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Dream House (2011)

Featuring: Daniel Craig, Naomi Watts & Rachel Weisz

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (6 reviews)"

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  Nothing scary about this movie.

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

The film was very slow to get going. The acting was poor, the chemistry between the two main characters craig and weisz was not good, they seemed to drift in the roles (lazy acting ) after a while it picked up and the ending was good but still a well below average movie. Feel sorry for Naomi Watts having her name to this film.


| | See all Kevin1075's reviews (754)

Atrociously bad effort at a scary movie that ends up a prime example of a film that's trying desperately hard to be smart and completely fails.

To explain too much of the needlessly convoluted plot would be pointless apart from it setting itself up as a standard example of 'family moves to idyllic new home that hides a horrific secret' genre which it ends up being even with all the various twists thrown in.

I was more intrigued as to how this garbage actually managed to attract the calibre of cast that it did (although no one gives a good performance here at all in truth) but I guess that will forever remain a mystery. Along with how this deeply unscary, unatmospheric and poorly made thriller ever got off the ground.

  Watch Daniel Craig slowly becoming a Scarecrow

| | See all Envisage's reviews (1)

After my girlfriends eager anticipation of waiting 6 months to watch this film, I thought the only good part was watching Daniel Craig waddling down a burning staircase, which given his acting was so wooden I'm surprised he didn't burst into flames as well.

  Dream house With A Lot Of Potential!!

| | See all blayboy's reviews (447)

I had no real idea what this film was about and i actually thought it was okay. The story seems to fall into every horror cliche at the beginning and then takes an unexpected yet very blatant twist. The film then becomes more of a psychological thriller. Like others i was left a little frustrated as theres so much potential with this story. This could have been a real classic. however, its still an okay film compared to some of the modern day horrors!

  Please avoid this film

| | See all StephSmith's reviews (5)

Possibly one of the worst films ever made. The story is predictable right from the start you know what the ending is.
The acting is awful....not because of the actors but because of the awful script.
I can see now why the actors didnt want to attend the premiers for this one.....

  There's a good film in there..... somewhere

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

The Messengers and The Amityville Horror mixed together with Shutter Island and The Others. A story which doesn't seem to know where it wants to be, it doesn't feel like a horror nor does it feel like a psychological drama.
The opening has a horror feel, the family in their new home but as they're setting in strange things start happening. A non original horror movie story, but its proven to work. Daniel Craig begins investigating to what happened in his family's home before they arrived, he makes a shocking discovery and then you're hit with a HUGE twist! You didn't see it coming, and in some ways it seems quite random and doesn't have a lot of logic behind it.
This is when the story then changes to its more psychological side and becomes a drama. It runs out as a drama apart from a little bit of tension in the closing minutes.
The movie is so mixed up it seems like a waste of Craig's, Weisz's and Watts' time. It seems like they all tried hard for a movie which just didn't pull through.

Overall: There's a good movie in there, the beginning was typical horror and feels like nothing new. The later stages show a lot of good potential but it never came to anything.
Better ones out there

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