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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1

Featuring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (27 reviews)"

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  Breaking Dawn, doesn't stand alone

| | See all filmcritic1952's reviews (36)

It's not a bad film although very slow to begin with, I know the love thing is part of the story but the begining did drag on a bit. I don't think this film could stand alone but as part of an ongoing series it's okay and ended well with the confrontation of w'wolves and vamps, with a little twist thrown in for good measure. If you have seen all the other films then you have to watch it, if you haven't then don't bother.

  Excellent!! just excellent

| | See all Kezza0811's reviews (7)

These films just get better and better I cannot wait for the final one to come on screen at end of year!! I can watch this over and over and over LOVE IT!

  could have been better

| | See all xlittlewomanx's reviews (1)

although i read all the books before i watched any of the films i still adore twilight, i enjoyed breaking dawn just as much as the others but i found that it has loads of minor details missed out that would have made it so much better if they had been put in, even so.. CANNOT wait for breaking dawn part 2!!! i advise any twilight fans to buy this film, your missing out if you havnt already bought it :)


| | See all thebexmachine's reviews (1)

Okay, so I'm not going to lie, I was a fan of the Twilight Saga until I watched Breaking Dawn. I read the first book, and then when I found out they were being made into films, I didn't read any more of them as I would rather watch the films. So, okay, the Cullens are Vampires that sparkle in the sun. Fair enough. But when Edward gets Bella pregnant?! Are you for real?! This story line has angered me no end. Vampires are dead, therefore shouldn't have sperm. And she was only pregnant for a month?

My opinion on Twilight has plummeted to low after watching Breaking Dawn. It really has. The Twilight Saga teaches wrong morals to children, it has necrophilia, bestiality and now Jacob has fell in love with a newborn baby.

I feel sick just thinking about it.

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  so excited! :)

| | See all XoxEdwardxoX's reviews (1)

i have recently ordered this and i seriously can't wait for it to arrive! i have seen all of the other films and they didn't disappoint me. from the other reviews i can see that some people didn't like the way the film was ended. i think the way the film was ended will create more excitment for Breaking Dawn part 2! :) i can't wait to see Bella's wedding dress! :D words cannot describe how excited i am right now! :) i am a true Twilight addict and i'm team Edward! :) i reccomend that everyobody should buy this DVD because it truly is amazing! no Twilight fan will be disappointed! :)


| | See all kymcullen's reviews (79)

breaking dawn was not my favorite book from the saga but breaking dawn movie is my favourite out of the movies .fantastic movie ,the just under 1 hour 50 mins running time seemed to fly by . i was dissapointed with eclipse but this movie made up for it .i went to cinema 47 times to see this movie( yes i have a life lol ) and never got tired of it ,cant wait to receive my dvd so i can watch it over and over again. fantastic !!!!!! cant wait for part 2 in november !!!

  The beginning of the end :(

| | See all roberto009's reviews (91)

Alright, it may not be the best film in the twilight saga, but what did people expect with only half a story...

If the haters can get into their heads that this is just the first part of a two part film maybe they would enjoy it more, like the final harry potter films part 1 is mildly slow, its setting up events to come, if youve stuck with these characters from the start you will find it a very enjoyable film, Edward and Bella finally getting married and getting down in the bedroom, the effect a supernatural child has on bella, what the wolfpack intend to do to protect the people of forks.

The honeymoon act of the film was portrayed perfectly on film with a perfect blend of nervousness, comedy and romance, as bella prepared for what she'd been waiting for for a good while... Edward in the bedroom.

A worthy installment in the saga, not as good as new moon and eclipse, but wait to judge the film, when part 2 comes out put these two films together and judge as one.

  Better than the book!

| | See all amazon1's reviews (5)

I actually thought that this was way better than the book. This part of the final book really annoyed me, but the film had my heart pumping and I found it very exciting. Of course the twihaters are going to give a poor review but if you enjoyed the rest this one will not disappoint. The wolf scenes are amazing, looking forward to part 2 very much.

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  Brilliant in my opinion

| | See all EJ1991's reviews (1)

Not everyone likes the same films, but I can only give my opinion. It shows so many emotions, and I think that even if you aren't a 'twihard' fan you might love it if you have seen the rest of the films. The only thing I didn't like is how different the characters looked. Most of them seem to have changed throughout the saga, which i found disappointing, but not enough to put me off such a brilliant film.