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James Cameron's Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition (3 Discs)

Featuring: Sam Worthington, Giovanni Ribisi & Sigourney Weaver

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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| | See all Mavrik347's reviews (1)

The film, is excellent. 5 stars.

BUT, instead of putting the 2 versions of the film on their own disc, they have crammed half of each version on each disc! So half way through watching either cut of the film you have to "insert disc 2"... This is beyond stupid and why some idiot decided it was a good idea I'll never know.

It ruins the whole experience. Get Avatar on 1 disc like normal.


| | See all kittycatecat's reviews (1)

I loved this film and wished ide seen it on the big screen, theres plenty of imagination put into it..there is beautycharm love humour and my thoughts was wouldnt it be lovely if we could enter a world the same.. but what disappionted me was it had to be about WAR..(but i still love it).....

  Love the film but not in this package

| | See all StusMagicBox's reviews (30)

This special edition encorperates an additional 16 mins of footage at a cost of having to swap discs halfway through the film. The extra footage is largely at the beginning and set on Earth which I believe adds little to the film.

  A film that takes movie making to new heights.

| | See all asleight84's reviews (10)

Had heard many different reviews good and bad about this movie when it was released in the cinema but if you haven't seen it buy it and you will be taken to a whole new world. Close the curtains, turn off the lights, grab your popcorn and drink your coca cola James Cameron is a genious. Don't listen to the critics see the film for yourself and you decide you won't be disappointed trust me. Cannot wait for Avatar 2 & 3.

  Avatar is a sci-fi lover's wet dream!

| | See all MovieLoverMabs's reviews (21)

I am a huge lover of sci-fi cinema, ever since Lucas opened my eyes (and ears!) and took me on a journey from the desert world of Tatooine to the majesty of Cloud City, from Hoth to the murky swamps of Dagobah! Introducing a young boy of 7 to the wonders of the wider universe. And since then, I have become an avid lover of sci-fi/ fantasy!

And in my adulthood, another virtuoso filmmaker by the name of James Cameron came along and took me on ANOTHER journey to the beautiful world of Pandora and her inhabitants! Avatar is a visually stunning piece of speculative fiction from Cameron. it is a visually stunning, awe-inspring piece of film making! His creation had my mouth watering! I was a boy again - watching in amazement, bewildered by what I was witnessing! Pandora was a world like no other I had ever seen. I was like Jake Sully - when the illuminated forest of Pandora reveals itself at night for the first time -simply awestruck and dumbfounded! And that is the primary strength of this film. It is no doubt that Avatar is a visual and sensory experience. And in that regards it is a mammoth achievment.

But there are weaknesses aswell. Chief among them being the dialogue. It isnt as nearly as bad as some of the stuff in his previous film (the 'boat' picture!) but it is still there. And every once in a while, you'll no doubt snigger at some of the dialogue! Also, the visual effects or CGI has not been mastered...just yet. There are scenes were Avatar looks very photo-real, and many scenes where it doesnt. In fact, it may feel a little jarring at times. One gets the feeling ILM would have done a better job than WETA. But thats just nit-picking. No, the main crime was having Leona Lewis do the theme song towards the end! I mean, what was JC thinking?!! To put it kindly, it was simply....abysmal!

But small cons aside, Avatar is a beautiful film. From its lush alien jungles, plant life and inhabitants, to the stunning Banshee's and the aweinspiring floating 'hallelujah' mountains! The scenery is almost dream-like. In the film Jake mentions that his life has turned upside down, that 'in here' (i.e his human self and surrrounding) was a dream, and 'out there' was the real world, i.e, when he was inside his Na'vi avatar. I myself see the avatar machine as a sort of coffin. Jake climbs inside it to 'die' albeit temporarily, and come out alive inside his avatar. That is when he feels most alive. When he is free from restraints. And of course, he can walk again. (He mentions at the start of the film of having dreams of flying).
One of my favourite shots in the film is at the begining when we glimpse the alien world of Pandora in the reflection of the space ship. The image and music expertly typifies the wonder, the fear, the excitement of entering a new world for the first time. The sight of Pandora (which is essentially a moon planet) against its giant parent planet (akin to our own Jupiter) is simply a magnificent sight to behold! It is science fiction at its best. And Cameron, like Ridley Scott before him, has the unique power to conjure up fantastic worlds. Anyone can make a sci fi film. But only a hanndful can make a film that sears itself into your consiousness and stays there. And James Cameron is one of them.

The DVD packaging is very satisfactory. A booklet, with a foreword and guide to the discs would have been a bonus. The film is chopped into two parts on disc 1 and 2. I cannot watch a film from start to finish without interruption anyway! So changing the disc midway is not a problem! Picture quality and audio is astounding! The extra's are excellent too, esp the 90 mins making of doc is excellent. All in all, a very good package at a bargain price!

  One for the family

| | See all Richman21's reviews (9)

Avatar is a great animation film however I do feel this extended edition is pointless and was only made for the money. This is the sort of film which adults can watch with children as a family or as friends. The real great thing about this film is the music for me. Worth a watch but not worth buying the original and the extended version.

  a must watch!

| | See all helcat's reviews (4)

my daughter & i love this film & have watched it many times already & will watch many times more. the effects are amazing & the story line is great. if you like fantasy films then this one is for you. enjoy!

  all films should be made with this sort of effort

| | See all DeathBat84's reviews (8)

the thought and effort put in here is amazing, avatar well deserves a place in the top 10 best movies of all time. the only bit i didnt like was when it ended, can't wait for a sequel :)

  Yet another lecture!

| | See all RebelHawkeye's reviews (6)

This film is just another James Cameron lecture. Cameron isn't asking what do you think? He is telling you this is what you do think! I honestly think like his last few films this is over hyped rubbish and not worth your time or energy. I saw this in 3D and now have it in 2D, in the cinema it was more about making you go wow look at that and i am holier than you. On DVD it's just rubbish!


| | See all Eee123's reviews (1)

i would say overall a enjoyable film the FX are amazing but a big but is the actual storyline is very poor. If you haven't seen it i would probably say watch it first, if you have a dvd collection like mine (Vast) its probably one to get for the collection to have and occasionally watch but its not amazing by any means i would say its Okay.