy pond is going,meaning this dreaful show can only get worse with not even a fantastic companion to make it worth watching.and with torchwood now moving to america it looks like the whole thing is going downhill, was nice while it lasted though, bye bye mr timelord was nice knowing you

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| | See all dametrot's reviews (6)

Badly conceived, cast and written. This very mixed bag of horrendous mistakes season, from the titles and theme makeover to the just plain stupid Dalek redesign, stumbles along to a very weak climax .
Thankfully Matt Smith shines through in the bleaker moments, even when you can't understand what the companion is saying! the better episodes have amy pond locked in cupboard for the duration.....
lets hope they can get better before even more of the public loose interest.

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  Doctor Who - The Fifth series

| | See all Edduk5's reviews (86)

Matt Smith first series as the 11th Doctor and the 5th since the series retuned in 2005, continue's where The End of Time left off. The Doctor has only just regenerated. After a close call with Big Ben, the badly damaged Tardis lands in a young girl's gaden who has a strange crack in her bedroom wall, from where voice's can be heard.

Some of the highlights of this series is the whole new Tardis set, the return of the weeping angles and River Song played by Alex Kingston. The Daleks also return and have a redisigned, not many people have liked the look of the new Daleks as they now come in different colours, series 5 has been out for a bit and im still not sure if I like them that much.

If you have not seen Doctor Who series 5 yet, pick it up and enjoy the ride before it returns this year for a 6th run.

  Great first Smith season

| | See all kennyf99's reviews (127)

With Steven Moffat taking the helm over from Russell T. Davies I was hoping for something good and thankfully he didn't disappoint with the fifth series.

Matt Smith is a great choice of casting for the Eleventh Doctor, he plays him with a weird quirky energy, and at times funny, and a little arrogant but other times very compassionate. One of the best things he brings to the Doctor is he has a nice understated way of delivering his performance, from that point of view took to him quicker than I took to David Tennant whom I grew to like as he progressed. Karen Gillan was also a great addition to the cast, some people thought she outshined Matt Smith, but I think they are both equally good.

Overall there are some really good stories and one or two not so good. The opener "Eleventh Hour" is a really good start to the series and introduces Matt really well, as well as the lovely Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, and yes all of sudden bow ties do seem cool (although he does use the phrase a bit too much!). "Victory of the Daleks" is also very enjoyable despite the outrageously garish coloured daleks, I'm surprised Russell T. Davies didn't think of that, and Bill Paterson is really good in it, but the actor playing Winston Churchill while I liked what he did, he seemed to play Churchill a bit too cheerily, the man was after all a depressive type of guy. The "Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone" was a good two parter that re-introduce River Song (Alex Kingston looking good!) to the show. And one of my favs of the series was "Amy's Choice" where we see Amy's alternate future with Rory. The Silurian two parter was probably the weakest of the episodes though. "Vincent and the Doctor" also received alot of praise but I think it was not bad, but overall just not bad, but I did like Tony Curran's potrayal of the Van Gogh as he did play him as a tormented genius, and the story has a nice poignant ending between The Doctor and Amy. "The Lodger" is another of my favourites where the Doctor becomes a new lodger in a house which has some evil force living in it, I also liked James Corden and Daisy Haggard's nice chemistry and their romantic storyline. But the final two parter is a real cracker "Pandorica Opens" and "The Big Bang" provide alot of surprises and twists, and it ends on a good note which promises more great stuff to follow.

So overall series 5 sees Doctor Who carrying on strong, and Matt Smith despite being the youngest actor to play the Doctor, really makes the part work, and still manages to capture the Doctor's seniority and maturity, which is at odds with his appearance. Also the new TARDIS set is cool (with a typewriter and a tea kettle no less!) and Murray Gold's new incidental music is great, the eleventh doctor's new theme is great, although the new version of the actual theme music isn't that great.

But this is a really good series, if you have seen the others and not this one yet, buy it!


| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

Fantastic series of doctor who, probably the best ever series yet! The stories are all very well written and combine so much action and suspense and drama and chills and so much spirit mainly due to the fantastic Karen Gillan and Matt Smith!! Worth every penny this set is TV gold and a must have in the collection.

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