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Featuring: John C. Reilly, Jonah Hill & Marisa Tomei

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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| | See all HONESTBAZ's reviews (299)

Okay,so this isn't quite the comedy it appears to be on trailer form and by the cover,but it is amusing in a dry way and caught my interest enough to get to the end of it.
A divorced guy tried to find a new partner,is a little useless but has a certain charm.
He meets a woman,they get on great,but she's a bit mysterious,then he meets the son and things get a little weirder.
The mother and son thing is a little creepy rather than endearing,but it is kind of amusing in it's own way.
Anyway,the son starts making life difficult for the guy and the plot becomes about weather the son will split the two lovers.

Some reviewers say this has no comedy,not so,it's just not thick and fast,it is oddly done,it's dry and it is the kind a lot of people just won't find amusing.
I quite enjoyed it and found myself smiling at the subtle jokes a lot more than i thought i would,certainly after reading so many negative reviews.
I doubt i'll be watching this again,but i am glad i watched it,it's got something there.

  Unfunny comedy art, loser meets woman...with troublesome son

| | See all tbrookey09's reviews (74)

A painfully slow, unfunny comedy, starring John C.Reilly as a loser, who meets a woman. This woman has a manipulative child, cue problems. It is less unoriginal than it sounds however. It is quirky and offbeat, indie in feel (with some good music), and keeps promising to be funny but simply isn't. It is somewhat smart and sophisticated, which you will either get and appreciate or totally miss, but it is very understated and confused as to what it is. Arty, odd and promising, until Johah Hill pops up, then it becomes a bit more mainstream and like Marmite (like it or loathe it).

Reilly is good in this, if not verging on the creepy, but still remains a poor man's Will Ferrell, and Hill's inclusion is grating and wasted. An indifferent kind of movie, but please watch it knowing it is NOT a comedy and you may like bits.

Shame as the cover and trailers present this as a comedy and it is not.

  Well worth a miss

| | See all kennyk's reviews (2)

It pulls at the shoe strings of Step Brothers and fails miserably to impress,.... and step brothers wasn't that good!, this movie doesn't know whether its a comedy or a chick flick, there are 3 or 4 laugh out loud moments however these last seconds and the movie is an hour and a half long. i'm a fan of Jonah Hill but ... I suppose everyone makes mistakes.

  last breath taken!

| | See all Movies4U2011's reviews (5)

Boring Boring Boring................
I thought this looked diamond in the trailer park just boring not enough laughs. Tomei is lovely and at 45 I still like what I see more of her please just to make up for the shambles this film is.

  What are people on about?!?!?

| | See all ChrisRR's reviews (4)

I thought this film was great, more drama over comedy but some of the comedy is just gold. A really enjoyable, warm and tastefully funny film. Would of gave it 5 if there was just that little something extra in it.

  not overly great

| | See all TheMike92's reviews (27)

i would class this film as a drama before comody, even though there are some funny scenes. the acting isnt overly great but its an enjiyable film.

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  Not as funny as the trailer suggests

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

I went to see this because the trailer was really excellent. It really was. But i was let down by the lack of comedy in it. First of all i really dislike john c o reilly. He is not that funny. Marisa tomei is also in this and boy she still is gorgeous and she is 45. Jonah hill plays her son cyrus. He has most of the funny moments like when he shows john his mixing board he really is hilarious. It does have some serious parts too and has a moral to the end too. A really strange comedy