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Forbidden Planet: 50th Anniversary Special Edition

Featuring: Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis & Leslie Nielsen

Format: DVD | Rating: PG

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Customer Reviews

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  Forbidden planet

| | See all Airlie's reviews (4)

This film was years ahead of its time.A true classic.
If they remade it today,I wonder if it would be as good.

  Land mark science fiction

| | See all Grizzerlyadams's reviews (44)

This is land mark science fiction, excellently made and well produced. This is a must for any real science fiction fan. For those who dont know this great film what can I say that you wont get on other reviews? Its stood the test of time, yes its dated and you can tell it was made in the fifties but you still find yourself willing to overlook that while you watch this great story. The effects were unrivaled for the time, they are for the greater part seamless and still make you watch and want to know how they were done especially back then. The acting is good for the time and has more than one face you will probably recognize if you are a film lover. In short this is a film that is 50 years old and still draws a good audience I would strongly suggest it at such a reasonable price. If you do watch this film pay attention to the soundtrack which adds greatly to the film and was at the time full of out of this world sounds and noises, which in fact cost more than the film itself to produce. Good viewing enjoy.

  the extras

| | See all inthetardis's reviews (1)

To whoever said that this is better than the region 1 dvd 'cos of the extras.....just wondering why,as they're the same. Great movie though. J-R!

  Leslie Nielson wasn't always in spoofs!!

| | See all HarryKlysk's reviews (9)

Forbidden Planet is one of the best sci-fi movies ever made.
It's up there with 2001, Star Wars and Blade Runner.
Don't wait for it to come on TV, get this special edition DVD, it's fantastic.

  Forbidden Planet - Forbidden French subtitles...

| | See all omartistic's reviews (1)

The film is a high sci-fi classic, perhaps de best of all...
But I was a little bit disappointed because there is no french subtitles, I understand english in general but in this movie the dialogs are so important that the subtitles give at the movie more understanding.
So please at Play.com, verify the content of this DVD because I bought it and I was a little bit sad of the absence of the french subtitles... Apart that Play.com still for me the best website where to buy good DVDs at bargain price!

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  Truly 'A Masterpiece' in Sci Fi History

| | See all Coolwater's reviews (88)

A star ship crew are sent to investigate a planet where a colony of scientists have failed to keep contact.

When the crew land they find that all but two of the scientists have died with Dr Morbius and his daughter Altaira, the only living survivors.

Driven by suspicion, Dr Adams attempts to uncover the truth surrounding the deaths of its planets inhabitants.

This is a truly wonderful film and is by far one of the best science fiction films from the 50's/60's.

For once, this is better than the region 1 version as it comes with lots of extras including the 'Invisible Boy' which was 'Robbie the Robot's' second film.

Film Quality 10/10; Picture Quality 10/10 (Digitally Remastered)

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| | See all andover's reviews (1)

wanted to get this for ages classic scifi,gene rodennyberry apparently based star trek on this movie.dvd extras are amazing.

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| | See all orodreth's reviews (16)

If you have never seen this film, you will be amazed to see that it is over 50 years old.
Star wars was a break through movie of the seventies, this film is in the same category for the fifties, the special effects are astounding.
The similarities in the story to Star Trek is also strong, space ship crew landing on alien world, mysterious character in Morbius, beautiful girl needing rescue, captain ending up with girl and what must be the first time in film the phrase "reverse the polarity".
There are so many things about this film that work, the electronic music, robbie the whiskey brewing robot (i know of a Robbie robot builders club), the brilliant Krell machines and best of all the creature from the id (genius).
A must have DVD for all sci-fi fans and a must see for any film fan.
the extras are also interesting, with deleted scenes and lost footage.

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| | See all supremecommander's reviews (82)

It's really great to be able to buy this cult movie on a 2 x disc DVD set for so little money. I look forward to purchasing it again on Blue Ray when I can afford a decent BR player (or recorder) without the hang up of a PS 3 (sorry were Wii fans) and without having to incur a massive bill.

Excellent picture and good sound (5.1 Dolby mix could be better) great extras - buy and enjoy