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24: Season 3 Box Set (7 Discs)

Featuring: Kiefer Sutherland, Elisha Cuthbert & Dennis Haysbert

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (24 reviews)"

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  Jack is the best tv character ever

| | See all inisbeag91's reviews (503)

This is one of the best seasons of any television show ever. Jack is back working in ctu as head of the field agents. He gets news of a new lethal virus on sale to the highest bidder and he knows something must be done. The whole series revolves around the virus. Kim now works at ctu and tony is still in charge of ctu. It is also set during david palmer's last year of his first term as president. He has a good subplot too. The thing that was best was the last episode especially the last two minutes with jack. It is thoroughly brilliant


| | See all miamifan's reviews (55)

Not the best Season of 24, but Season 3 certainly gives Season 5 a good run for it's money. Jack Bauer is on the edge in this one and it add's so much to the show. All the characters are great and this season features some of the best villains of the whole series. There is lots of great action, some of the best action scenes of the whole series. Also this season has the best episode of the whole series 6am-7am but I won't state why as it would ruin it for people who haven't seen it yet; truly epic and emotional episode. The musical score in this season is probably the best out of all the seasons too. Only let down really is that Kim Bauer is a bit annoying. But overall, great season, great TV!


| | See all Alski83's reviews (8)

Would give this 10 stars if i could. When i went to hire a film i ended up with this as i heard some mixed reviews. By far the best series of the greatest ever TV show. Got me hooked on the program. Jack Bauer is a GOD!!!!


| | See all Walkinz's reviews (3)

this is like 1 of the best presents i have eva bought myself i have only recently started watchin 24 and im so glad that i have it is the best thing on TV eva
Buy this you will not be dissapointed

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  The Best Season So Far...

| | See all frankizzle's reviews (97)

Having only recently begun watching 24, I am yet to sample the delights of season 4 and beyond but I'm not fussed- because season 3 is faberoo.
The storyline is extremely captivating and very, very fast-paced and it gets you hooked from the first episode, making it impossible to watch just one episode at a time.
A couple of new character additions- namely Chase, the new field agent, and Chloe, the token CTU computer whizz -are absolutely brilliant... Chase is the proverbial spanner thrown into the works of the Bauer family whilst Chloe's sheer honesty of everything is hilarious, as well as cringe worthy.
Any Heroes geek will certainly notice Mr Zachary Quinto's presence in CTU- a welcome bit of eye candy, as well as quite a solid character throughout his one season appearance.
However, my favourite, favourite thing about this season is the storyline between my two favourite characters- Tony and Michelle. Seriously, towards the end of the series, I could not bring myself to press the stop button because it is so gripping!

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  Cleverest thing I've ever watched

| | See all JoeyGrim's reviews (9)

I have no idea what people are saying about this series not being as good and the ending letting it down. This is television at its best, great story, characters, action, drama. You don't even need to have seen the previous seasons (although I would advise it as they are also smashing) Beware, you'll be totally addicted after watching the first couple of episodes.

  24 Day 3 the best so far!

| | See all Carlos25's reviews (3)

This is my favourite season so far!!! The new characters of chase and chloe are brilliant additions to the show! The battle with the salazars is awesome and there are many different wow moments throughout this series to keep you hooked! The show is just simple genius...!!

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  24 season 3 is the best season

| | See all jkiml12's reviews (7)

Its got s brilliant new character called chase hes amazing i wanted him to stay if you don't get this it's because the series starts as if it's the first series because chloe o brian and chase and all them people are working away and it don't explain how they got there or there relationships because you need to buy the game 24 the game on playstation 2 it's about 6 quid now but that explains alot so buy this series you'll love it

  ok, prob worst series

| | See all bigfin's reviews (1)

This is probably the worst of the 24 series, the strong part of the whole series is the realism. The threat is totally ridiculous and not belivable. But on the positive it is still awesome but just slightly under par from the other 5

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