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The Passion Of The Christ (5.1/DTS)

Featuring: James Caviezel, Jim Caviezel & Monica Bellucci

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

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  Compelling viewing

| | See all lilclare's reviews (42)

I am Atheist and watched this film with an open mind. I was genuinely surprised at how powerful it was. I am no stranger to violence or gore but this film depicts scenes of torture with such realism to a subject of such depth that it does more than simply shock you. I do however feel the gore was not only justified but necessary to tell such a prolific story but if you are in any way squeamish this will definitely test your stomach. Mel Gibson's choice to film using the language of the time is clever and works well as do the scenes with demon like imagery. A well directed film.

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  Personal Review

| | See all doghunter1's reviews (128)

I want to give this a review from someone who is not religious. The film told the last few hours of Jesus's life very well. You have to watch this with subtitles which I know for some people is annoying. I found the film very disturbing and with what i saw I was surprised that the graphic violent content got past the editors. I love violent films but this is in a league of it's own. I felt very disturbed at the end of it and this is how powerful the film is. From a personal note I would not watch it again as I watch films for enjoyment. I can not say that this is a film that you can enjoy and I mean this in the right context of it's not a bad film at all but perhaps more beneficial for people who are more into Jesus. Not one to be watched for a quiet night in with your partner.

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| | See all Canaries83's reviews (1)

I agree with the comments about the atmosphere in the cinema afterwards - we were at the Odeon and it was rammed, and at the end everyone was speechless, no one moved from their seats, and most (incl.men!) were dabbing away their tears. Brilliant, shocking, and thought-provoking film.

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  It is done.

| | See all Frazzal's reviews (9)

I have never watched a movie that has moved me more then this, while I am a servant of God and believe in Jesus this is a must see for all. I've watched it countless times and everytime it has left tears in my eyes and lump in my throat. Again Mel Gibson uses the real languages that would have been spoken at that time which makes the film feel all that more real, as if you are watching real events. While many have pointed out that the tortue signs are graphic they are not as bad as the sound, of course this is only my view as I've watched a number of bloody movies but they are realisticly done.
There really is not one bad thing I can think of saying for this film; the only thing that I disagreed with was Jesus being put on the cross which I don't believe is correct but that is only a minor point, it is a must see this film for the emotional dynamics between Jesus his mother Mary and even Satan, no one I know how has seen this film and not been deeply moved; in fact everyone that I've shown it too has shed tears after watching it. By this I do not mean it makes you feel very sad or despressed but it is so wonderfully done and deeply moving that you cannot help but feel such sorrow and respect for what Jesus goes through, a must see for anyone religous or otherwise.

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  Complete pile of Rubbish

| | See all Morrisseyfan's reviews (120)

I am lost for words this film is very very very rubbish. Not a good film at all. I like Mel Gibson but this film is a very poor performance from him. I expected much better. Sorry. NOT GOOD!!!

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  Lost for words

| | See all seababy's reviews (1)

This is an incredible film and you would have to be made of stone to not be moved by it. I believe that this film has captured the story of Christ.

At the cinema there was complete silence. When the film finished, we were still sitting in our seats wiping the tears.

Well done Mel Gibson

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  The forgiveness of man

| | See all DVDjensen's reviews (139)

First of all I would like to say that I'm not a fanatic worshipper of God and I was doubtful about watching this movie. Films directed by Mel Gibson are normally very emotionally strong and his Jesus film is no exception. It is clearly that this film means A LOT to director Mel Gibson.

From start to finish it is an emotionally rollercoaster ride with a great written dialogue, strong gory scenes of Jesus getting tortured, a seducing score and plenty of love! The film is like a big love story. Jesus shows under his torture that he forgives man for its ignorance and for not knowing better. Though he gets whipped, almost torn apart and crucified, he does not once give the impression that he hates man or that he feels sorry for himself. It is all about forgiveness - great!

One of the most important things in this film is the score. It is SO beautiful and could not be more perfect, and when it is mixed with the love filled dialogue, you get an emotionally which I don't believe can be found anywhere else.

All the way during this film I had tears in my eyes and whenever you are a Christian or not, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST is a film not to be missed.

But take this warning: Though it truly IS an emotionally strong and beautiful love story, then the torture scenes ARE disturbing and upsetting, which makes the film unsuitable for the squeamish.

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| | See all redcally's reviews (2)

THE MOST EMOTIONALLY MOVING DEPICTION OF JESUS'S JOURNEY TO HIS CRUCIFICTION, whether your religious or not...WATCH THIS!!... from Mary's feelings for her son as a man to the fact no normal man could endure this journey, hence Mel Gibson's brillient interpretation.. WELL DONE MEL!!! This will leave you SILENT in emotional shock!!... It did in the cinema...EVERYONE!!

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