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I Spit On Your Grave (2009)

Featuring: Sarah Butler, Rodney Eastman & Jeff Branson

Format: DVD | Rating: 18 years & over

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Customer Reviews

"Average rating (25 reviews)"

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| | See all Deepsmoke's reviews (3)

This remake had the potential to be so much better, it's a real shame they seemed to have missed the point in respect to the original story.

The original film was set in just the same circumstances; which makes sense since this is a remake; but the vengence being returned lacked the credibility of the original in one respect - using their own lust against them. The original portrayed it very well; the remake seemed to go off at a tangent, failing to understand the inner story of the original; making it a payback type movie instead.

The movie is acceptable, but for me it just didn't cut it with the gaping holes in the story and the almost hurried way it moved along. If you like this style of movie I would recommend going for the original 1978 release with Camille Keaton, it is a lot better than this update.

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  brilliant, intense, but shocking!

| | See all TheBoogeyman's reviews (83)

I thought this film was going to be one of those "really bad acting" films as i call them. Like blood ranch for example (don't buy that) but this film is the total opposite. Starts off a little slow, i wasn't too sure what it was about as i hadn't seen any reviews etc but once it does get into it, what the poor girl goes through, you are dying for her to get revenge in such a brutal sadistic way, and that is what she does. Without giving too much away, the film will end with a smile on your face. It sone of them where you get really drawn into it, and you want to just turn up in the cabin and blow them all away to hell, or is that just me? Anyway a brilliant film, really enjoyed it, and the actress (don't know her name) is gorgeous. Certainly worth a watch

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  3.5 stars, very impressed with the methods of vengeance!

| | See all jjbond's reviews (13)

From the synopsis you get the idea of the story, girl alone in an isolated place gets attacked, secually assaulted and then presumed dead.
I must say that i found the portrayal of Jennifer Hill by Sarah Butler quite moving, she performed all the key emotions close to flawlessly. She is also very physically attractive, depending on your type.
What impressed me most were the methods of vengeance that she choose to exact revenge on her attackers, have not see the like in a long time, very impressive.
The way in which each was calculated to exact specifc revenge on what each one did to her and the systematic way she went about it, fabulous. Her change in character portrayal could not have been more opposite and also done very very well.
The reason for the lowish score is because not much else gets put into the story and it does take a long time for the end, but what an ending.

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  Get the Region 1 release!

| | See all lynchking's reviews (78)

After watching the excellent USA Unrated release I was looking forward to buying the UK region 2 release.After looking into this Anchor bay title and checking this against the BBFC web site I discovered that while the film/theatre release says cut - the video version says uncut.If you look at the film version than this is what the BBFC web site states - The BBFC required 43 seconds of cuts to this film. The distributor made all the cuts, but in some instances substituted new material for the removed footage. This has resulted in a running time difference of 21 seconds between the original submission and the classified version.To cut a long story short - even though the video version is coming up NO CUTS MADE on the BBFC site the distributor ANCHOR BAY has made the cuts..The only way to see this in all it's glory is to purchase the USA UNRATED Version.8 out of 10 for the uncut version - can't say I would bother with the UK version as I would wonder what was cut and replaced with..

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  shocking but a powerfull film

| | See all tommygun1966's reviews (427)

i have just seen the unrated R1 version and it is one of the best remakes ive ever seen.its shocking and very very graphic to the very end of the film.sarah butler gives a awesome performance.and director steven monroe does a brilliant job with a small cast and even the bad guys who are not well known actors also give great performances.i can see why this film is getting some bad reviews because of the graphic content and the R2uk release has been cut by 43 secs.but i dont think its a bad as the reviews are saying.the rape scenes are not that graphic and are more realistic in the original but there is a lot of screaming but i think the torture scenes that she does to the 5 men are some of the most brutal ive seen and very well done by the special make up effects team.i must admit there was one scene that made me cringe but with out spoiling the film if you are going to watch it be warned its not for the sqeamish or the faint hearted.

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| | See all sdx800's reviews (1814)

This is a fantastic remake!! It follows the story close to the original but makes lots of changes and adds a bit of a more gritty modern edge to it, like Last house on the left the movie contains a girl being raped but instead of her family getting revenge SHE does! And boy does she, the violence in this movie is intense and hardcore, bloody as hell!! This is a dish best served to people who love a fantastic horror movie, you wont want to miss at least seeing it once!

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  Not one to watch with the Mrs

| | See all beenuk's reviews (1)

Having seen the original i can assure you this is vastly superior in every way. Not so much a horror movie as it is a brutal assault on the senses. It doesn't follow the standard horror movie formula of a stranded female in peril running through the woods while her attacker slowly trundles after her. The bad guys in this movie are certainly not the "boogeyman" what makes this more disturbing is that on the surface they are ordinary family men. Who through isolation, boredom and their own perverted sense of fun brutally assault and leave for dead the stories main character played by Sarah Butler. What follows is her revenge story.......

A must see for fans of the genre

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