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The Trip (2 Discs)

Featuring: Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon

Format: DVD | Rating: 15 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (13 reviews)"

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  The British Odd Couple

| | See all stuartfear's reviews (768)

Coogan and Brydon team up on their own little tour around the great British countryside, seeing the sights and trying some delicious restaurants along the way.
The story is basic, it's just two people who aren't really friends travelling around together ranting and moaning. At times its very amusing, at other times it gets a little tiring.
Coogan is the middleaged man who seems in crisis, down and miserable complaining about everything. Brydon is his counterpart, a married middleaged man who just seems to want to be happy and have fun. Most scenes have the two doing impressions, Brydon's Michael Caine is amazing, sounds just like the man himself.
Some of the things that are said are hilarious and others just go by without a real laugh. Some are dragged out a little bit too long and its obviously that this was made with a ver flexible script.

Overall: Theres some laughs and chuckles but on the whole it's not as gut busting as you'd hope. It's an alright movie to pass the time but it's nothing compared to the two's previous TV shows.

  The absolute best!

| | See all MrLock's reviews (10)

The genius is in making a very low key partly improvised sit com that one wants to watch again and again and again. This sit com has so many levels to it. It really is fantastic. I'd love a soundtrack to be released.

  Brilliant british comedy!

| | See all AndBal's reviews (1)

Being a big fan of british television, I was surprised to stumble across this piece of brilliance. I had never heard about this show before, but being a big fan of Brydon I thought it would be worth watching :)
Having no expectations to what this show was about I was immediately astounded by this weird consept!
When I have recommended the show to friends I could simply not explain what it was about.
This does not affect the show in any way! In fact it improves it.
Coogan and Brydon fulfill each other very well. Coogan being a "party-animal" and lonely father who clearly have some insecurity issues, match Brydons role as the loving, happy, family-guy that he is. These opposites often turn into "animalistic" displays of their superiority over each other. These matches tend to be pretty funny!

Watch this show!

  classic coogan

| | See all awesomecity's reviews (987)

has a very awkward but real feel about it. one of those things where nothing really happens but you want to see more. coogan and bryden are obvioulsy good friends in reality and this shows in their work. funny, dry and a little sad at times. this is one for the more intlligent viewer, as the comedy is muted and subtle. very nice.


| | See all MoleSan's reviews (1)

From the same team that brought you "A Cock and Bull Story". Equally brilliant and often painfully laugh out loud funny. Genius!!

  Brilliant but why?

| | See all BILLYQLFC's reviews (5)

I stumbled upon this by chance one night,flicking through the channels.
First of all,I'm not a Steve Coogan fan and the only thing I've seen Rob Brydon in is Gavin & Stacey.
I watched the first episode and was then hooked.
I've asked myself many a time why I like it and the honest answer is I don't 100% know.
The writing is first class and Coogan & Brydon work really well together.
The scenary around the Cumbrian Mountains and Dales is stunning.
Every stop over is at a little bit of paradise hidden away from the glare of everyday life.
Hotels and restuarants that I personally would love to visit.
The silent times over the restaurant tables work really well and they take the mick out of each other in a classy way.
They both show vunerable parts of themselves to the camera.
Well worth a watch and hopefully the Beeb will do another series.

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| | See all greekned's reviews (14)

This was one if my favourite things of last year.
Just beautiful, moving, funny, touching, and sometimes awkward in a real way that Gervais could only dream of creating.
If you don't like it, fair enough DS for DF, but this sort of quality is sadly rare theses days, and I will be able to re-watch this over and over again.

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  A weekend mini-break would've been perfect...

| | See all rhysybball's reviews (1)

Despite being a massive fan of most things Coogan, I can't help but feel that at 6 episodes, this concept is protracted past its natural life. As individual episodes, the show is full of great observations and nicely improvised comedy, however, by episode 3, the repeated impressions and similar themes become tiresome, and you find yourself switching off until the men cover something you haven't already heard. Discussing the speed at which Michael Caine speaks is hilarious the first time, but not the third and as "A Cock and Bull Story" worked brilliantly as a feature film, I'm not sure why this concept was considered to have more legs. A made-for-TV film would have been perfect.

Having said that, there is a enjoyable chemistry between the two men, and seeing as shows like The Inbetweeners are the current standard for male "banter", this comedy masterfully outclasses any British TV offerings, maybe with the exception of Peep Show. And of course, with Michael Winterbottom in charge, it looks beautiful, intimate and exceptionally natural.

Definitely worth buying, but expect about 90 minutes of great comedy across the 3 hours.

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  Coogan and Brydon at their best

| | See all Br0wnie's reviews (2)

With the combination of a beautiful socially realistic style in awkward comedy and two great actors, entertainers and comedians working off one another, The Trip really has ended the year of TV on a high and quality note.

Such a naturalistic and simple idea of a TV series has been used to portray Coogan and Brydon at their best. The Trips holds perfectly placed dialogue, naturalistic camera shots and a profound cast that all enhance the comedy within the series. However the comedy isn't everything, the series manages to keep us as an audience on a healthy balance of laughter and sorrow towards both Brydon and Coogan. The endings round of every episode and the series on a whole, bringing us back to Coogan's frustrated reality.

All in all, perfection for me.

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  A Masterclass

| | See all daddypress's reviews (2)

Don't know what the first reviewer is talking about this is a masterclass in awkward, self-delusional comedy. The impersonation scenes are superb. The lonliness of Coogan and the playfulness of Brydon make it a show that you can watch again and again.
I love how the ridiculousness of their egos often is outshone by the pompous food that is put in front of them.

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