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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Featuring: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson & Dakota Fanning

Format: DVD | Rating: 12 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (23 reviews)"

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  Best one

| | See all bornintheeighties's reviews (4)

the best one yet. loved it. stephanie had a large hand as one of the producers in this, and you can tell. so much better than the cringey part 1! love this story and think the films are very good, obviously never as good as the books in my opinion but this one was brilliant...... and the twist!!! i gasped and held my breath till i was turning blue! lol

  A sad franchise but glad to see the purgatory end

| | See all aragorn59's reviews (11)

Once again only die hard fans ,mainly women who rattle on about Team Jacob or team this team that, will give this 4-5 star - they decided this even before release.WHen asked to review Breaking dawn parts 1 and 2 for the BBC , I knew what to expect and wasn't disappointed. Howls from the females and Tweens in the audience overcome,with awe of the so called good looking leads( at least R Pattz has some thespian ability but sadly Lautner and Stewart are as wooden and decrepit like a condemned house ) the effects are laughable ,the acting horrendous and only Michael SHeen added gravitas to the proceedings . The film won many awards at the famous Razzies( quite rightly ) but will do well at the pointless MTV/Teen movie awards . The cinema aficionado will avoid this, the brainwashed millions will buy this and wont accept criticism for this lamentable series .. Am glad the pain has ended .. ... Till Beautiful Creatures saga!


| | See all bajine's reviews (1)

you have to watch this film it is amazing. It is also very cheep for what is in it. you might think it is predictable but it is not and totally different to what you might think it is. I watched in the cinema as soon as it came out. It is amazing!!!

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| | See all damocreed121's reviews (3)

To be honest i watched the other twilights over a few nights before i went to go see this with my partner and to be honest it wasnt a bad ending and i really do think this is a good film if nobody has watched this great film then i think you should watch it because i just think its not a bad ending to the sega. :)

  More than i was expecting!!

| | See all mattymark's reviews (531)

Fabulous film, enhanced by an excellent soundtrack! I can't wait to see it again and need the DVD now! I wasn't sure when I heard there would be an 'alternative ending', but it's almost perfect. True to the book and leaving the audience wanting more...


| | See all mrsgabbym's reviews (29)

What a perfect way to end a brilliant series of films all of them are gripping for beginning to end this really ties it up nicely and the moment we have all been waiting for Bella becoming a vampire and the birth of Renesme It couldn't have been done better.
Its got comedy romance and its very emotional at the end and the twist is excellent and has you gripped.
The bad reviews from people on here are unfair I personally don't understand why you would bother watching a film you clearly have no intrest in. For all twi hard's this is a must

  Possibly the worst movie I have seen this decade.

| | See all Sahuagin's reviews (4)

I took my neice to see this film and have to say I will never forgive her for wanting to see it.
Now, I have not seen the others but I understand the premise (my wife read them all and did always say they were abhorrently bad) and so I expected them to be silly popcorn flicks but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come.
For 2 hours my senses were assailed by the worst piece of celluloid guano I have beheld in my mature life. I have sat through some terrible terrible films before but this was on a whole new level.
A badly paced story carried by a childlike script and acted by 3 main cast members with barely a pinched off dollop of ability between them led me t the point that I was ready to forgo my popcorn and start eating my own head.
Around me in the cinema I could see more men playing games on their phones than were actually watching this carcrash of a narrative.
Then, 90% of the way through this dump an action scene occurred and my mood was bolstered. Some of these worthless chunks of meat were finally getting killed off! Oh but wait, it was but a dream and these vacuous heaps are still alive...
In short, it is a terrible terrible move, not worth a second of your time or a penny of your hard earned cash unless you are victim of the Celebrity Big Brother craze that has reduced the IQ of our great nation to the level of an amoeba.

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  a truly forgetful series...

| | See all danieleast's reviews (8)

and so we have the ending piece to the twilight saga...
and it's a truly forgetful forgetful one at that, much like the others in the 'series'... a truly un-inspired ending with pathetic performances, truly a waste of time... an hence forth i say watch a TRUE vampire film, (Christopher Lee and Bella Legosi should do it) where the lead characters don't sparkle and stare gormlessly into one another's eyes.
If you truly think this is a clssic... go direct yourselves to the IMDB top 250... i'm sure you'll find some classic, well acted and directed, 'worthy of purchase' titles rather than this cinematic garbage...

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| | See all james1flowers's reviews (2)

Was so pleased with this final film, the perfect climax to an amazing story. A must see for twilight fans. I will be buying this DVD when released.. :)

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